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| green: ive been thin king ajax

grey: as if you did little else brother

binary: do you trust?

green: besides fighting and sometimes fucking what is our purpose

grey: the pursuit of glory

green: your words or what you were taught

binary: know?

grey: both
why do you ask

green: this war taxes mothers patience and my own faith

binary: royalty

grey: your taste deadens

green: on the contrary
my taste has broadened
but i tire of our increasing pain
as each of us passes


| grey: youre afraid

green: i am concerned

binary: does not answer

green: where is the father

binary: to cattle


Well, that's what this drek decodes to.


| oh right i forgot to mention that the green and grey text is vignere using "absolution" as the key, which came from the other cipher that was posted. Binary was just that, binary


| Hmmm... the binary is a separate conversation from the colored text. -CN

| "Do you trust? Know? Royalty does not answer to cattle." -CN

| didn't consider that. guess it's another piece of the puzzle itself


| >>531607
The green and grey alone flow much better and make more sense. -CN

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This thread is permanently archived