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[Game] A Cobalt Sky

| >Awaiting input...
>Connexion Established to FAL system...
>Memory... OK
>Ram...... OK
>Welcome back, Revered External Operator [Name corrupted]
>Loading Data...
>Data load complete!
>"A Cobalt Sky"
>Please enter a username for ID LOCK
[Enter command]

| >/ID Angus

This seems nifty.


| >ID recognized
>User has been Locked, initializing startup sequence....
>Uplink Stable
>Before We start, I would like to ask you a few questions, nothing complicated really, do you mind?
[Enter command]

| N

| >>524458
>Thank you, so let me start with this: What is your name, And by that I dont mean your username, I'm talking about YOUR name, of course feel free to not say anything if you feel this question is too private, or to answer with a nickname or a pseudonym if need be
[Enter Answer]

| Anytime I see game terminals on cyb I get nervous now... -CN

| >Angus.
No one gets to know my real name.

| >>524540
>Understood, Angus, next question then.
>Do you believe in salvation? Do you believe we can all be saved if enough effort is put into it?

| >Y
Anyone can change. Trust me.

| the heck is this

| >>524605
>So you do.
>Here is my last question
>Do you believe in alternative realities? Do you think those given thoughts by flesh and blood creators are human as well, and that their realities matter?

| >Y
Yes. For concrete reasons that I can't go into. But yes.

| >Very well, thank you for your time

>We shall now start the game, but before we do, a little world of warning: Nothimg you are about to see is real, think of this game merely as an open window into possibilities, not as a breathing living world, you will come to understand why.

>I wish You luck, Angus.

>The screen flickers and a title screen appears!

>VERSION 0.0.75

>Start new game


| >A small transition occurs, and eerie music starts playing
>"This world... has long ago perished, the only things that remain are the cycle, and hope... hope that one day a god will happen to save the people who still cling on to life, under the cobalt sky"
[Enter Character name]

| >Priscilla
Be ready, poor Priscilla

| >Please select a fitting backstory for your character
>If you desire more information about any backstory, please type Info.[Backstory name]

>These are your choices
>Left for Dead
>Soldier of fortune
>Lost child
>Seeker of Truth
>Knight of Aria

[Enter Command]

| "External Operator" is a... curious term choice. -CN

| >Info Outsider
Yeah I agree. It asked my name then didn't call me by it. Weird.

| Hello

| >>524857
It's almost as if... theres an "inside" to keep in mind that's been affected somewhere. -CN



| >>524857
>A Being who is far removed from the world, someone who never belonged there in the first place

>Passive skills:
>[they who do not belong]
>You are unaffected by status effects that cause mental ill
>You never get exhausted from travel, and all who meet you are neutral, you're used to life on the road.

>Active Skill
>[Easing the weariness]
>Though your memories may fail you, your body never does, replace a night of sleep with this skill.


| [Enter command, or type [Tutorial-Back] to receive additional info on backstories and their importance]

| >tutorial-back

| >Backstories determine your characters past and origin, but most importantly they give them access to two passives skills and an active skill as well as determine some of their starting items, Age and Name Also affect statistics, appearance and can grant passives to your character. Those can never be changed, so choose wisely
[Enter command]

| >Info Knight of Aria

| >>525150
>Knight of Aria
>A stalwart knight who devoted their life to serving the immovable queen Aria, they help those in need and smite evil.

>Passive skills:
>Cannot feel fear while facing against foes who are unholy or Eldricht, cannot [OPEN THE EYES].
>All those who are good will have affinity towards you, higher Sanity meter and regain.

>Active skill:
>PROC [DEATH] On a foe most unholy, if the proc fails the cooldown is halved
>CD: 4 Turn

| Wait... "Open the Eyes"? This *is* like that last game. Just what I wasn't looking forward to. -CN

| >info milquetoast

| Alright I'm tapping out. This is creepy. Even for me.

| >>525181
Wait what?
Th-then who was playing?

| >>525181
Mmm... if you want me to I can take over. -CN

| >>525196
I was making the character. But the eye opening thing is bothersome to me.

| >>72d085 facinating!

| >>525178
>A totally normal inhabitant of the world, someone who has nothing but the power of hope.

>Passive Skills
>Sometimes, when all looks dim, something shines through and makes the day a little easier
>Sometimes, going with the flow makes life just a bit more easy on you

>Active Skill
>[Return to normal]
>Sometimes, you just gotta close your eyes and take a deep breath, things that shouldn't be dissapear from view.


| Theres got to be a way to switch then right? -CN

| >info Seeker of Truth

| >>525321
>Seeker of Truth
>A scientist of the arcanes, bent on prying open reality to uncover the illusive truth, whatever the cost may be

>Passive skills:
>You understand the Eldritch and the Occult, deal additional damage to those of their ilk, but also gain an affinity boost towards the people who revere them
>Your Sanity is halved, and you are afflicted [Constantly] but it can never go down anymore.

