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Urban Legends

| Evening~

With all the senseless murder and hate circulating around the city, the mood's been a bit too grim lately so let's lighten things up by sharing some of our favorite urban legends duhuhu


| I'll start first!

Now, some of you riajuu might not know this but you know all those "abandoned" districts around the city? Well, they aren't so abandoned. They've essentially become ghettos filled with dregs of society that our wonderful city tries to ignore. That isn't the surprising part though. What's interesting is that despite being abandoned, these districts aren't without their utilities!


| you may be asking yourself, "if a district is completely abandoned and ignored, how can it have water, power, and even matrix connection? The answer to that is apparently, these ghettos have small communities of ghouls living in the sewers that take care of a lot of the maintenance that's required to keep things running.


| I hear that these ghoul communities work with certain... community leaders to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship. These people make sure the ghouls stay fed and in return, the ghouls make sure the lights stay on!

Moral of the story: Even if someone is a flesh eating ghoul doesn't mean that they can't contribute to the community!

Of course, I don't have any solid proof of these ghouls existing but I think this is a pretty comfy thing to think about!


| if any of you have any other stories to share, please do duhuhu

this city is an absolutely interesting place to live so I'm sure there are tons of other urban legends out there


| My friend does a lot of urbex, so he's got tons of stories about weird shit he's seen. Lately can't shut up about seeing a fucking cyberdemon while digging through some abandoned crack den in the Flooded. I'm pretty sure he just stepped on a needle and started tripping balls or something, but he swears to *Kira* that he saw a literal demon, wings and hooves and horns and all, covered in rusted out augs and random bits of tech.

| >>528420
Well I don't know about demons but I can believe that your friend saw some crazy drek over there. It wouldn't be the first time I've heard about some crazy Frankenstein's monster of a nightmare in this city!

Those types tends to be dangerous though, which makes sense because what kind of sane fragger does that to their own bodies? It's one thing to get yourself some nice chrome but another thing entirely to just start welding it to your body!


| That said, stories of these chromed up monsters have become more common in the last few years. A lot of them seem to have to do with some virus or other drek infecting a person...

Anyone remember the airport incident a while back? Some kind of crazy virus started infecting augged and lilim and made them go crazy? Wonder of there's a connection...


| Yeah, if the fucking tree or the giant mecha-crab can exist in this hell city, I guess a cyberdemon isn't out of the question. Probably just some tweaker or nanobot plague victim or something though. We haven't had any invasions from the literal underworld yet, have we? With all the crazy shit that happens here on an hourly basis, it's hard to keep up with the latest disasters.

| >We haven't had any invasions from the literal underworld yet, have we?

Interesting that you should mention that wwww

Years ago, there was someone who mentioned having summoned a demon! I don't know all the details but supposedly there's some kind of... program that exists that lets demons use your commlink as a gate to our world. They're probably full of drek but the idea of a program that can summon demons is pretty interesting~


| Huuuuh. Does anyone know what happened to whoever mentioned this thing? I agree that it's probably complete drek, but I'm bored and in the mood for some CYBER SLEUTHING w

| Unfortunately, I don't. If you poke around some of the more underground data havens, you might find something but I don't think I need to tell you how dangerous it can be to poke around the seedy underbelly of the matrix.

If you do find anything though, please share! (´• ω •`)ノ


| Stay outta the Abyssal District. I'll explain why in a little bit, just gotta get off this cab.


| >>528441
Dont mess with demons, last time I did I ended up receiving tungsten rods on my house... Or wait, that was just K-TRAN, my bad

| Hello again!

I forgot what exactly I was going to say about the Abyssal District, but I >>>did remember what I'd actually wanted to talk about before I forgot and settled for the Abyssal District.


| The long and short of it is, certain TV ads- especially those aired late at night- like >>>very late at night -have been said to leave viewers with strange compulsions to buy the item or service they're selling.

I'm not talking about persuasion, no. I mean actual, honest-to-Speedwagon compulsions. The people affected by this phenomenon are said to act like junkies who haven't had a hit in months and somehow lived to tell the tale.


| What makes this hard to verify is just how many theories there are about how and why this happens. Everything from subliminal messages to reptilian brainwashing has been thrown out. BUT! There's yarn in this Labyrinth.

