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>There's an image and nonsense written here.

| >A woman is hanging over a recently burned out VeriaTech clinic on Fifth Street, her skin ashen gray underneath severe acid burns of unknown origin. Her face has been removed and there are five black spikes, affixed in the form of a crown, sticking out of her skull. She is hanging upside down, with one of her legs bent, while the other is attached to a hook.

ftqdq ue m xgjgdk uz eqxr dqbdamot itqz iq nxmyq agdeqxhqe iq rqqx ftmf za azq qxeq tme m dustf fa nxmyq ge uf ue ftq oazrqeeuaz zaf ftq bduqef ftmf suhqe ge mneaxgfuaz

| there is a luxury in self reproach when we blame ourselves we feel that no one else has a right to blame us it is the confession not the priest that gives us absolution

how ominous ww


| Thanks for decoding that. I wonder what it means...

| >>531590
You and me both, what I wonder is why us absolution red. -CN

| >>af2d65 it's probably for emphasis.
It says "it is the confession not the priest that gives us absolution". I think it means that the act of blaming ourselves is better than who blames us. Maybe? I'm not sure now.

| a second cipher was posted. absolution is the key for the vignere cipher


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This thread is permanently archived