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Missing person, help?

| Surely some of you knows xnbc? The Lilim gal who plays piano and stuff? I'm a viewer of hers, part of a her acknowledged fanclub.

One of our member yesterday went all high and said he'll meet up with her. After that crazy post about her being stalked, everyone agreed he shouldn't. I mean he shouldn't either way, but I bet my zenny he did.

Long story: Both he and xnbc disappeared. She usually posts small updates in our club chat, but she hasn't today. Same with our guy. Help?

| About what time were both last heard from? -EDN

| *Persons. Who cares. You get the point. The club is being all worried. If any of you (xnbc and that dunce) are reading this: stay safe!

| >>527803
I don't know about xnbc. Maybe yesterday? She posts like, morning or whenever to update us. Our guy disappeared yesterday at nine sharp PM.

| Hmm...

Yo this is a long shot, but your friend isn't part of any political groups are they?


| Never told us really. I'm not going to guess tho. Knowing him, he's probably following some asinine NEET cult.

| >>527824

Then I got some baaaaad news for you, OP...


| >>527825
Is this about those anti-Lilim idiots or something? Pretty sure he can't be in one of those. He's following a Lilim streamer for god's sake.

| >>527836 Following people doesn't necessarily mean liking the person you're following...-EDN

| >>527869
I know, I know. Some of our members are making the same concern. The guy's really quiet in our club, talked a bit here and there. So yes, the idea is valid. We just don't want it to be.

| >>527871 As a streamer that's been stalked before...I can't help but be a little worried. Maybe we can meet up somewhere and swap details...maybe try to get some leads? -EDN

| Investigations huh, wasnt there a cabby that ran those back in the day?

| >>527874
Asher grey. (Gray?)

He still pops in time to time i think

| >>527873
If it's for the best, sure. As the club's president, guess it's my duty and stuff to help xnbc and my club member. Here goes.

| >>527874
Not sure my gal. I'm not really into that kind of stuff. Never really found the need to call people like those. Well, until now at least.

| >>527884
He had associates last I saw him here, a Large gal named OS and the Geekboy who you probably know already. maybe look for help to them?

| >>527887
Who the hell are those?

| X is missing? I haven't even been home yet since yesterday been ferrying people all night. I'm her roommate, I'll go check at home and if she is missing let's make a search party.

| >>527892
Might wanna do that. I want to visit her by myself but that would just be problem all round. None of us here can connect to her through our usual chat and it's very, very concerning because it's her we're talking about.

| >>d3e032
I'd rather not have strangers sniffing about our stuff. Good intentions or not. If she is missing I'll put out a notice for her contact the GCPD and my boss knows some runners who can help.

| >>527903
I understand. I want to get the PD too but I don't have definite proof that she's missing. Our guy is missing, we know that. But I don't know about her.

| >>͏5279͘03̕
Is m͢y̵ ̡i̸n͞t́er̸v̛ent̵i͘on͠ n͞ȩce͟s̷sar̕y̴?

| >>527956 Please? Just to be safe? -EDN

| ...now what the hell is all this? -Jolyne

| She wasn't there.

| Hello citizens, I'm here to help. Based off of what I can read here, I have a few questions.

First off: Does anybody know any personal details about the person who was stalking xnbc? A name, or an age, or any other information would be a great place to start. I may be able to use that to hack his account in the fan club to see what he was doing and who he was talking to leading up to the disappearance.
-Fuchsia Fedora

| If someone can identify him and give me the picture of him,I can tell my runners to keep an eye out for him

| >>527992
Shit. We are solid fucked. I'm going to circle the city ASAP. (d3e032)

| >>527956
Whoever you are, if you can help, lend me a hand here.

No idea about the stalker, but if you're talking about our guy, we don't have much to go on. If he isn't lying, he should be: male, 32, unemployed. Nobody knew his name, but he's called 'Cogito' in our club.

No photos here about him. Sorry. xnbc has some photos though, can even see her past stream to get more look at her.

| >>528024
Hmm...Could I possibly get a log of every message he's sent to the group? Something he's talked about may assist me in the process of brute-forcing his account. If I can get in there, I can find out more about this "Cogito".
-Fuchsia Fedora

(captcha: troll bum reply)

| >>528026
Sure. I'll let the server admins know. They will probably get the chat log filtered soonish. Will send here once done.

| If you're looking for someone I'd advise you to contact a good decker, no one has no trace in this connected world, especially not a lilim.

