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| I'm stuck. Lost, maybe. It's hard to explain. Time broke. I fell. I don't know when or if, who will get this.

I think it stopped. I'm near Chapel-4, I think. At least, that's what my GPS says.


| Tracking his location,if anyone's interested to go get him

| >>30bae5 >>583362
On my way look for this car and a soulless ginger lilim.
> there's a picture of a mover's truck painted brown with a yellow stripe on the middle.

| Which era are you from? 1980's?

| As far as I can tell, a few months ago.

| >>583362
Fascinating~ is the anomaly still there?

| >>528701
I'm not sure what you're talking about. And to everyone saying he, there are no guys on the internet. Only traps.

| You sure about that fella?
Last I checked CN wasnt a cute boy.

| OP, how are things going? What do we need to do to help?
-Fuchsia Fedora

| Wait, CN is still around? I thought he was locked up.

And >>529326 someone's been keeping my apartment paid. I just got there. Might send coordinates if any one is really concerned.


| >>528845

I wonder if now would be a good time to mention that CN wouldn't make a convincing girl by sheer virtue of his dick size? -sh4de

| >>a19c81
If You need another lift just call my business phone.

| >>529562
Sorry to disappoint but all charges were dropped. -CN

| >>529604 I've only heard of you. Not sure what to think. We should meet for drinks sometime. Once I figure out how time broke.

| >>529836
Sure. -CN

| >>ff9ff5
May I come along~? I'm very curious about the anomaly.

| >>529893
I mean I'm not the one who started the invite.-CN

| >>9b8a68
A chance to discuss about time anomalies with the legendary Geekboy of Glitch city.
It's something I just can't simply pass up on. ;)

| >>529956
I'm not that legendary but thanks. -CN

| >>529974

I keep forgetting you're something of a celebrity around these parts, heh. -Jolyne

| Jeez, I have a one bedroom apartment. I guess so. Will toss coordinates once I decide what to make for CN.

| >>583362
give my regards to Tay A.I.

| >>529974
An understanding of 'legendary' is overrated. But you're famous, that'svfor sure. Even recently localised folk somehow ends up knowing about you.

| >>530299
Make? Y-You don't have to go that out of your way now.
Localized? -CN

| >>530531
Well, you know. Those who'd move to the GC recently.

| >>530315
way too soon

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