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Radio Wire 11.75


| "It's been a while" -N

"Hello everyone and welcome back to comic relief the radio show! Because ya' can't have a corporate dystopia without some agressively goofy characters taking the piss out of everything written by one or more depressive masterminds! Is that meta enough for ya'!?" -X

| "Jesus christ dude go take five, or forty, we're barely starting" -N

| "A-are you crying?" -N
"Existential crisis man" -X
"I wish I understood a single word of that you said, but can you stop that? It's kinda sad to hear a grown man cry, and I wouldn't want to depress our audience, who are already living in the grimmest city full of corruption and corporate brutality" -N

| "C'mon meta jokes were never funny" -X
"Well we were never funny so it kinda fits you know?" -N

| "Now, first one to call line '555' gets a Free t-shirt, to sweeten the deal I will give the one I'm wearing so you can take my smell with you everywhere you go" -N
"Neil that's fuckin' disgusting" -X

>"I want two!"

| >Call 545

| >Call 555

| >>524116
>Xii picks up line '545'
"Well hello wise caller who knows who's the real best host around here, you're now speakin' with Xii at Radio Wire and I promise ya', we don't give dirty shirts away" -X

| "Speak for yourself" -N
>Neil picks up line '555'
"Hello and welcome to fresh fucks incorporated, also known as Radio Wire's best Line. You're now listening to Big Neil and from the bottom of my heart I say: Hi." -N

| >>524160
"Hello, Hello, yes? This is Radio Wire? We suppose so, yes, indeed it is."
>The voice is that of a young women
"T-Shirt? Free? Sounds tasty, so We called."

| >>524165
"Definetly radio Wire Yes and definetly giving away a t-shirt yes. Hell I can sign it, kiss it, you tell me, just know that is gonna break my heart if I see it on the bazar later on" -N

| >>524198
"Hm? Would never sell, must eat, yes? You get it, don't you? Of course."
>You can practically hear her salivating
"Boots are tasty, but nothing beats good human food like T-Shirts? We all love those, right? Right."
>She is utterly unconvincing

| >>524251
"Haha oh man it takes a lot to creep me out but you're doing one hell of a job! Now I'm not really a racist but I need to know, what the hell are you?" -N

| >>524153
"..Hello? C'mon I can't do this shit again, I barely got energy to pick up the phone" -X

| >>524349
"H-Hello? Sorry, been having some connection issues later up here."
>Its the voice of good ol geekboy
"Going to be honest, I just called this line in case I would be forced to accept Neil's hand me downs."

| >>524411
"Fair enough, I honestly can't blame ya' and I'm happy ah' don't gotta hear that exchange.. So what's up hackerman? callin' to update with yer' people or to leave another serious message out there?" -X

>"Tell him I say hi!"
"He can hear ya' Cali, the mic is huge and you're kinda wired to the system" -X

| >>524582
"Hi Cali! Nothing in particular today Xii. Just checking on things. You hear about the recent happenings?"

| >>524584
"Well R's been keepin' me updated with these medical leaks going on and we're keepin' an eye on that but that's about it, if anythin' else happened that I don't know of ya' can bet ah'll proudly take that hit to our credibility as news' source" -X

| >>524585
"What do you think about the arson file?"

| >>524586
>There is a brief silence before Xii's answer
"..Well, I can't say we're not used to burnin' down tracks but doin' it on a place with children is just plain evil, R was naturally pissed about who though it was a good idea to keep evidence of such nature near them, and Neil is being kept out of this because of his.. loud nature" -X

"You guys are making really hard for me to not get interested" -N

| >>524590
"It honestly pisses me off to no end myself. Honestly I want to get to the bottom of things cause whoever did this deserves what's coming to them."

| >>524592
"Don't take me wrong man, I'm pissed as well but ya' kinda need to see these things with a clear mind.. Just know that ya' have 100% of our support here, info, muscle, whatever ya' need we got it" -X

| >>524334
"Human? I'm human like you? We eat concrete, breathe air, yes, tasty."
>She's salivating
"We go by Ophelia, good human. Not VCR Unit-12, not her. Stop asking, yes?"

| >>524600
"Alright listen listen, I'm all in for girls chewing on my clothes but you're kiiinda reminding me of my fear of insects, as well as making me question why did I move to Glitch City in the first place" -N

| >>524599
"I know, I'm calm, don't worry. *Sigh* I just get really tired about stuff in this city sometimes. I guess if anything just let me know if you come across any info related to it."

