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Yo Yo... I found sum weird drek...

| >A photo is uploaded of a scorched mechsuit in an alleyway. Large claw marks can be seen, and a majority of the backplate has been blown out

Ain't these one of those crazy over armed Vending Machine Service machines Vindertech is always bragging about? Well its scrap now, less anyone knows how ta put one of these together

| Well lookee at dat beaut...


| The question is what caused those damages. -CN

| >>531886
You know any sentai villains or whatever that use claw like weapons?

| >>531890
None that come to mind off the top of my head. -CN

| >>531892
Then there is an unknown out there with the capability to beat a small mech in melee.
How unnerving

| >>531893
Hence my point. -CN

| knowing this city it's probably a giant mutant mole or something

| I CALL DIBS!!!!!!

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This thread is permanently archived