BaZAaR! (Buy and Sell! VI)

| >dabs on dem haters

Do that again and I will reach through the Matrix and stab the shit out of you.

Anyway, new thread.



| >Container Workshop
Description: Selling my master-craft, a fully fledged workshop, including a 6-axis automated CNC, and SLA 3D printer. All based in a Standard Shipping container, Plug and Play.
Price: 3 million Zenny.
Seller: Joe Bloggs
Notes: Repair schematics for tools included, no crafting materials included.

| Привет пацаны я адский дрочила

| >>532492
I will take that,it wiuld be a good back up base

| (Would,typo)

| >>532575
Then it shall be done. I will send you coords to the item when payment is received.

-Joe Bloggs

| >Selling paydata, miscallaeneous.

Description: I'm a databroker. Need I explain anything else?

Price: 1000z per specified search. 2500z for a bulk of three random documents, images, or audio files. 6000z for live recording.

Seller: Joric

Notes: I'll also buy from you, or trade data for data. Corpies need not apply.

My prices are firm. Don't waste my time if you want to haggle drek.

| >>533838
Got anything on two famous pharmaceutical that start with a V? -CN

| >>533840

That will be 1000z each.


| >>533841
Deal. -CN

| >>533843

>Transmitting... complete.

Thanks for your business, chummer.


>You gain what appears to be a set of discharge papers from an offworld internment camp of some kind. x 1

>You gain digitized scans of a crime scene, dated recently. x 1

>You can examine these in your inventory by pressing the I key.

| >>533844

| >>533839
I need all the data you can get me on "John Doe", "John", or "Jhensen".

Name you price.


| >>533954




| Sent, and post all the data public.

| >I need non-lethal options.
Description: I need a variety of some quiet, non-lethal firearms.
Price: 10000z - 30000z
Buyer: Mr. Johnson
Notes: Automatic preferred. Bring ammo for a bonus payment.

| >selling foreign personality chip
Description: have you ever met I person you liked who was really into some nationality or maybe you're trying to sneak into a foreign embassy? No matter the case a PERSONALITY CHIP from TOTSNOTHACKINGYOURBRAIN™ INC will SAVE YOUR DAY this fine piece of machinery will change your -dialect -spoken languages -hair & eye colour and much more
Price:only 500.000 ¢yber€uro
Seller:TNHYB Inc
Notes:>all items bought are legally allowed to steal your thoughts

| >Hacking Commissions!
Description: Ever know someone who don't quite trust or slighted you? Maybe it's a significant other who might be cheating on you or maybe you just need that dirt they got on you erased? Well hire me and I'll hack wireless devices for your purposes! Spring breakers get a 10% discount on the first job!
Price: 5000 zenny for phones, 10000 zenny for computers, price varies on custom devices.
Provider: Tower
Notes: Quality guaranteed!

| >>535685
Yo kickass!
The fuck you at I got some friend who need this shit.

| >>535690
It's all online! Just need a number or a location where the device is and I can do it remotely. Leaves less evidence that way too! -Tower

| >>535693
Putting your number online sounds kind of sketch dog.

| >>535695
Not *your* number. The number of what I need to hack. If anything I have a secure email we can do the transaction. -Tower

| >>535697
Yeah, yo. That'd be better.

| >>535699
Perfect, send any details to the address below
>A link is attached where you can input any necessary info and a spot to deposit money as well.
Transactions upfront. -Tower

| >>535685

hey hunny, with a handle like "tower" you must be pretty... well built, yeah? ;)


| >>535716
I will neither confirm or deny such claims. Got to keep an air of mystery after all ;3 -Tower

| >>535717

u sure?

cause like, i got no money- spent it all to get down here, but...

I can... polish yer stone. ;))


| >>535718
...Sorry, monetary transactions only. -Tower

| >>535719



| >>535720
I dont make it a habit of meeting clients face to face. Plus gurl, is going that far really worth it for some dirt? -Tower

| >>535721

hell yeah, my dad works for a big name healthcorp!


| >>535722
...I think that sounds like a good enough exception. Why dont we meet at a bar then? -Tower

| >>535723

helll yeahhh

lets meet atttt uhhhh

dat one with the big wood doors, and uhhh stuff.


| >>535726
The Lock and Barrel. Alright, I'll meet you there. Anything in particular I should look for to spot you out? -Tower

| >>535727

im the hunny with the mad hair, bunny!


| >>535729
Gotcha. -Tower

| so uh, i heard dere's some... uh... discreet services y'all gulch city slickers are known for, know what im saying?

how a chummer from the big y0rk go about getting in on that action?


| >Selling old paydata
Description:you know the jig chummers, this data was recuped' by me and a lass on /u/ during the December riots, but circumstances didnt allow me to release or sell them, its a bit of old stuff, but I can assure you there's oughta be interesting things in ther'
Poster: YUISIS
Note: >This haul doesnt have a lot of Corpo data, atleast not juicy stuff, its all old schems and bricked data from the Unity Corpus, circa 207X!

| >>537657
How much? -CN

| >>537657
Oh if it isnt geekboy! Rashai-masse chum! About the price well huh, this is a tricky one, since most o' the data is bricked and all and I'm way too lazy/busy to unfrag it! So how about a cheap little 1500 zenny with a cherry on top?

| >>537733
Hmm... sure, that's fine. I enjoy a good puzzle too I suppose. -CN

| >>537736
Maido arri!
Ill send the data off in a jiffy chummer!

| >>538080
Thanks. -CN

| Telegram TON Destroyer

| >Requesting information on a handle(s) and whom they're connected with.