| >>524607
"Roger that hackerman, this time we would also like to have any new info ya' gather about the responsibles, because seriously man, fuck'em" -X

| >>524608
"Mmm... sadly I'm short on the corp news at the moment. Been dry for awhile trying to get back up to speed and everything. But, when the corps are the quietest is when the most is going on, so we should be careful."

| >>524604
"Insects? We dislike them, not good, annoying. We aren't annoying."
>She sounds offended
"Human words are so hard? Of course, We get it, human as well. Yes?"

| >>524609
"Ya' got that right It's like the calm before the storm, only that the storm is already happenin' and no one realizes they're drownin'" -X

| >>524635
"Yes Yes me human and totally believe you.. Are you like a computer or a californian? I'm seriously intetested in what's your deal" -N

| >>524827
"*Sigh* Man this stuff is depressing more than usual. Always, how have you all been? Haven't seen any of you since the Halloween party."

| >>524828
"Hm? Deal? Ophelia merely wants shirt, so called, yes, called, you get it."
>She yawns
"Sleepy, no sleep at all, talking to friends, yes? Had fun, do you have fun sometimes? Of course you do."

| >>524920
"Man that feels like it was just yesterday, we've been fairly fine considerin' that we don't relay on the radio anymore to pay the bills, it's just so great to do somethin' out of passion y'know? ah'd ask now what's new with ya' but I assume hackerman keeps the interestin' stuff away from the public, right?" -X

| >>524977
"Hell yeah I do, and everyone knows fun is good when it ends up with a cutie chewing on your t-shirt, now what kinda fun keeps up a 'person' like you up all night with no sleep?" -N

>The emphasis in 'person' was almost palpable

| >>525029
"What do you guys do for cash now then? And yes pretty much sadly, though if I find out anything immediately dangerous to the public you know who I'll call to help spread the word."

| >>525038
"Well R and I contacted an old partner and are back to our ol' doings wich ah'll be happy to discuss when we're not on live radio. About Neil ah' don't even know what he's doin' but he's not sleepin' on the station and is definetly doin' okay" -X

"Anything is better than working at cockbuster" -N

| >>525046
"Co- what? You know what, nevermind. W-What about you Cali, what have you been up to?"

| >>525032
"Idols. Listening to Idol shows We taped. Yes? Discussing math, very smart friend We have."
>She sounds proud
"Met them yesterday, yes? Fast friends, cute, yes? Doesn't like boots, acquired taste We say."

| >>525051
>"Reading, lots of it!!"
"--God I forgot she's actually connected to the system" -X

>Some noise adjustment can be noticed while Call speaks

>"The matrix is so full of free books I had no idea I could grasp the information by bits! It is soooo much better than downloading the whole thing at once, I can actually feel myself enjoying a text when I learn from it so slowly!"

| >>525201
"Oh, so is this friend of yours of your own.. Er.. Origin? Or they're not the kind to like eating clothes just like any normal human does" -N

>Constant typing could be heard while Neil speak

| >>525332
"Oh that's great! What kind of stuff have you learned so far?"

| >>525338
>"I have gone trough most of russian history so far! And I just took a pause from it to start with this "french revolution", people were truly savages before electricity was a thing! I keep hearing from my internet buddies that most of these 'books' might have gone trough modern censorship, edition and heavy deletion of content.. They're still a good read though!"

| >>525394
"Mmm... that is a possibility. They say history is written by the victors and all that. Well as long as you're enjoying yourself it's fine. History is a way of learning valuable lessons too."

| >>525333
"Hm? Friend is human, no palate for clothes, wears yellow suit, amazing at math, too. We have lots of friends, good friends. Will you be Our Friend?"
>She seems expectant
"Very loud typing, yes? Ever grates you? It probably does. Hacker man, Ophelia has a hacker friend, very nice, kinda big."

| >>525410
>"Of course it does, I believe any kind of literature out there can teach us a thing or two! Now how have you been? you were right that it's been ages since we last talked!"

| >>525513
"I've been good. Things have been better now than things are someone closer to normalcy, whatever that is in this city."

| >>525468
"eyy it's good to have big friends, I have one right here that's as obedient as a dog" -N
"Fuck off" -X
"I take it Ophelia is your name? or is the name of your smart friend?" -N

| >>525517
>"I'm glad to hear! you deserve normalcy after all the things you gone and keep going trough on the city!"

| >>525522
"And those things never stuff. I feel even busier than before."
>Despite this he chuckles
"On the plus side that means more news for you guys."

| >>525524
>"You're right on that! I have noticed before how you're almost always involved in each bit of new we air in here! Isn't that weird?"