If you ever need assistance, I was an investigator on the GCPD force for nine years, I can probably help you out.

| >>f827bb
Hey boss can I borrow a few of those runners you have to investigate the stalker? I'll pay for the service.

| >>528031
Got the other members to talk to some deckers. Hope they'll be good. Will keep you in mind in case we're hitting some dead ends.

| Here's the promised chat log, filtered to find his name. They're from months ago. Date added.

> Oct 12
> xnbc: Morning everyone! I hope you a good day!
> ミtsun: ^•^
> Miki: Yesterday's stream is great!
> Miki: why the sad though?
> Gespent: everyone has their downtime lmao
> Miki: lol yeah
> Cogito: Can someone link me to the cache? Thnx.
> ミtsun: read! (︶^︶) it's in the archive!
> Cogito: thnx.

| > Dec 18-19
> xnbc: Merlin is an interesting person, don't you think?
> Gespent: didn't see. is he in public chat?
> xnbc: Yes! Sorry for not writing that.
> Gespent: lol it's aight.
> Gespent: never read the public chat. the subs chat is more comfier.
> ミtsun: I agree, IKU harassed me through public server PM and I had to leave.
> xnbc: I didn't know that! I'll look to implement better moderation later.

| > [Server] MOTD: Hey people! We'll be having a meet-up later! Don't forget, January 10!
> Miki: It's midnight already?!
> Cogito: 10? I'll come.
> Miki: Well you better!

Dec 31
> xnbc: Happy new year, everyone!
> ミtsun: \(◎o◎)/
> Cogito: Can't wait for the meetup.
> xnbc: Yes!
> Gespent: shit i cant drink no more then

| > Jan 11
> xnbc: I had so much fun! Thanks to everyone attending the event!
> Miki: Me three. Did anyone see Cogito?
> Gespent: iunno was dead drunk
> Miki: How many Marsblast did you take anywho?
> Gespent: like five
> Miki: That explains it.

| > Jan 18
> Cogito: Got fired.
> xnbc: :-(
> xnbc: I'm sorry.
> Miki: Holy shit. What happened dude?
> Cogito: Stuff.
> ミtsun: ...
> Gespent: come over. i'll treat you a drink.
> Cogito: Yeah sure. Uptown?
> Gespent: aye.

| > Feb 6.
> Cogito: I'm going to go to xnbc's crib.
> Miki: Shit. Why?
> Cogito: I felt like it.
> Miki: I'm warning you dude.
> Cogito: Listen I'm gonna.
> Cogito: I'm just gonna.
> Miki: Don't do it. She's not in the mood. The last sub stream didn't go well.
> Cogito: didn't watch that one lol
> Miki: Should've.
> Miki: Listen, if you do that, I'll get revoking on you.
> Cogito: Kay.
> ミtsun: (・へ・) what's the do?
> Miki: Cogito's going crazy.
> ミtsun: isn't he always?
> Miki: lol

| That's all. He's really inactive. If people need more info on who each of these members are, let me know.

| >>528039
Yeah,sure,I will have them wait at my workshop

| >>528061
Any info on that cognito guy, other than his name and all that, maybe I can ask an acquaintance to run a database check and see if the GCPD last saw him.

Other than that, any leads you think you have on XNBC, anything helps at this point.

| So let's see here.

On October 12th, this "Cogito" posted for the first time and he asked for a link to the cache.

On December 18th-19th, he posted that he was coming to the meetup on January 10th.

On December 31st, he said he couldn't wait for the meetup.

On January 11th, it seems the group said that they didn't see him there, though.

On January 18th, he said he got fired but didn't explain why, and also said he was going to go drink with "Gespent" in Uptown.

| In February 6th, he seemed persistent and manic, saying he was going to go to xnbc's house, despite being warned not to and threatened that his club membership would be revoked, and yet he also said he didn't watch her last sub stream?

