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Whispers from the opmgg

| hpu dgnh fsne j usfdfpwv hfpw?

ticjw asc kg mblq nojawk yfr sdl j asf hfyj srf rzw vpguws pd lze eyefee

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psyq lemj ew tssw, ohjaz as trjgnhcj?

tic hmlm mx lhf zdsclckl njezl, os rzw obrzk i tugje um eq cpkhsnjmfk?

| ...you can handle this one Geekboy, I'm too tired for this shit. -Jolyne

| Umm i only got some of it
The title is 14th radial caesar for abyss which is the key for the ffirst line

how long have i wandered here?

bible isb mo ubks vwjzys gfq ult j zun pfxl azf qbe dpfwea pc nhm exgnme

zor i zddx ajd vnavnzkd oglypwqv... zhwhu ciujhj wgqgy

xsxs tmmi ge bsry, wpjzb ia tqlovhbl?

bqc gotu mw npn zcuktcjn vreyn, wa ryy wjrym q buflm cm ds kxkguvrmem?

| Well, if that's what it says, that's what it says //shrug -Jolyne

| >>529097
Needless to say thats not all there is.
Just not enough time to do it myself.
However someone should crack it eventually

| >>529099

Fair enough. I'm just tired of all these fucking ciphers. -Jolyne

| >>529103
I hear you there g/u/rl, after a while it all gets rather grey.

But they usually lead to something or other so hey, somebody gotta solve em eh?

But yeah at Times, this shit can go suck on eggs

| If that's the result I'm sure it's a multistep cipher then... -CN

| Didn't that last cipher have to get decoded section by section? Someone should try that. I would but I'm taking a bath right now www


| how long have i wandered here?

there are so many voices yet all i can hear are the voices of the damned

all i hear are shadowed whispers... their wicked words

pray tell me true, which is stronger?

the pull of the blackest night, or the oaths i swore to my companions?

that's what it decodes to...

| Hmm... -CN

| If this is who I think it is, we need to hurry.

| >>529780

And who do you reckon it is...? -Jolyne

| >>529786
A friend. A friend who is lost right now.

| >>529788

Is this about Mombot? It's about Mombot isn't it...?

And before you ask who I am, Geekboy knows. I'm with the Dynamofucks. Or at least >>>was. -Jolyne

| >>529789
Hm. Then yes, it's about Nym. Well, I think it might be. I kind of hope it isn't though since this message is troubling to say the least.

| what the frag is a mombot? (゜-゜)


| >>529793
Shhhh nobody tell em

| c'mon tell me Σ(゚Д゚)


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