| >>525526
"Well when you're as informed as I am I usually end up getting in the middle of said news. It's a job risk I suppose."

| >>525530
>"Hmn you're right on that, even we have gotten in trouble before because of information! I almost can't imagine how dangerous should it be for someone who handles almost all the information"

| >>525535
"We I dont handle nearly anything close to almost all the info, if I did corps would get away with a lot less."

| >>525539
>"But is information that powerful to slow down corps? Father always looked at it like it was gold, but i don't think just *knowing* could be enough to stop their doings"

| >>525545
"Mmm... probably not, but even so, making some info public helps in certain cases by turning public opinion against them."

| >>525548
>"Makes more sense when you put it that way! And here I was starting to think in direct use of that information, like blackmail"

"Number one tip for blackmailin' corporations: don't" -X

| >>525517
"Hm? We aren't Ophelia, merely use the name. Ophelia is a friend, bestest friend. New friend's name is Hel."
>She yawns
"Friends are good, especially when they help Us. Good nature? Yes, Good natured, very, yes?"

| >>525557
"Yea that's probably not the best way... usually that how you end up with q corp chasing you to make sure the info doesnt get out."

| >>525566
>"Aw it just looks so cool in movies when someone pulls that move.. and the idea of hitting the corporations like that is so beautiful!"

| >>525560
"Good natured friends are also good to have, and for how you speak you seem to be one of those! Say, what do you do with your friends? you hang out with them or absorb them like some sort of entitiy?" -N

| >>525718
"True, but sadly being able to something that requires a lot of finesse... and money usually. I guess you could do it if you're good at hiding and patient, but even then it's pretty hard to pull something like that off."

| >>525724
>"It's funny because all you mention is what corporations have, wich is what easily allow them to have so much control over the city!"

| >>525728
"Mmm... physical assets and stuff is what usually let corps get the upper hand. It's TRUE some of the CEOs can be smart or tactical but some also have the propensity to be... big headed."

| >>525721
"Hang out, mostly, go on adventures? Rescue children, help the elderly? We are good human, yes."
>She chuckles
"Some people don't like us, but we persevere, want to have over a hundred friends one day! We want many friends to talk with, else We are lonely, so lonely without Ophelia, yes?"

| >>525729
>"Like that certain one known to be an hybrid and a pervert ~ ? I have heard of some that I still can't believe have power over the city"

| >>525778
"Right, you see, there's something about you that *every* time you speak I get this feeling of something crawling up my spine.. I want to believe you're a good whatever, but the way you talk is like the entire opposite of calming, no offense eh?" -N

| >>526035
"Wait theres a hybrid CEO? Who?"

| >>526037
"No offense taken, We know our way of talking is weird, yes? Not our fault, don't think like normal humans, more... fast? No, emotions and feelings before thought, all blended, get it?"
>She yawns again
"English is inconvenient, barely says anything, yes? Yes. Subtext gone, left with feeble words, get it? It's easy, no?"

| >>526091
>"I could swear I heard about a pervert hybrid CEO during our first transmission, wasn't his name hermes?"
>She now sounds audibly confused

| >>526093
"I think I get you here girl, like a cocktel of brains, right? say, are you really sleepy? Because so far I narrow you down as being like a bunch of minds working together, so the yawning is really taking down my theory" -N

| >>526192
"HM?! H-How did you- No way, not people, We are person, person, human, yes? Yes."
>She seems a little bit panicked
"Talked a lot with friend yesterday, didn't sleep much. Showed us Amazing Math Tricks! You like Math, Mister... Big Neil? Big? Like Hacker Friend, kinda fat... Yes?"

| >>526193
"Oh no no"
>Neil chuckled
"Big like an Adonis, like Hercules, like the perfect sculpture of a man!" -N
"You weigh like 70 lbs ya' featherless chicken" -X
"N-No I don't.. So tell me about your hacker friend girl, are they a big person?" -N

| >>526194
"Hm? Yes, name is... don't know, uses an Alias. Very popular here, likes children!"
>Is this the guessing game?
"Very good friend, helped us save someone very dear to Ophelia, yes? Adopted her, nice to kids, very. Ophelia likes him, We're friends. Hel is still mad he accused her of murder when they met, he should apologize?"