>Active skill:
>Become sane for two turns

| >info lost child

| >>525343
>Lost child
>A sole child who lost their way, innocent and passionate yet unyielding and determined. this backstory locks the character's age to childhood.

>Passive skills:
>[Childlike wonder]
>You do not suffer Sanity damage from eldritch monsters, and can engage in conversation with them, furthermore you heal sanity faster, all [Afflictions] last longer
>Magic doesn't cost anything to cast.

>Active skill
>[Lucky stroke]
>Sometime a child's just lucky.

| >choose lost child

| Wait... who's playing now? -CN

| Someone who's too much of a sissy to pick Seeker of truth.

| >>525434
Dont encourage them... this thing can have serious implications to G.C. -CN

| A 'Game', huh? As expected, this will be bad if someone messes up, and good if someone wins it.

Both sound amusing.

| >>525471
Oh great I&K. I did not appreciate that little lock of yours. -CN

| >Selected lost child
>Age of character locked to [Child]
>The passive skill given to you is thus:
>Gain higher [DEX] and [AGI], hit to [STR] and [RES], Higher Sanity and chance to become [COURAGEOUS], Trauma effects can never be erased.
>The active skill given to you is:
>[Growing up]
>This skill consumes a charge and allows you to [OPEN THE EYES] For a single turn, even a child, lost within wonderland must sometimes face things as they are.

| >yes

| Okay seriously, who is playing... what's the point if asking for a player name if anyone can just do commands. -CN

| >>3bc5b3
Maybe Its just a stream prompt? Like when games are played by a stream channel.

| >>525676
>The player [ANGUS] Has lost interest, and so have We, whoever is playing does not matter now, it has begun

| >>525626
>The Information shall be confirmed, be aware that you will not be able to change anything about your character once you accept this:
>EO name: [NULL]
>Backstory: Lost Child
>Age: Child
>Are those correct? type in Change.[Aspect] to change the settings or Type in [Accept] to move on
[Enter Command]

| >>525715
If it doesn't matter couldnt I just do... this then?
>Change Backstory

| >Please select a new backstory to replace [Lost Child]
>These are your choices
>Left for Dead
>Soldier of fortune
>Lost child
>Seeker of Truth [AGE RESTRICTION]
>Knight of Aria
[Enter Command]

| That's awfully interesting that it read my message that was outside of a command? Creepy fucking thing.

| >>525739
>Knight of Aria

| Let's nip the possibility of any eye opening from the start shall we? -CN

| >>525775

How boring, truly the blandest of choices for the blandest of individuals.

Truly unambitious.

| ...

| >propose a vote for a backstory out of the users here

| >>525779
Say the two who are trying to mess with the whole city!?
Okay come on, that's not even a prompt. -CN

| >>525774
>The [Knight of Aria] Backstory has been selected
>The Information shall be confirmed, be aware that you will not be able to change anything about your character once you accept this:
>EO name: [CN]
>Backstory: Lost Child >>Knight of Aria
>Age: Child
>Are those correct? type in Change.[Aspect] to change the settings or Type in [Accept] to move on
[Enter command]

| >>525795
Trying to make it fair. You're always everywhere, and you have to make a choice in everything. Maybe you should take a break once in a while.

| >>525801
I cant take a break when it involves potentially endangering the city, but fine I'll humor you. Let's put to a vote:
Knight of Aria: 1 vote
Lost Child: 1 vote
Who else is gonna vote? Also I&K, let's keep this fair and make you count as 1 vote, just cause you're in two bodies doesnt mean you're 1 entity. -CN

| >>525806
How useless, but we shall give you Our thoughts.

