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Disappearances in Neon District

| A string of recent disappearances has recently began within GC's Neon District, with over 20 individuals reportedly going missing over the course of last week. Of these twenty, five have been found safe and sound. Testimonies are unclear and vague, and memories hazy. GCPD has began investigating on the matter and advises the people of Neon to travel in group and out of the alleys

-Hol Solaris, VUO Speaksperson
(Comments handled by Lili Vacuos)

| I don't like the sound of this. Silver if that xnbc stuff is related?

| The moment someone tries to investigate this will rapidly (d?)evolve into some sorta anime

| I wonder if there are any correlations between the victims...If they have anything in common. I may need to dig deeper here...Anybody know anything else about this?
-Fuchsia Fedora

| >>529328
As far as we investigated, nothing of the sort has been found. The happenings truly do seem random, the only thing the people that were found have in common are the strange testimonies and the fact that they wandered into the alleys of Neon at one point.

-Lili Vacuos, Void User Organization PR Chief

| >wandered into the alleys of Neon
Serves them right for walking in on my work. You have to pay to see this show, buddy. Nooo freebies! <3 -Dicktator

| >>529336
Despite all that, would you mind letting me speak with the survivors? I would like to hear some of those testimonies myself.

At the risk of somehow coming off as if I'm taking this >>>too seriously, I would ask for you to either tell me how you were involved with this, or to>>>not make light of a potentially serious sotuation? Thank you.
-Fuchsia Fedora

| >>529390 Justice Wardrobe?! The real outfit and not some replica bullshit?! I am so honored. You can ask all you'd like! I probably won't listen though even if it's you!

But yeah...who wants to get walked in on while attending to >>>big business? Even if the job>>>sucks -Dicktator

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