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| >A shaky video camera from someone atop a roof overlooked the town hall. As they began filming, it zoomed in on an encounter. A little girl (or what looked like a little girl) grabbed a package off of the ground, just as some other man in an electrician's uniform walked over and tried to literally kick the kid out of the way!
>The kid dodged it, opening the package quickly as nails and white powder spilled out. She then pulled a knife on the man and stabbed him in the stomach!

| >Some sort of soldier also tackled the man, just as an EMP grenade was suddenly launched towards the package! After that, a (not so) familiar superhero tackled the trio, just as the electrician attempted to pull out a handgun but dropped it!
>The little girl ended up stabbing the man in the encounter, as the explosion from the EMP sends a few Lilims immediately nearby to the ground. They must have been older models, since other Lilims nearby were completely unaffected!

| Got what he deserved, aint that a common IED?

| Town hall? That one with the lilim racists? Gee wiz!

/plays a sad violin


| Oh wait it didn't go off. Damn. Would have been good medicine tbh.


| >The video is cut short, right there however, and it simply replays the scene in slow motion, zooming in on the package, which showed a cell-phone, wires, white powder and nails.

| >>528479
Called it fags, where's my 20 zennies!

| So that's what happened? God damned...I was knocked out by that EMP.

| An IED? Scary stuff! (。╯︵╰。)

This is why I stay indoors. ヽ(・∀・)ノ


| Fucking wish I could have interigate him. Stupid asshole cops. Probably accidently killed him

| "Accidentally" wwww Σ(´∀`;)


| >>528693
Believe it or not we don't kill people randomly

I'd trust a fellow cop more than a girl who stabbed a man when easier non-lethal options were possible


| >>528694
Do you guys kill when convenient then? (・o・)

Either way it doesn't really matter because I doubt it'll lead to a satisfactory conclusion and we'll still have a bunch of bigots trying to oppress others.


| >>528694
The knife kinda slipped. I was tackled. I did attempt to treat his wounds b fore that asshole cop stood on top of him. Like geez just stand ontop the dying guy. Wouldn't get off him probably cause him to bleed out.

| Lol, "the knife slipped". Blame the police for your own incompetence some more, why don't you?

The person who tackled the guy would have been sufficient enough to have delt with it. I'm not saying you shouldn't have a self-defense weapon, but it didn't need to be lethal, so don't blame the police when >you're the one who used a lethal weapon on someone.

Either kill with determination or don't kill at all. Passing blame just makes you look like a pussy.

| >>528732
Fucking asshole attacked me. Not my fault someone tackled me while I was holding a knife. I would have pulled my gun if I wanted to kill him. Geez cops are corrupt as fuck but a girl defending a crowd from a bomber is a pussy pffft. Everyone always claims that there is a 'better way' when looking at the situation from an outside view. Sick and tired of assholes like you trying to take the moral high ground. No one but me noticed the bomb you ass.

| Maybe we should all stop and take a breather? Jeez do you guys always have fun twisting a young girls words. -CN

| I agree with CN, but, opinions are just opinions, nothing more than some words that someone threw in the air.


| >>528857
Nah, fuck that. Depending on who's listening, opinions can be a deadly poison that slowly gets someone killed

| >>e0bbb0
For what it's worth
Thank you. I'm the lilim that was talking with the tech while you were poking on stage.

| >>528781
Aha. Ahaha. "Moral high ground."

Bitch, I have no morals! I don't care who lives or dies, and it just shows how fucking stupid you are for assuming I do. You don't FUCKING KNOW ME, SO DON'T ACT LIKE YOU DO!

But you were right about one thing: there would have been a better way. I would have >walked away.

I would have let that bomb go off and kill you and every "innocent" person in that crowd. I would have walked away, watched, and laughed at all that death.

| >>89eb3f
Hey nutter if you got nothing good to say keep quiet put your hands in your pockets and go take a walk.

| >>528870
Thanks though I don't really need any praise for it.
You have now made your own argument invalid congrats

| >>528967 chill buddy why don't you go listen to some retro 2000s emo pop music and cry off your mascara in your bathtub and come back when you're feeling less edgy

| >>528973
I said it in the other thread already, but I'll reiterate: I don't care, deal with it.
Actually, I just proved my own point. Its unfortunate you're too fucking dumb to realize it, but since you're just a dumb child anyway, I'll say it plainly in small words, so maybe your adolescent brain can understand it:

Stop whining about the police causing this man to die when you're the one who stabbed him. Just own up to what you did: you killed a "badguy", deal with it.

| >>528997
I don't even need to reply to you, but I will, because I want to: You want some edge? How about you take the edge of the nearest sharp object, and slit your own fucking throat, you worthless piece of garbage? Maybe I could use your blood to bathe in, it'd be a better usage than to waste it in your own pitiful, pathetic sack of a body.

| Your razor wit is just the gift that keeps on giving

| >>529032
Pffft are you sure I am the child here

| >>29f909
Eh the guy's bordering troll with a wasted degree at this point. Better not feed him further attention.
On a more constructive note...why did you think the tech was doing what he was doing? I know he's dead but i'm in fucking traffic humor me please.

| >>529049
Honestly I don't know if he is dead for sure but he was probably working for a group trying to amplify the discord between lilium and humans. The bomb was designed to gurl nails at high speeds towards anyone around it. Such a bomb would be ineffective against lilium

| >>529049
Chaos fellas
Imagine it, the bomb pops and kills a few humans, and then the lass on scene goes: "oh no those dastardly lilim have done it again, they try and silence us and have killed so many!!!"
It's super easy, so easy my brain hurts.
or maybe thats the brain damage speaking up, who knows.

| >>529048
Hey tuna, do you know a car named Vita? -CN

| >>529320
Yeah, why? Is she okay?

| >>529327
Yea, but I ran into her the other day and she was asking for you. She night be worried about you. -CN

| I almost attended this meeting in the hopes of seeing what arguments they had to offer and as an example for my class to deal with differing viewpoints. Justified or not, their fear comes from an understandable place and it's wrong to deny them their voice. But this is terrible. Some humans also depend on EMP-vulnerable devices if I am correct. -Trill

| >>529458
I'll have to go see here then

| >>529602
Yey, be safe of course. -CN

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