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Anyone knows where "The Crusader" went?

| I havent heard about him in so long, and last time I did I didnt hear anything good, anyone knows what happened?

| Falschen?

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I feel as though I know this name… -xnbc

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Someone was calling out to her last month. But I'm still new to GC, I don't know who Falschen or this crusader really is.

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I hadn't noticed. Strange. My memory says I remember her, but I'm not sure. But if she is missing, then I'm worried. -xnbc

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Could of been an aquaintance once? I heard she was a single mother, and according to an old friend Motherhood is hard. My guess is wherever Falschen is she's being a good mom right now.

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Maybe, motherhood does that to everyone. Say, you seem to know a lot more about her, and I'm the one who has been here longer!

It goes to show how much of a shut-in I am, huh. -xnbc

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Runners come and go, some peacefully, other not quite. The less runners you know the less funerals you have to attend, assuming they even get any.

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To be fair, I just read one of CN's posts on the subject. They don't call him Geekboy for nothing.
I'm still pretty ignorant on a lot of things in this city. I'm still looking for a decent pub actually!

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I suppose that is true. It's a risky business out there, I do have the idea that the littlest failure can be critical in that job.

Oh, CN was the one posting the information? Well, he has lots you can rely on — I think this is one of them.

(And I can treat you to the pubs I know later, if you want to!) -xnbc

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A trip to the pub would be absolutely amazing right now actually.

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I heard my name. -CN

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Ah, it wasn't anything important — though, say, do you know anything for the matters we have now? This 'Crusader', and how it relates to Falschen?

I'm honestly worried about Falschen herself. Acquaintance or not, I do feel slightly off knowing someone is both an active runner and a mother. -xnbc

| Falschen will come back. Don't worry. They wouldn't have left without saying something to me. At least I hope.

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Let's hope so! I don't feel at all comfortable knowing I remember a person, then the next I hear is them disappearing. -xnbc

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