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Why didn't anyone tell me Glitch had a CM?!

| Like, seriously! You can't... You can't have a Community Memory and not make it public! Why was this a secret up until now!? -Darwin

| ...it was probably a secret because these terminals weren't there yesterday and seem to have come out of nowhere, Darwin. I'm not sure what you're talking about.


| We do?

| Been around here long enough to safely say that i haven't seen these here before.

Although its nice to see one again.
Last time i saw one was when i was stationed in neo fresco

| >>529129

I just looked it up and apparently yeah, Glitch does have a Community Memory. I just never noticed the terminals this entire time...

Anyway, this one at Tachibana Road has a message on it directed to a 'Lenore' with some coordinates in the Glitz on it. Anyone wanna join us?


| Well,didn't know that

| >>529139
Sure if your willing to have me.
It could be fun

| A what now? -CN

| >>529162

A Community Memory. It's a public BBS detailing community events and such, though people have been known to use them to upload original works of prose or poetry. They were widespread in California in the 1980s and were dormant for a long time. Seeing that Glitch City has them is... It's actually kind of a surprise, if we're being honest.


| >>529162
Community memory.
Basically a precursor of sorts to the internet sorta.
Its a bunch of terminals linked together where people can exchange info.


| This sounds cool but also like an easy way to get kidnapped in this city ww


| Oh I see. Dont get what's to get so hyped about something so old though, guess they might have some old, juicy paydata in store though. -CN

| >>529204
There ya go, now your thinking like a fresco runner.
Something old and archaic yet still in use like that has to have something.

Moreover, now that the option is revealed, a clever runner could use them as a secret message relay of sorts no?

| ...I can't find much of anything in the CM, but aside from the note to Lenore there's someone looking for players for a game of DnD they're DMing, and a... really... long... Symphogear fanfiction.

D'you think the DnD poster found players in the end...?


| >>529214
Well...thats disappointing...

But it does further my thoughts on using them as a secret message relay.

| >>529215

I'm not sure I like the idea. This stuff's old, and using it now kinda feels like... Affronting history? It's kind of like blowing up Roman ruins, or defacing ancient hieroglyphs. It doesn't feel right, y'know?

Besides, it looks like the BBS is in view-only mode right now, at least from this terminal.


| >>529219
Bruh im french.
The partisans moved via underground crypts underneath the cities and delivered messages and smuggled guns by cutting small holes in bibles.

Yet the crypts still stand to this day and christianity is still a thing in some areas.

Besides, CMs were made to share and deliver info.
If nobody else is using them, might as well use them myself no?
Rather then having them collect dust.

Thats just my two cents though.

| Nah, the only means of communication I trust is the one that I code myself. -CN

| >>529269
And then you tell the code to someone and they reverse engineer your chat app into a sex thing. Always happens I tell you.

| Im sorry but the fucks a community memory?


| >>529277
What -CN

| >>529318
Never happened to you? happened to a few pals of mine, techies and their bullshit.

| >>529277
I have... A number of questions.


| >>84eb50
Its fuuuuun~
Ps: when its ultimately harmless

| >>529224

Still... I'm not sure touching these is a good idea, at least not before all the data on them has been preserved. It's a >Community Memory, Chrissake. The stuff in there oughta be worth preserving.


| >>529527
Yeah thats fair. Just some idle thought in the end.

However i cant say for sure if a really long symphogear fanfic is worth preservation.

However that begs the question as to *why* does GC have CMs.
In fresco they were government sponsored and heavily used.

But the ones here seem to be Completely forgotten so much that even the locals didn't know about them...

Like, i dont think QUINCY would approve of such a waste

| Fascinating...I can barely find any discussion or information on them even back from the historical society days or from uni. It's like a small footnote.-Trill

| ovo hello again

QUINCY didnt always rule this place


| Hope I can help with this
-UD ♡

| Haven't we always had CN?

| >>529558
Except he did, QUINCY has been prime minister for life

| >>529625

u dont seriously think hes been around 4 all of creation do u

some1 had to run the joint while they were still building his infrastructure ;> -sh4de

| >>529632
That was Zaibatsu

| >>529635


the point is some1 ran glitch b4 quincy did. doesnt matter who. -sh4de

| >>529636
But you do know zaibatsu is literally QUINCY right? He's just a front

| >>129382

(. _.)

the point im tryin 2 get across is the cm could help u learn more abt glitch in the early days -sh4de

| Is there any possibility that there might be some sort of ancient, Asian, animated pornography on them?

| >>529737
Ever the one track mind. -CN

| >>529749
Is that an affirmative?

| >>529752
No. There is no hentai.
Just some shitty symphogear fanfic.

| >>529754

It's not >>>that bad...


| >>529754
Well, I have officially lost interest in this topic.

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