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I'm looking for someone

| Blonde hair
Sharp teeth
Eye augments, blue
Quite Short
Has a tendency to eat human flesh, there have been threads about this individual before
may or may not have eaten my arm
may or may not be wanting to take revenge
Will pay a high price

| You mean that one guy that broke into an automated milk farm to eat some cows alive?

| >>521051
I thought that story was just an urban legend! -xnbc

| Its not,Im telling you,I saw it with my own eyes

| >>521060
So, the legend of the cow sucker is true? Is it as bad as the goat sucker? -xnbc

| >>521060 >>521051
Duude im still in disbelief that it actually happend.
Like i saw the cam footage and everything.
But still..
Kek goat sucker..haha
Seriously we need to think of a better name then goat and cow sucker haha
It sounds too inappropriate.

Like he gave the cow a blowjob?

...er yeah gem but you shouldn't say it out loud...

| >>143e20 So.. ya want em dead..? or alive..? I'll do it for a cost..

| I think I've found him... Someone ate two of my gun-for-hires alive near Neon district

| And if you are wondering how I get this news,my third gun-for-hire shot him in the head with a .45 ACP,the guy took it and start munching on him,my third guy now have two limbs left,one arm and one leg.

| >>521051
It aint a guy
It's some gal, mean looking face, voice sounds like glass shards
I'll pay big bucks, but I want her alive
Revenge is the objective

| >>521787
Well,Ive never known this person gender,so it can be a gal or a guy

| >>143e20 Think I've seen that person before.. I might've also talked to them.. I'm not sure because I've talked to many strange individuals..

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This thread is permanently archived