| >>526199
"Hmn I know one popular hacker of around here who likes children and goes by an alias, I'm sure anyone listening knows who are we talking about already"
>Neil cleared his throat
"I think he should apologize if he changed his mind already, but I wouldn't apology to someone for calling them something I firmly believe on.. Of course I never believed in someone being a murderer, so I guess rules change here" -N

| >>526201
"Hm? Hel explained, didn't kill, simply circumstance. Didn't apologize. We don't get it, why is she mad? Do you get mad, Big Neil? Humans get mad, but not all the time, see?"
>She sounds confused
"You know him? Hacker friend is a good friend, friend of friend is friend of Ophelia. Tasty T-Shirt just a plus!"

| >>526202
"Maan I forgot the t-shirt was on the table"
>He chuckled rather nerveously
"I'm sorry if I get a little trailed off but was Ophelia a friend of yours, or part of your.. 'Hivegroup' girl?" -N

| >>526189
"Oh Hermes. Hes not CEO of VT or anything, and hes not really much of a pervert, save for that one time I think he groped a coworker. Aside from that though, the other stuff was mainly blown out of proportions."

| >>526209
"Hmmm? No, Ophelia is Ophelia, We are Ophelia, but not really. Something? Not Unit-12, stop asking, yes? Yes!"
>She sounds happy

| >>526298
>"Oh.. Darn I though I was updated with who was who in the CEO scale, not to mention I fell for a meme exaggerating a minor mischief, good thing I'm not one responsible for writing up the news!"

| >>526331
"Damn girl alright, but how can I not ask with such an interesting presence here? You kinda made me curious of that unit-12 thing, will you really leave me with the curiousity?" -N

| >>526509
"It's fine, I was partly responsible for exaggerating the claims at the time, after all. As long as it's cleared up."

| >>526510
"Hm? Unit-12? Not us. Not us. Living weapon, not real, not real, it isn't real. Boogieman."
>She lies poorly
"Yes? Yes. Understood... About Shirt, how do We obtain?"

| >>526528
>"And I'm glad I did this mistake with someone informed on the subject, misinformating the audience can be a serious issue!"

"I'm pretty sure most of what we say is worse than that" -N

| >>526532
"Well for more that I would love to meet a cute fan in person to give them my shirt I'm still pretty afraid of you, so I'm using the good ol' mail for that, even with all this malarkey I still feel like we learned a lot from you girls" -N

| >>526791
"Hey, its at least better than intentionally airing edited news like some of the big news outlets. Dont even remind me of the QUIDTRID tried to 'buy' me out."

| >>526907
>"They sound pretty devilish, it would have been nice to know about them just to roast them in here! What exactly did they try to pay out of you?"

| >>526909
"Well you know all those charges that were pinned on me awhile back involving that concert bombing? He basically said hed make them disappear as long as I continue doing my shadowing under him and I'd become a weird sort of superstar."

| >>526792
"Learned? Learning is good! Yes? Yes. Mail, Mail, does mail send to our house? Live in flooded, Big Building, secret hideout. Yes? Don't want the baddies to find Us, yes? Surely you get it. Yes."
>She yawns
"Drop it off somewhere? We can go retrieve package, yes?"

| >>526926
>"My it must have felt amazing to reject them! The nerve on some companies.. I guess this couldn't be then first time something like this happened, given your fame on this city"

| >>526981
"Yeah I'm just gonna give veeeery specific instructions about where to hide the package and leave you a voicemail with the coordinates, anything else you wanna discuss ladies? I wouldn't want to keep you from a so needed sleep -N

| >>527427
"Hmmm, great. Great, will await, yes! Have a good day, Big Neil, nice days forever, yes?"
>A final yawn is heard before the call cuts off

| >>527425
"Well I was planning on rejecting him from the start but I will admit I've never got quite a big offer from any other corp before."

| >>527437
>"Hmn, would you say that puts them on top of a list of companies to look after? Or are they mediocre at best at getting what they want?"

| >>527656
"Hmmm... hard to say. They've never really done anything to me before from what I can recall but they probs could be big issues for you guys given the whole radio thing."

| >>527660
>"Well I can say we're a lot more prepared for emergencies now than when we started"

"We ran like headless chickens at the slightlest threat" -X

>"But remember pissing off companies is one of the things we be good at!"

| >"NEWS!"
"No, wait do we have a different botton? this is sorta like news but the ones that the magazines do, you know.." -N

"gossip?" -X

"No, bullshit" -N

| (button****)

| "Anyway, there's a new show airing on Glitch City, one that is new, one that is neat, one that will improve entertainment like you have never seen... That's right, we're talking about Radio Wire!!" -N

| "Now that we're done talking about the greatest thing to ever happen on Glitch City we are now gonna talk about the most recent crap to be released, but this is not any crap no, this is ADVANCED SPONSORED WELL FUNDED CRAP" -N

