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So like, what does geekboy do with those kids he picks up?

| inb4 sex slavery/underage whorehouse

I was thinking something a little more clever.

what if

get this,

they're part of some kind of super secret soldier program, and he runs a school

"special" kids become superheroes or some drek.


| He has them make cartoons with no pay, and that's how Dynamo Force was born

| Duhuhu if all he's doing is making them work on a third-rate saturday morning trid show, he's really wasting their potential


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i know your joking but that totally sounds possible.


| Why must someone always "do" something with someone or something they help out? -CN

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duhuhu it's because everyone in this city is so starved of kindness that they can't imagine anyone acting selfless


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Well people can believe what they want then, just dont expect yourselves to be right. -CN

| Probably has some kind of ulterior motive but it doesn't seem to be anything concerning human trafficking or pedophilia so far

| Finds the a good home trains them with skills....?
CN from what Ive seen so far isn't a bad guy

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I'd say i'm pretty selfless!
Then i'll keep believing you keep them around because you're infertile and your girlfriend REALLY wanted kids.

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...he has a girlfriend?

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Don't you know?
Geekyboy here is hitched, in one way he beat me to it. But its not like I mind being single or anything alright?

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Hmm... I see...

What's her name?

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Isnt it something about Engines?
Lady engine?
I dunno mate, Never met him or her, friend of mine did

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Hm... I see.

Check the empty trash can outside that dive bar, VA-11, Hall-a, in the Neon district. Your help was appreciated.

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No idea what you're talking about fella, well as long as you arent some VT exec or some demonlord wannabe I somehow dont care
Have fun with that I guess Geekboy?

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Gee thanks. Well then again, when it comes to think I'm worried about, my girlfriends safety is NOT one of them. -CN

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Always a pleasure, geekboy

| Crikey. -Ibn Firnas

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