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SoC "Mists and Marvels" Expansion pack Announced!!!

| Recently fans of VRMMORPG Story of Creation have been in an uproar as Team OMNI+ has just announced earlier today the
'mist and marvels' expansion

Journey to the continent of mists and meet and befriend the strange locals and explore the new grid of the unique sky zeppelins of Sūcuì de lǜsè

| Or perhaps the green fields and crisp mornings of adventure of the continent of mists are not for you

The enter the planet of hua yuan
Will you delve into the depths of the planet for valuable kaihonium or venture beyond the city walls to scrounge for artifacts of civilization long crumbled to dust

Come and find your place in
>The Story of Creation

As the official teaser states.

We are proud to say that we have secured a few comments from both devs and high ranking players!

| >"we worked on this project for a while, i hope the players are not disappointed. I will be honest, i spent more then a few allnighters on this. So please enjoy, we had fun on this project"
-dev 'minnie'

>"oh boy this one was a dozzy
As always i was in charge of all the hidden stuff and quests ans shiz.me and the concept team had a blast thinking up all sorts of potential headaches and surprises.But also miracles and blessings. Be on the lookout everyone!"
-dev 'mr.morphine'

| >"Yey! Thanks to this everyone from the guild has a reason to get back together! I wanno go explore again!"
-top 10 fire mage 'ellie'

>"hoho! Last time such an uproar was made was the baptism of fire expansion! Lets get going everyone! I wonder what enemies we will find"
-"sacred leaf kaho reinol"

>"This time we will beat world runner and the magpies! YOU HEAR ME YOU TWO! WE WILL WIN!"
-blood rider guild master 'imran'

| >"Damn i can already hear the riders taunts. Personally, the runners could care less about whatever strange delusions of rivalry the riders have. We just want to explore and have fun with friends"
>world runnee guild master 'regil'

Thats all the information we have for now! Be sure to stay in tune for updates everyone!

| Mmm... Never was big on VRMMOs... But the Polar Night season for HWS looks like it'll arrive way later than usual so... I'll give it a try.


| aw man, no way am I gonna have the time for this anymore. what a bummer.

| Ooohhhh shhiiiiiitttt
back to primaria i go-!

| I assume it will feature a fantasy and space grid?

| Fuck i need to ready some gear
Rapid advancement guilds or the magpies might steal all the loot

| I havent played this game in so long
Maybe I should get back into it
-The Lightning-Fast Knight Heart

| Sound the horn! Summon the squad!
Cometh does the frog of fury!

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