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(AD) "Do not grieve over wasted life..."

| >An image appears of a vibrant ly green five-petal flower, with white skulls inside each of the petals. In a circle around the flower, text which spells out: THE DODRIVSTOFF CORPORATION. The ad begins:

Do you have any recently deceased family or pets, and are in need of some extra cash? Do you not have the money to pay for this loved one's funeral, and are stressed out about the exorbant costs of burial or standard cremation? Or, do you wish Glitch City had cheaper electricity?

| We are terribly sorry to hear about the loss of your loved one/pet, but we offer you the chance for them to provide you with something more from the grave. We here at Dodrivstoff believe in the usage of recently-deceased organic biofuel to support the growing demands of Glitch City's electrical grid, and we are prepared to offer you/your family a modest compensation fee for the reclaiming of your loved one's corpse for usage in our certified clean biofuel power plants.

| In doing so, you can...

>Help make the city a better place, one corpse at a time.(tm)

| Jinterprise is not gonna like >>>this... -Ibn Haytham

| Benefits to the city include:
-Supporting the growth and ever-increasing demand of Glitch City's infrastructure by providing a new and efficient renewable fuel-source,
-Granting back the usage of lands currently occupied by crematoriums, morgues and graveyards, to be used for productive purposes once again, and
-Allowing more burdens to be taken off the backs dirty electrical generation methods which pollute the environment, thereby making Glitch City a greener place.

| Benefits to you include:
-A vial of your deceased one's ashes, as a permanent keepsake to remember them and your positive choice for the city by,
-Selection of which facility you would like them to be used in, so you can choose exactly where you wish for them to be used,
-Absolutely zero cost for a funeral service, and
>-A one-time payment of anywhere from 5,000-15,000 nuyen for your permission to use your loved one's deceased corpse as biofuel.

| (OP Scandinavian?)

| We here at Dodrivstoff thank you for your time, and hope you seriously consider making the right choice to support Glitch City and benefit in the process, and remember:

>Do not grieve over wasted life; instead, save your loved ones from a wasteful death(tm)."

>After this, the ad repeats.

| >>528932

Yup, Jinterprise is NOT going to like this.

God only knows what the hell is going to come from this. -Ibn Haytham

| As clever and environment friendly this is i still gotta say.
This is kinda fucked.
However, i should be fine if the corpse is handed over willingly i suppose.
Buddy, a power source made of the dead, in a city absolutely caked in bloodshed is *definitely* going to alarm the leading energy corp

| >>528941

I especially like how they actively pay you for your dead, too. The drama coming from this should be fun. -Ibn Haytham

| >>528942
Dont even get me started on the risks that can occur due to this.

From the top of my head, depending on the pay, gangers and less then morally respectable PMCs could just go on a shadow killing spree then pawn the kills for a quick buck right

Serial killers now have a reason to take the bodies and make money of of them at that

Among other things.
However thats assuming they can fake a certificate or something

| Oh my god I almost fucking threw up. That's really not... okay. That's just messed up, that's it.

| >>528944
Yeah,that was what I was thinking too. There would be just a bunch of killers going on a rampage

| Wow this ad is pretty morbid, even for this city (°ロ°) !


| Thats an ugly ass plant, who the fuck puts skulls in a flower.

| >>529059
A necromancer www


| Yeah as a few people said. This incentives killing and kidnapping. Hell also gives new reason to sex trafficking that had been absent in the city because of lilim prostitution.
Now someone could lock up several women in their basement to keep them as child factories basically.
They say 5000 z minimum right? So that means "oh no my kid is dead but at least I'll get 5000 z out of it" keep 10 women thats 50kz every nine months. Or 9 women for 5kz every month after 9 months.

| Plus I mean. When Jinterprise brought in the Negative Mass thing right. They dropped everyone's prices. As far as corps go Jinterprise has been one of the better ones. More trusting of them than a company that puts a price on loved ones.

| Also if they're powered by cremating dead bodies. Doesn't that mean they'd be putting the ashes of dead people into the air, which is a pollutant. That's not really more "green" like they're saying.

| >>279ca2
Jesus christ that's a terrifying idea....

| >>529156
Opening up the dead as a commodity will have tjose reprecussions.

| >>529067 The fact that you actually went through the math of how much money you could make by locking up 10 women in your basement and keeping them as birthing slaves says more about your own fucked up mind than it does Dodrivstoff, Jinterprise shill.

Notice that NOWHERE does it say that Dodrivstoff takes living people. They only take the dead, not to mention they PAY PEOPLE'S FAMILIES to do so. Do you know how much a funeral costs these days? Its impossible to do anymore!

| >>529235
5 x 10
that isn't hard math

| If this corp would have been around months ago when my father died, I wouldn't be homeless and talking to you using Burg Jr.'s wifi, I was put $15,000 in debt to pay for that damned funeral. It doesn't matter how cheap Jinterprise is, they're not actively >paying people to use their service, are they?

To me, it sounds like you're just another corporate shill hired to downtalk your competitors.

To me, it sounds like Jinterprise is scared.

| >>529237
Where do they get the money they'd give you.
Oh right from you as you pay for their power.
Also 5000 z. That's 50$

| This service, if used correctly, could seriously help people who are in a bind over paying for their loved one's funerals.

Frankly, Glitch City is a place where death runs rampant and it always benefits someone else. Why not use death as a way to benefit the life of the common man? I can get paid to do a good thing for the city, and its not often that happens in this world anymore. Don't be scared about the misuse if you put blinders on to the possibility of the positive use.

| >>529242
When I said $15,000, I meant 15,000 nuyen. Don't fucking put words in my mouth to spin what I'm saying. Again, another corporate tactic that just shows how much of a shill you are, taking my story of my dead fucking father and spinning it for a propaganda use? That's not very 'good' of a thing to do coming from a 'good' corps like Jinterprise, is it shill?

| >>529245
>I said $15,000
>I meant 15,000 nuyen
Goal post moving.
>don't fucking put words in my mouth
You literally just admitted you said that.
What's it called, gas lighting when you accuse someone else of what you're doing.
Seems like someone else here is being paid to be a shill here. Not me.
Can't even keep your story straight.

| >>529247
In case you didn't know this, the "$" symbol is generally attributed to the old-styled USD, or United States Dollar. Why we all have them on our fucking keyboards, idk, but I'm used to using them

In case you >also didn't know,
1 USD = 1 nuyen.

Therefore, my story is straight, you're just incapable of reading correctly. Jinterprise should really fire you and hire someone who can actually read and write.

I'm not a corporate shill, just someone with an unpopular opinion.

| And in case you didn't know, danger/u/ was literally created for people with unpopular opinions. Not my fault you corporate wageslaves don't know how to use social media. Which is funny, because wageslaves like you never have, not since its creation.

I'm done here. I'd love to stay and chat, but Burg Jr's is kicking me out back to the streets again, so I don't have internet to use anymore. Bye by-[USER DISCONNECTED!]

| >>529252
>I'm not a corporate shill
>shills for a corporation
Where does the money come from.
Its a power company.
You're still paying them. You just get money when a person dies. Guess who gets that money again the next month. Right back to them.
Ever heard of a Ponzi scheme.

| >>529255
Edgelord. I'm sure "homeless and burg Jr."
and not "lurking because I have nothing but projection" is what is really going on.
So I guess to the air, Jinterprise doesn't hire for this kind of thing, because their fucking crazy caber tosser CEO doesn't seem like the stealthy type.

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