"I always regret recommendin' you for this job" -X

| "Now I'm of course talking about the new trideo show sponsored by, and you didn't hear this from us, QUIDTRID. It is called justice ward-- I mean, the freedom wear show and it's entirely built on stereotypes and parodies, I gotta say I love how they kept the tradition of putting the lowest possible effort on a film, really appealing to our generation" -N

| "Wait oh fuck wrong name, I meant the dynamoforce, seriously someone better be fired over this" -N
"*Someone* is definetly not in a good position right now" -R

| "But come on now, the dynamoforce, a show built on parodies and stereotypes. For more that I would love to be one-sided here I gotta admit the show is decent, when you mix a 1/10 on writing with a 9/10 on special effects you get a fair 5/10 I think. Maybe if you watch it on mute and ignore the bastardization of the real Glitch City heroes you can get a good click out of it" -N

| "Aren't ya' bein' a little harsh there man?" -X
"Man screw them! Did you see what they did to CN? The real hackerman is way fatter than whoever was on that show!" -N

| "So when did we stop doin' real news?"-X
"Come on this is part of the entertainment, upcoming we will interview a vending machine" -N

| >Call on line 555

| >>528019
>Neil picks up line '555'
"Hello and welcome to Radio Wire, you're talking with the man who needs no introduction, big Neil!" -N

"That's an introduction" -X

"What can this legend do for you in such a not beautiful day?" -N

| >call on line 545

| >>528003
"*Sigh* Well that's good at least. I cant help but feel the cruel irony in the fact this stupid show aired while we talked about it."

| >>528098
"Ah, such a charming greeting, fufu. Hello Mr.Neil, my name is Iris, nice to meet you."
>The voice is that of a young women, it sounds calm and pleasant
"To tell the truth, I called once before. I'm quite the fan."

| >Call on 535

| "Man we got all lines busy now, problably the first time ah' feel we're bein' relevant" -X

>Xii picks up line '545'
"Hello and welcome to Radio Wire, we complain a lot and get paid for that, you're talkin' with Xii the biggest one of the group" -X

| >>528116
>"aw but don't let it get to you, after all even bad advertisement can be good advertisement! And it shows how even the biggest company can't buy the real CN!"

| >>528139

| >>528137
"Well Hello there mrs.Iris, such class really proves you're a fan of us"
>Neil took a pause to clear his throat
"I gotta say I'm also glad and curious of what brings you to our humble station today" -N

| >>528325
"You truly know how to compliment a lady, Mr.Neil. Fufu..."
>She chuckles
"I am merely calling to relieve some boredom of mine. I truly hope you don't mind. I'd rather talk to a nice man than to myself, you see."

| >>c22388
"Hey Xii! I'm a Dungeon master about to kick off a Dungeon's and Dragons game and I have a very important question for you!"

| >>528287
"Oh true... I suppose I cant stay down looking at it like that. Thanks Cali, I'm going to get out for a bit and show G.C. how the *real* CN does stuff."

| >>528308

>Presses 2

| >>528342
"Oh please I'm just stating the facts of what I hear from this side of the line, now I understand when you talk about boredom, because who wouldn't love to have a pleasant talk rather than a lone afternoon?" -N

| >>deca59
"Heya man! I don't think ah' know you but I like the enthusiasm, so shoot it! what's your question man?" -X

| >>528375
>"Great! you do you!"

>California takes up line '535'
>"Hello, sorry for the wait, and hello again V.I.C!"
"Vic?" -R
>"Very important caller! Know that here at Radio Wire we care about everyone getting their fair amount of attention from the hosts! Say, who do I have the pleasure to be talking with?"

| >>27e36d
"So I have a bunch of beasties harassing my players, they've raided villages they've stayed in, burnt camps they've set up. Real tough bastards and we're on week 6 of dealing with them and the warband is actively chasing after them. So here's my questions, how should the next encounter happen? the monsters taking a stealthy approach or full on frontal assault?"

| >>528405
"So you do get it! Most young man these days always complain that I don't leave them alone enough..."
>Iris heaves a little sigh
"Sometimes it's quite hard to socialize with those that don't want it, it saddens me somewhat."