We'll go Seeker of Truth, for that is the path of the worthy.


| >>525806
I vote Knight of Aria -Nano


| anything but lost child, this [OPEN THE EYES] thing is unsettling, and it doesnt sound good
knight of aria it is

| Knight of Aria


| Alright, I think weve given enough time for voting, it's been over a day. The current results are:
Knight of Aria 4
Seeker of Truth 3
Lost Child 1
Looks like Knight of Aria wins. -CN

| >>525798

| Wait... maybe I should have changed the age first... oh well. -CN

| >>526296
Maybe its not too late
>{last second command}
>{change age}


| >Accepting...
>The game will now start
>Welcome to our realm, Knightess of Aria.
>Do you wish to activate tutorials?
[Enter command]

| >>526310
Guess it didnt work, rip.

| A loli knight. /u/ never changes.

| >Tutorial mode has been activated
>Welcome to the world of Kos
>[The screen flickers and then a single image of an old city appears on the screen before fading to dark, your character awakens]
>You are within a train, moving through what can only be described as a calm country-side, the air smells of the sea, and the sky is a clear blue. It's hot and stuffy...
>A single box lays on the ground next to your seat
[Enter command]

| Hey wait a minute. This seems a little too familiar.

| >>526550
Nah, don't see how you reached THAT conclusion, Miss. Turns out that some stuff is often exactly what it seems.

| Boo if outsider or left for dead was picked, the Character would have been an orphan of Kos.

| >>526551
Well aren't you the all knowing one Jo'hou. How've you been? Is this game a byoroduct of your boredom or are you the cute girl here to hold the rulebook?

| >>526553
Oh my dear, I wish I was even remotely bored enough for this kind of garbage. This isn't my doing, or Arcand's for that matter. Probably some nefarious BBEG from the other side of the fence, creator-wise.

| >>526554
Duly noted. Glad I tapped out when I did, not that I can lose much anyway. Say you've still got your body yeah? Wanna meet up sometime? I'm more than positive Dahk would like to see you again.

| >>526554
>Now now, you dishonor me so, Queen of decay
>I am none of that, and I would love for you to keep out of this place, I can only accept so much talk unrelated to the matters at hand, now, please.
[Enter Command]

| >>526556
Hm, that would provide a nice break. Call me up anytime.

Sure, I'll get out of your paws [Unknown Person], but I will keep watching. Make this at least entertaining if not enjoyable for anyone.


| >>526548 >>526557
>Examine box
Looks like the game doesnt like you giving away free hints. -CN

| >>526575
>The box is made out of cardboard and seems quite small, a note sits on it: "For the one who comes after Us"

| >>526581
>Open box

| >>526583
>You open the box, inside of it is a large pistol, a pack of AA batteries and a wallet
[Enter command]

| >>526585
>Examine wallet

| >The wallet is empty of any form of currency, only a single ID and several credit cards are still present within
>The name on the ID is unrecognizable, and the man in the picture even less so.
[Enter Command]

| A pistol? Strange that a knight would need a pistol.

| >>526605
>Pocket wallet
>Examine gun
Well most knights wouldn't be riding a train either. -CN

| >>526708
>The gun is an older Break Action model, a Contender hunting pistol, you have no idea what its chambered in, but it only has one bullet
[Enter command]

| >>526774
>Pocket Gun
>Examine batteries

| >>526777
>The batteries look like normal AA batteries, but the package refers to them as a 'Delicious snack on the go' The ingredients are some sort of acid mixture though. There's a production date: 21/11/3153
>{Priscilla doesnt knkw how to feel about this}

| >A voice is heard throughout the train as Priscilla picks up the batteries to inspect them
>"We are arriving soon, please prepare for the arrival phase..."
>[The arrival]
>Hello dear External Operator and welcome to Cobalt Sky, the game that changes the world:tm:!
>This tutorial will now explaim the basics of the Arrival phase
>Firstly, please consult your Status!
[Enter command]

| >Pocket batteries

| >>526904
>[Priscilla]-[Knight of Aria]
>Health: [Healthy] | Sanity: 200/200
>External Operator: [CN/Null]
>Operator hold: 10/10
>STR: Low-Medium
>DEX: EX-High
>AGI: High
>RES: Medium
>INT: Medium
>WIS: Low
>MIN: High
>OPL: 0
>[4 points can be assigned]

>This is your status, here is all the info about you character, type Help [Name] to receive further guidance about anything here, or type [Take Inventory] to move on to inventory

| >>527143
>Help DEX

| >Dexterity or DEX is the ability of your character to use their hands proficiently, this stats helps the use of ranged weapons, crafting, and delicate handling.
[Enter command]

| >>527143
>Help MIN
>Help OPL

| >Mind or MIN is the stat that determines the mental resistance of your character, as well as their ability to keep composed under stress and pressure, it affects your resistances to mental debuffs.
>Operator Level or OPL is the level of your grasp upon the character's Soul, when this level rises so does your power as an External Operator, this level affects your Operator hold.
[Enter command]

| >>527143
>2 points to RES
>2 points to INT

| >>527406
>Points have been allocated!
[Enter command]

| >>527443
>Take Inventory

| Wtf

| >>527449
>you have been given the following items as a starter bonus of your Backstory!
>Bastard Sword
>Set of knight's garments
>Set of light plated armor
>Ring of Aria
>Holy Necklace
>Knight's Headdress
>Leather Satchel
>Holy Scriptures
>Contender.308 [NEW]
>Wallet [NEW]
>Pack of batteries [NEW]

>You can pull [5] Items out of the void, choose wisely!

