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(OOC) /cyb/ discord?

| Is there a discord for /cyb/?
Sorry if this thread is out of place!

| We have lots of Discord servers, actually. I don't recall there being a single 'one' /cyb/ Discord. Though this is an 'AFAIK', to be honest.


| Historically, there were about... 12 known ones, I believe. They're typically separated by "ARG," or campaign, so if you end up joining a quest that requires setting based roleplays you might see a link tossed up. Some are invite only.

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Thank you Stormy!


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No problem!

Oh by the way everyone, in light of the recent announcement by Sukeban and MICA, it looks like there's a crossover event with Girls Frontline coming soon(tm).

Guess that means some T-Dolls may be making an appearance in /cyb/ again.

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They never really disappeared tho. I already have 2 GFL expys associated with the G&K CafeBar in ~~Locktown~~ Downtown.

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Ooo how did i not know of this....?
*curious laugh following the satirical question*

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Also uhh, if i may ask stormy, can i get some details?
Maybe a link to the announcement or something?


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Here you are. The link at the bottom is to Sukeban's twitter confirming it.

The internet went crazy this morning when VA-11, Hall-a popped up during a Girls Frontline stream.


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Also I think someone else has introduced a couple straight-up T-Doll character, instead of expys, but I can recall neither which ones nor what happened to them. It was during summer, I think, somewhere around the IDW menace.
P.S. I just failed captcha five times in a row, this is insane


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That's true, some members of AR team bought supplies from Cain's gunshop, and there was a Carcano and MP5 derping on the board in threads.

| Tfw girls front isnt available in your country but destiny child and azur lane is..

Thank you


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; w; have you tried installing it 3rd party? The devs endorsed the version by APKpure on their discord:


Two friends, one from France, and one from Qatar, were unable to install it via the Google Play store but were able to do so from here. Just follow the directions and you're set.


| No problem, btw. ^^

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Thhhhhaaaaaaaannnnnnnnkkkkkkkm youyuyuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!

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*joyful aaaaa noises while instinctively kaomojimg*

/ イ    (((ヽ
(  ノ      ̄Y\
| (\ (\ /) | )
ヽ ヽ` ( ゚∀゚ ) _ノ /
 \ | ⌒Y⌒ / /
  |ヽ  |  ノ /
   | ミ土彡/
) \ ° /
( \ / \
/ / \ \ \
/ / / \ \ \
( ( ). ) ). )
( ). ( | |
| / \ |
nn. ). ( nnm


| ^^;;

Enjoy, Commander.

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I think RFB is in the FGC threads, too.

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