| >>deca59
"Fuck man this brings me back.. Alright so if ya' have a bunch of paranoid players then I assure you stealth won't work out for ya', I'm thinkin' a full frontal assault will be best if ya' just want to fuck with 'em, y'know how those almost never work but leave the party with low morale? And finally if ya' wanna 'cause the most damage then an ambush it is! Just install a small camp of monsters chillin' and stuff and surround it with hidden monsters ready to retaliate!" -X

| >>528431
"Oh please, we've been talking for just a few seconds now and I honestly can't believe there are men out there who wouldn't love to have a talk with you, lady I feel like I'm talking with a champagne bottle from the class you spill!" -N

| >>27e36d
"I am going to fuckin' do that! Yeah!!!"

| >>7c2c98
"Fuck yeah man that's the attitude! Ya' ever need more avice like that I'm yer' guy" -X

| >>27e36d
"I'll be sure to call again!"
>The line hangs up


| >>528501
"My! You truly know how to praise a women... it's charming really. Do you like socializing, Mister Neil? You seem like quite the silver tongued young man."
>Iris says

| >"NEWS!"
"An anti-lilim rally was settled at greene park just last friday, at first glance it looked like any other gathering on GC and it ended up just like ya' any other gathering' on GC, with total chaos and everyone running for their life as an IED was identified on stage, the response to this attack was quick, overkill, and effective as nearby forces dealt accordingly with the situation" -X

| >>528777
"Oh please, now you're the one to flatter me! I do love a good talk, and if you're talking about reunions I've even been responsible for quite a few around the city" -N

| >>528377
>"Are you still there caller? I can keep talking but I'm not sure if someone is listening! "

| >>528974
"You do seem the kind."
>She chuckles
"I find myself often isolated due to my work, so I often seek occasions to go out and socialize. Although with all the tensions around town, I find it harder and harder to meet good folk."
>She sighs
"This might be out of the blue, but have you ever had a loved one, Mr.Neil? I'm curious."

| >>529136

(Sorry about that, didn't respond in time.)

>A young voice pops up on the line!

"Hello! My name is Clio!" >In the background you can hear whispered mutterings and occasional laughter, along with the shuffling of papers.

"I-I'm calling with r-regards to a... uh... a mis-misconc-" >A clearer voice takes the phone, this one older.

"Misconception, dear."

"Mi-misconception! To correct!"

| >>529168
"Well I-"
>Neil chuckled rather nerveously
"Love is kind of a big word you know? Now don't get me wrong, I have had partners but I don't think I ever settled for something serious before" -N

| >>529180
(ayy it's ok, happens to everyone)

>"Well hello Clio and company! regarding what misconception are you calling us for? There is no need to be nerveous for this is a safe place!"

"We really don't deliver that kind of impression" -X

| >>529350

"With- with- w- with regard- thank you- to the, uh, r-recently releases tr-trideo show-"

>There's a scuffle in the background.

"Oh for fuck's sakes, how can you be the future charge of history if you can't even-"

>More scuffling ensues.

"...regarding the recently b-broadcasted show, the D-DYNAMOFORCE...."

| >>529349
"Really? That surprises me, you very much seem the sweet kind, at least to me, fufu."
>Iris says, before adding
"I'm sure you could settle down if you tried, Mr.Neil, but it's true that some people aren't the romance type, myself included."

| >>529354
>"Oh my I'm talking with the future charge of history right now! Now what kind of misconception do you and the mean lady want to clarify with us about that silly show? I already feel important from just talking with you two!"

| >>529544
"Well it feels comfortable to speak with someone of the same kind, it's just that serious relationships take so much effort you know? When you're living a fast paced life you just want to have fun" -N

| >>529700
"Ara, I get that! It feels quite nice to take it easy. I'm not one for settling down, especially due to my work, fufu."
>She chuckles
"I guess some people truly do feel like socializing is too much effort. Then again, people are lazy by nature, are they not?"

| Whats happening ....long time fan

| Is there any way to understand the content easier

| >>529798
"We gonna agree on that too, but I gotta admit I know some people that don't socialize don't do it out of laziness, but more of a lack of experience on the matter.." -N
"Don't give me that look" -R
"Now that part where you mention your work got me all curious, what is that you do?" -N

| >Call on Line 545

| "Oh Fuck" -X
"Yes Hello and welcome and thanks for not hangin' up on us ah' gotta give it to ya' I kept ya hanging in there... Anyway welcome to Radio Wire, you're speakin' with Xii and Xii asks, what brings ya' today to us man or ma'm" -X

| >>529883
"I'm sort of an unofficial mediator for some groups of people. Fufu, it's my job to make sure no more lasers burst out of flooded and that things remain proper and orderly."
>She chuckles
"It's not really a job more than it is a duty of sorts, I suppose. It also isn't as exciting as it sounds. I'm fairly certain your job is much more fun, Mr.Neil."