>To receive additional info type Help
[Enter command]

| >Help Holy Necklace
>Help Knights Headdress
>Help Bastard Sword

| You inspect everything besides the scriptures and ring? Sheesh. No wonder you're always in trouble.

| >>527611
>[Holy necklace]
>A necklace given form by prayer, it offers special protection against Darkness
>[Knight's Headdress]
>A frilly headdress given to female knights, it doesn't offer much protection, but it certainly is cute
>[Bastard Sword]
>A large sword that is less heavy than it looks, it deals RENDING damage

| Hmm...
>Equip Knights Headdress
>Equip Holy Necklace
>Equip Bastard Sword
>Examine garments
>Examine ring
>Examine scriptures

| >Items Equipped
>The clothes of a lady knight, this robe made of light materials seems to posses several leather holders for various items but also to attach plate armor.
>[Ring Of Aria]
>A ring given by the Immovable Queen of Aria to all of those who serve her, this ring represents your allegiance to the creed of your ruler. it will glow in the presence of other knights who share your oath.

| >[Holy Scriptures]
>A heavy book laden with garish ornaments, it tells the tale of the first knight of the order of Endless lights, Nashi, as he went on a journey and received the aid of several gods to defeat the crazed Truth Seeker Abdalla within his world of nightmares. Even the knights regard this story as fictitious, but the spells within work and as such, it is carried by any who practices exorcisms.
[Enter Command]

| >>527608
>Help Void

| -CN

| >>527861
>Unknown Command
[Enter another command]

| How do I summon things from the void :/? Mmm...
>Summon Collapsable 10 ft. Pole

| -CN

| >>527876
>A collapsable 10 ft pole appears from the void, completely collapsed it measures about 3 feet tall, its material is some kind of sheer black metal, cool to the touch.
>Its not that heavy, but carrying such a large object will be impractical if you don't attach it to your back
[Enter command]

| So it summons or perhaps creates anything?
I wonder if you could call something ludicrous like
>summon shoggoth maid
>summon secace sword of lancelot knight of the lake
Or something
The potential for exploitation is bottomless if im correct

| >>527890
I'm sure it has limits to "releastic" requests. That leaves four objects. What simple but practical? -CN

| Panceas, dummy.


That, or The Horaī Elixir.


| >>527902
I'm not taking either of your suggestions. Even if they werent already suspicious as is. -CN

| >Summon Backpack
>Summon First Aid Kit
>Summon 50 ft rope
>Summon Grappling hook

| >>527904

No fun, so you'd reject the mystical cure it all and the Horaī Elixir? Man, you suck at video games.


Truly, you fail to grasp the possiblities offered. Boring.


At least try to summon a big ass gun, dummy.


Or a Dok××emo d××r


| >>528140
Do you always backseat game the people who play your games? -CN

| >>528143



Not really, but I is having fun at your expense


| >>528175
Well that's something you and about anybody else who doesnt like me have in common. -CN

| >>528117
>You summon the items, they are added to your inventory [Backpack]
>You have selected all your void items!
>This is your final inventory:
>Bastard Sword
>Set of knight's garments
>Set of light plated armor
>Ring of Aria
>Holy Necklace
>Knight's Headdress
>Leather Satchel
>Holy Scriptures
>Pack of batteries
>10ft pole [NEW]
>Backpack [New]
>First aid kit [New]
>50ft of rope [New]
>Grappling hook [New]
>Is this okay?

| >Y

| >Inventory saved
>Now is the final part of the arrival phase, please decide what your character's appearance will be, this choice is final and will affect gameplay.
[Enter Command]

| Maid Knight Maid Knight Maid Knight!

| Oh god ive always been bad at picking appearances. -CN

| Ew fuck it.
>Maid knight

| >>528766
>Are you sure about that?

| Yes yes yes yes yes!