See, around twenty, maybe twenty-five years ago, there was a story very similar to this one spreading in a number of places. I personally heard it in Ithaca Bay.

The story was that one of the TV stations had suddenly begun to air abnormal programming.


| This abnormal programming consisted of a thirty-minute timeslot of nothing but dead air. It'd come on at a completely random time, sometimes in the middle of a show. And when that happened, anyone who happened to even glimpse the television while this dead air was showing would become absolutely enraptured. Unable to leave the TV until the thirty-minute slot was over.

What made this even stranger was the fact that no two people who saw this would remember seeing the same thing.

| Reminds me of a really old legend I heard about some super bizarre children's show that never existed but lots of people vividly remember. Can't for the life of me recall anything about it though.

| My friend and I sat down to watch one of these timeslots once. She saw some kind of yuri anime, I saw some sort of kids show, though damned if I could remember what it was about now.

We did, however, share one thing in what we saw: The credits on both shows, though vastly different, had one name in common, "Kocaqi Media".

Looking up Kocaqi, then or now, doesn't reveal much. Their official webpage is blank. No info, no nothing. At least, not if you're organic.

| Apparently, however, if a >>>Lilim were to access the website, or someone both of whose eyes have been replaced with chrome, something does actually pop up.

The company, from what Pasteur says, claims to specialize in 'memetic marketing and entertainment'. It doesn't clearly explain what this is, but apparently it's something to do with human recognition? It's a long story, and the Kocaqi website seems to have vanished, so I can't really check.

| Anyway, most of the people who've witnessed the strange ads here in Glitch don't actually remember what the hell the ad was >>>for, but for some reason or another, they>>>do remember Kocaqi Media being involved.


| >>528916

Oh, I think I've heard of something like that! It's actually the first thing that came to mind when I remembered the old Ithaca Bay broadcasts ( ̄ω ̄)


| >>528916
Candle Cave, Caledon Local 21.

| >>528921
A company running "hypnotic" programs on television and nobody can actually remember what they're about? It's kinda sad how realistic and believable this is.

Sure says how vulnerable we can be ww


| >>529052 sounds to me like kocaqi media IS what it's about

| >>529053
You have a point. I wonder what their goal is then, since it doesn't seem like they're trying to sell anything.


| Urban legends and nothing on Manbat?!

The shadowy figure that flies through the night evading capture and flies fast enough that you can't get a good camera picture of it.
You mention nothing!

Nothing on the dark giant with a 7 foot wingspan that flies through the skies of the glitch silently drawing no attention as we are too used to keeping our heads down than to focus on the sky where he lurks. That is manbat!

| >a very fuzzy image of what could possibly be a thing up in the night sky with wings covering a mass of stars as it flies through the sky. You can tell it was taken super shakily because the light from the lamp post and the lap post's base don't even line up how they should and all the stars are doubled.

| manbat sounds like an overly edgy trid hero ww

real talk though, it's kinda terrifying to think that something like that is flying around. Hope someone gets rid of it soon



| Here's a... less scary legend, to offset that whole wall about Kocaqi Media. I heard this one while I was studying in Seoul.

The legend holds that if you're unhappy with your situation, or if you're desperate for a stroke of luck, write a letter explaining your problem, and send it to God. Or, in the case of an e-mail, simply input "WILL" in the recipient field. In a day or two, you'll find things have gone exactly how you wanted them to, not how you described them in the letter.

| If that were true, it'd really be a wonderful world duhuhu


| >>529074

Oh, absolutely. I don't know if there's any way to verify this though considering that only the person who'd sent the letter would know anything's changed...


| But yeah, I could be here all day just recounting >>>some of what I've heard...


| Did I hear Manbat?

| Ohayou, anyone still in this thread?

I keep seeing this burnt out hulk in the Midnight District. I've been trying to look up info on it but most searches either come up expired, or reference something to do with... uh... "magic fuck trees" and "the hands of god."

In other words, bullshit. Can anyone translate this for me?

Needless to say, the corpers currently renovating the place haven't said much either. Would much appreciate it.


| i don't have much info but I did hear that some really crazy drek happened in that district. I heard that an actual giant fragging tree was there for some reason but it does sound like everyone just slotted the same chip or something because a giant magical tree is insane


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