| >>530214
"Well I can honestly say I feel safe talking with someone in charge of people not killing each other"
>He chuckled as well, mostly at his own comment
"And well if we're going to talk fun I'm not gonna lie, I love my job here! But radio is not very profitable, so most of us here got side jobs now for more fun that Radio is" -N

| >>530124
"Yeah, I was calling to know if my delivery would arrive soon"
>Its a child's voice, much like that of a little girl, somehow, you can recognize it... maybe this person called before?

| >>530327
"The hell are you-" X
"-Oooh I bet my good arm this is about candies ain't it? at least ya' got a different line this time girl" -X


| >>529699

>The smol on the other end of the phone must be flustered, because all you hear is delighted squealing on the other end. After some more berating by the "mean lady," they continue speaking.

"V-v-VeriaTech Solutions Corporation would like to say t-that they do not condone, nor approve of, t-the depiction of their representatives in the a-aforementioned show, and a-any similarities between characters in the show and their current or former employees are s-strictly coincidental."

| >>530323
"Fufu, thank you. I take pride in my work after all."
>Iris states, before sighing
"A side job, huh? A good friend of mine, with the same line of work owns a little museum in GC. She's always so happy to speak of it... perhaps I too need a side occupation?"

| >>531073
>"Oh dear I hate to disagree with you, I really do young future! but have you seen the show ? Not only they tried to hire the same people they were copying, but the characters are almost a re-skin of the real heroes they're based on!"

| >>531075
"Let me tell you m'am, a side occupation is the best you can have when your current job starts feeling dull or unpaid, to me, having a second job makes me feel like I'm giving a Good use to all this extra energy I have!" -N

| >>531117

>The smol's voice breaks, and you hear muttered confusion and arguing on the other side of the call, before the voice returns.

"B-but we didn't even *make* the show... we make medicines, not trideo programmes!"

| >>531122
>"O-Oh darn I misunderstood your claim I am so sorry young future!"
>"You were telling us you VT are in no way involved with the people making this trideo-show, despite the villains of the same meant to parody you guys!"

| >>530681
"So ya' there? I'm kind of used to not get answers but when It's from a kid that's just hurtful" -X

| >>530681
"H-How did you know? Wait! You're that phone number stealer arent you! You're going to make fun of me and wont deliver my candy again is that it!"
>The voice says with a sudden gasp
"How could you, you dastardly meanie!"

| >>531145

"Y-yes! I-it was those SQUIDTRID peopl-"

>Scuffles in the background: "It's QUIDTRID you idi-"

>"Nono, squidtrid is totally correct, perfect."

"The- the Quidtrid corporation! They're besmirching our name!"


| >>531540
"Ooh no no girl ah' remember clearly some mention about you not bein' able to read the buttons of the phone, now how does the owner of the house not realize ya' keep orderin' candy?" -X

| >>531732
>"aww you poor guys! Of course quidtrod is ruining your image!"
"Cali-" -R
>"But I have heard so many things about you guys before this show, so many bad things.. What do you have to say in response of the bermirching of your name previous to this show? "

| >>531120
"Fufu, I suppose I'll take your word for it, Mr.Neil. I must go now, thank you for humoring me all this time. I shall call again."
>The call ends

| "Well that was quite calm when put next to all the crap we actually put on air, alright so where is that button?" -N

"Stay tuned for this is the month of love and friendship, so big Neil is giving out 14 tips of love up next, only in Radio Wire" -N

"Better be someone telling me why the fuck is Little Corner News is still a thing, join me in this 3 hour rant coming soon, only in Radio Wire" -N

| >'Friendly Conversation' begins playing on air


| >>531996
"I-I can read the buttons now! And I also have your number saved as the delivery company so dont lie to me!"
>The little girl sounds proud

| >>531997

"T-those are lies, p-perpetra- per- peper-"

>The phone is suddenly removed from the smol's hands and a slightly older voice answers.