| >>528768

| >Understood
>Suddenly the train stops at a large abandoned station, and a voice errupts from the speakers affixed to the top of the carriage
>"End of the line, please proceed and pay the toll at the booth"
[Enter Command]

| >>529124
>Exit train

| -CN

| >You exit the train
>You find yourself on a platform, the concrete around here is covered in cracks from which wild plants grow, the vegetation is quite impressive
>At the exit of the platform is situated a toll booth, a sign tied to it reads: PAY THE TOLL
[Enter command]

| >>529415
>Approach booth

| >You approach the booth, a single box is laid on it
>As an External Operator, your grasp on this world is feeble at best, so to remain anchored in this world you will need to leave something you or your character posses behind, if you die this object will be lost forever, but if you persist, it will be given to you should you come to this world again!
>[Please choose anything to leave behind, things dont have to objects per se]

| *Sigh* and heres the twist. Well they want something, I'll give them something
>My real name

| >Your real name is it... Truly interesting, will this be your final choice?

| >>529466

| >The I will hold on to this for now, should you succeed I will return this to you, the toll has been paid successfully
>The station gates turn green
>Do you wish to receive the last basic tutorial?

| >>529471

| Why didn't you just leave one of the credit cards from the wallet???

| >[Yes]
>The first step to conquering this game is to master a list of basic commands, all of them being simple or self explanatory you should master them soon enough
>here they are
>[Take Inventory]
>other commands are in the usual action verb format, so feel free to use any verbs and the system will handle the actions you wish to perform. Type continue to go to the next tutorial
[Enter command]

| >>529633

| [Ghost]

| >>ghost

| >>ID Ghost

| >> take inventory

| >>529747
>Operator status
>As an External operator, your grasp over this world is strong, but that is only as long as you posses high operator hold
>Without any hold on your vessel, they will lose ability from their status and start taking sanity damage as well as become unresponding.
>Your operator hold can be used to cast command spells, but we reccomend that you not use it willy nilly, as it can never be recovered normally
[Enter command]

| >>529853
:/ it doesnt literally mean take

| >Continue
>Also, your hold on your vessel is important in many other ways
>If your health drops to a critical threshold you will start taking damage to your operator hold instead of dying. If both your health and OH drop to zero your vessel will die and you will restart from the start, any item you gave the void will be lost forever to it.
>Good luck!
>[End tutorial]

| Great...
>Exit platform

| >You exit the platform through the gates
>You find yourself in a small town, or atleast what used to be a small town, several collapsed buildings and broken concrete structures lay underneath the sun's splendor as if they had been ripped to shred. Nature has long ago reclaimed this land, trees and wild grass cover the ground
>The ocean is probably near, you can smell its saline air
>A street heads down to the south, a small trail goes to the east.
[Enter command]

| >>530326
>Head south

| Don't you dare let our baby get hurt CN D:

| >>530575
I got a stake in this too. -CN

| >>530331
>You head south on the small trail, it seems derelict.
>It ascends past a certain point and leads to a small open area, much like an old observation platform, you can see the ocean in the distance as well as the city below, broken and abandoned
>A large tower stands in the distance, its sight draws you in
>[Priscilla feels that her mission will end once she reaches that place]
[Enter command]

| >>530723
>Examine platform.
Guess we should head to the tower last then. -CN

| >>530877
>You search around the platform, but there doesn't appear to be anything of interest other than the simple curiosities that lie around, things like broken glass and old pieces of metal, they arent rusty...
[Enter command]

| Hmm...
>Return North

| >>531072
>You head onto the path once again and decide to follow the northern road this time.
>The road seems to be in a good shape relatively speaking, a highway looms over your head and seems to be connected to the road by exit strips.
>Several old wrecks lay around the road as you go down.
[Enter command]

| >>531182
>Head east

| >>531334
>You turn eastward and jump the small concrete guards sitting next to the road, you find yourself looking at what appears to be a large river going under the road you were walking upon, surrounded by concrete, the water is green and filled to the brim with algae and muck, vines extend from it along the concrete drainage channel.
>The river goes to the East and the West
>To the north is a service roadway
>To the south is a wall, marked with graffiti
[Enter command]

| >>531536
>Go south

| >>531556
>You head south to the wall filled with markings
>[Knight of Aria passive activates!]
>They all seem to be rubbish, nothing of interest here
[Enter command]

| And that folks is how you avoid dangerous situations.
>Go North x2

| Oh my god, you have got to be the most boring thing since plain rice


Good one


Thanks, I try, Unlike fatty


| >>531876
I'm sorry my character cant open the eyes and be ruined by your game. -CN

| >>531845
>You head up to the service road and jump the guard rail, you follow it until anything of note pops up
>and so it does, in the form of a tunnel diving into the ground
>The lights within are probably broken, its pitch black

| >>532043
Mmm... should probably find a light source first.
>Go south
>Go east

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