Description: There's someone making their way through the underworld and police blotters who goes by the name "Carmine." Mr. Johnson would like a record of all known users, meatspace and Matrix, who ever had that handle.

Price: 200z per verified handle and user.

Seller: Mr. Johnson

Notes: The persons listed will be independently reviewed- any that are found to be too data-barren or otherwise made up will deduct from your total payment.

| >>547413
I can provide user handle. -CN

| >>547437

Let's see it.

-Mr. Johnson

| >>547444
>CN uploads a list of handles he scrounged for a few hours.
This good? -CN

| >>547573

That will do...

>You received 6000z!

Nice doing business with you, chummer.

-Mr. Johnson

| >17 Petabyte vintage cat Photos (198X-20XX)
Description: Payload lifted from an unsecured terminal of a megacorp CFO I will not name here. Now why someone needs so many cat pictures is beyond me, but since our decker almost fried his storage retrieving and decoding this I might as well try recouping our costs by getting rid of it.
Price: Just give me a fair price, be warned if you try to lowball me I will spam everyone you know with cute cat pictures for all eternity.

| >>548491
...But WHAT is a fair price for such a thing? I can't even begin to guess.

| >>548491
What if I WANT you to spam me cute cats?

| >>61ee30
I'll buy it for 800 nuyen.


| >Hitman for Hire
Description:All you must do is pay them name, then I'll kill them simple. I've had much combat experience so there's no issue
Price: 1,500 nuyen
Seller: Proxy
Notes: •If you desire me to bring them to you No Extra Charge
•If you are interested in something they have on their person or they own No Extra Charge

| >>558135
Why is this not in the job board?

| >>3ba3c3 hmm good idea ill get more customers there

| >Engraved Pistols
Description: What it says on the tin, a bunch of engraved semi-automatic pistols. Mostly 1911s, but also some FNs, SIGs, Berettas, and Glocks too if anyone's interested
Price: 6,000-9,000 Nuyen, depends on the model and the engravings
Seller: Impulse
Note: Come with 3 engraved magazines and a box of ammunition

| >>558944
I'll take one. Uploading the details and a few more than a lot of creds to boot.
>Data uplink: Beretta 92FS with 東京 on the slide, the one on the left with the dark grip // 11,400 Nuyen

| >>e2a222 I'll take one
>Uploading Data
>Transaction Complete

| >>559139 >>559148
Pleasure doing business. Do you want me to deliver it to you lads or do you want to drop by and pick it up at my workshop

| >>559248
I'd be more than happy to drop by.

| >Assorted DYNAMOFORCE action figures


I have three lots here of DYNAMOFORCE branded action figures that were... lifted from a discreet location. Not sure what the going rate is on these things or even who the characters are, but they seem to be popular on the Matrix.

Since the auction thread died a year or more ago, I'll just write it here- my asking price is a starting bid. Toys are in great condition, may be even mint. 3000z starting or best offer.

Price: 3000z




No, I don't have any ANDROMEDA merchandise, adult or otherwise, stop asking.

| >Seeking paydata regarding a certain sammy's exploits

Description: There's this neophyte, so called "street samurai" who claims to have started his career by "knock[ing] over a major corp's holdings" and "liberating some of their finest wares." Supposedly he had a team. We'd be interested in learning the details of who, what, when, why, and how.

Price: 10,000z per verifiable claim.

Seller: Mr. Johnson

Notes: The parties we represent have not been, ahem, "knocked over" in any way in the past month, so conflict of interest isn't a problem here.

No conspiracies. Would we lie to you?

| >>560866
>Says the Mr. Johnson

| >>560866
Ya know you dont have to make up drek, Johnson-san yo, you're more obvious than a lilim sexbot!

But sure i'll take the job on, i'll find this joker and get some info if you like.

| >>560869



Excellent. We look forward to whatever you discover, chummer. Please report here with the paydata- after verification, we will send your payment to a secure escrow account.

-Mr. Johnson

| >>560876
Aye Aye

| >Engraved Weapons 2: Electric Boogaloo
Description: Last time did pretty well. So here I am. This time is for Rifles. Send me the details and I will deliver
Price:10,000-30,000 Nuyen
Note: Come with 3 Engraved Magazines and Two boxes of extra ammunition

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