"The past few years have been riddled with jealous propaganda, forced into the public mind through the machinations of our business and political rivals. Not content to profit from the... "accidents" befalling our corporation as of late, they have now seen fit to slander us under the guise of 'parody,' even as our family members are being slaughtered in the- SCRRHHHHHHHHHHHH"

>The line is suddenly overcome by static!

| >>532250
"I problably know the answer but did ya', by any chance, saved us like that last time ya' called wrong, lil' one?" -X

| >>532259
>"W-Whoa calm down with--URGH!!"
"Huh" -R
>"I don't like that noise.."

| "Well you triggered VeriaDicks so you're my heroin this month girl" -N
>"They didn't sound so bad.. I hope I didn't get the kid in trouble, that lady really worried me"

| >>532341
"... Maybe"
>The little girl seems distraught, almost like her world is falling apart
"How could this happen though!"
>Oh She's back

| >>534185
"I'm no expert but.. shouldn't you like, stop usin' the phone for orderin' candy? the grown ups can get very upset lil' one"

| -X

| >>534293
"But I'm a grown up though..."

| >>534305
"Ah' don't know all lil' ones say they're grown up, ya' said ya' can read the numbers now, so did you grow like 5 cm or somethin'?" -X

| >>534354
"How rude! I'm not small! I'm 135 cm tall!"
>The kid sounds proud
"...I think I wont ever grow past that though... I'm already 38..."
>She sighs

| >>534355
"You.. er, say again?" -X

| >>534357
"I'm 38! What is it, surprised at how adult I am!"
>Oh she's smug now

| >>534358
"No I'm uh- alright I'm actually doubtful since ya' sound like a kid, talk like a kid, act like a kid.. ya' see the pattern right?" -X

| >>534361
>She huffs

| >>534362
"Eyy calm down there lil-ah' mean big one, now how are ya' 38 and act so.. Young?" -X

>The interruption is interrupted by a slap followed with muffling noises

| >>534365
"Thats because i'm young at heart? Thats what mom says!"
>Her voice lowers
"What are you all doing!! I cant hear anything!"

| >>534367
"Yeeeah that's not it chief, does yer' mom wear a lab coat by any chance? we're just havin' some chit chat girl" -X

| >>534372
"She wears turtle necks! she's also very pretty!"
>The girl seems confused
"My father wore a labcoat though?"

| >>534450
"And, and this might be out of the blue but like.. like how old were ya' the first time ya' called here?" -X

| >>534532
"Huh, 38? My birthday is in June"
>She sounds really confused now

| >>534715
"Alright that takes down a theory, I mean--" -X
"Ya' really never found weird to be a freakin' kid while in yer 30's? Or am I in like a prank call.." -X

| >Call 515-XXX-XXXX

| >>534951
>'R' picks up on the private line
"Hello and welcome to Radio Wire business line, if you're looking to invest with us then you're in the correct line" -R

| >>534976
"I've had enough of this Robin! It's one thing to make a drekked trideo show about me, but it's another to have it cancel one of my favorite one!"
>It sounds like its CN...
"They want to play dirty, I'll play dirty. You want some dirt on their CEO? CAUSE BOY DO I GOT SOME!"

| >>534948
>The girl says while basically screaming
"Why do I have to be so small!!?"

| >>535082
"A-alright wait wait!"
>Some light rustle can be suddenly heard, like things being dragged and moved around on a desk
"Now now, tell me what you have and we'll be more than excited to put it on air" -R

| >>535164
"Do ya' have any memory of your lab coat dad injecting you with somethin'? or visitin' a lot of labs when ya' were litt--Ah' mean more little?" -X

| >>535165
"I got a recording of when I was arrested and the CEO "proposed" the idea to me. I can send you the whole thing. We cant really get them on legality issues but I bet it wouldnt be good for ratings."

| >>535166
"I did visit labs!"
>The girl says
"Do you think that's why I'm so small though..."

| >>535167
"Now this is the kind of stuff we like to have firsthand.. You can count on us putting this recording out there, and I'm sure that if I ask Neil he can go an extra mile and put it on the internet, to aim for a wider audience.." -R

| >>535170
"No ah' think that's why you're still a child, someone just small wouldn't have the kind of.. er, attitude you have, do ya' happen to remember some of the conversations they used to have when ya' visited said labs?" -X

| >>535179
"Should I go in person to send it to you then?"

| >>535180
"Hmmm, nope?"
>She seems confused
"That was a long time ago and my memory isnt that good!"
>Thats not something she should be proud of

| >>535181
"Definetly, I'm sending you after this our new address, I take it you don't have any trouble moving around Glitz?" -R

| >>535270
"Like the memory of a child?" -X
>His tone was of concern now
"Do ya' remember growin' up at all?" -X

| >>535372
"I don't remember being bigger, but I do remember growing up!"
>The girl says
"I came to glitch City when I was 20!"

| >>535370
"Sure, no problem. I'll bring it over right now then. The sooner the better after all."

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