That seems odd. If he were truly obsessed, he would have watched the stream, not missed it and laughed about it. Also, what did he want with the cache, and if he wasn't obsessed with her, why would he be excited for the meetup and then no-show?

| The only other person that seems to have seen Cogito is this Gespent person. I don't think I have enough information to brute-force my way into his account, so I need more. May I speak with them?
-Fuchsia Fedora

| >>528334
Got it all right. It's everything I found odd there. Took me awhile to remember he rarely sees the streams live.

I'll try getting Gespent here. Said she's all okay with giving out information about the guy.

| So she wasn't at the town hall.

| >>528512
Damn it. I can't contact our guy either. One of our member got to his flat but he's just not there. Literally none of his stuff is there either. I'll get GCPD into this. I hope they're useful for once.

| >>528523
If you have to contact GCPD, ask for Chanka and say OS sent you, that'll at-least make it so your case goes through to a big shot directly. plus she's about the only one I would trust in that shithole of a department.

| >>901531
Xnbc had friends yeah? Didn't she have a video with Kyogouku?

| >>528537
Thanks. Will keep that in mind. A member we have has already sent the report to GCPD though. That came before I read this post. So... better hope things go well.

You mean the hot chocolate event she did? I think she did it because of an invitation here too. Maybe that's it. But anyway, she did share some shots of her snowball battle to our club chat. Don't recognize any person in her shots though.

| Got my eyes open

| >>528776
I was starting to wonder if you were still alive for a second there.

| I'm still around, always keeping an eye on things. Still doing the driver and detective things

| >>35f3fb
I've combed through the eastern sector, no dice. Get any leads?

| Nothing yet, but I'm making sure to keep my ear to the ground

| OP here. One of our other member has gone missing. They are definitely not a Lilim. They have augmentations installed to combat NMR. They go by the name 'Rose' in public and 'tsun' in the public chat. I hope everyone involved in the search for our friends here are being very extra careful, I don't want anyone here to suddenly go missing.

As for the other two, xnbc and Cogito, no traces have been found yet. GCPD says they're doing their best.

| Sounds like a tough time fella, whats with cults and dissapearing people.
What a time to be back as they say ahaha!

| >>528844
Tough time indeed. At this rate I'm just hoping other club members aren't in danger. The search has been greatly halted from our side. We don't want others to disappear too.

I myself is still going about asking people. If I can't find xnbc or Cogito, at least I'll find Rose. God damnit all.

| I'm going to reach out to a bounty hunter friend of mine, see if I can get him on the trail. Any more info you can give us? Perhaps about this most recent disappearance?

| >>528895
I know Rose personally. They have a feminine physique, somewhat tall but frail build. I don't know where they live, but I know they often take trips as part of their job as a courier. I don't know their last sighting, but PD told us it's probably in the borders of Downtown.

Heck, I'm willing to bet that Neon disappearance probably has their name in it. I just don't know anymore.

| >>528893
What about Gespent? If someone is hunting down members of the fanclub, I need to get to her before anyone else does to protect her. Please send me her coordinates privately and encrypted, and I'll head over there.
-Fuchsia Fedora

| >>529329
Hiya there. Miki asked me to be here, but I can't contact him for the life of me. And the club chat is dead dry and I'm like the only member there right now.

Am I late? Gespent here by the way. Ask me anything. Miki said you wanted answers.

| What the hell? Is this Cogito faggot the same one that sent those nude drawings of piano-botka to her house? Could be a false lead though, tons of retard losers watch her stream. -Dicktator

| >>529355
Gespent here again. I dunno about the whole stalker problem. XNBC told us to stay quiet and never talk it out again so honestly, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

'Sides, everyone is like gone right now. Methinks this is bigger than stalker problems.

| >>529360
Gespent! Great to hear from you, my name is Fuchsia Fedora, I'm with the Justice Wardrobe. I need to come see you, you're the only one who's seen Cogito and knows anything about him, and so far he's the only lead for who could be kidnapping the members of the fanclub.

Besides that, if you're the only one not missing yet...I want to help protect you and keep it that way. You could be the next target.
-Fuchsia Fedora

| >>529388
Sure sure. Meet me up at a bar or stuff. Midnight sounds good to you? I'll answer there. It honestly feels like someone is snooping my network right just now.

And by God I didn't expect a Justice Wardrobe member to help us out. -Gespent

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