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Help with stalker(s)?

| Hi there, XNBC here! You may know me from the streams I usually do (in which case, thank you for watching!), and I often post around here as well!

Very recently, I received a paper drawing that depicted me in lewd poses. I'm fine with this, but only if it's done personally! You are free to draw me like that if it's not spread like this.

If you are reading this, stalker: I appreciate the gift, but it's a bit misplaced! -xnbc

| Oof, forgive me if i sound rude demoiselle but you seem to be rather calm given the situation.

Also depending on the type of stalker, dosen't approaching the situation in the way that you did bear the chance of furthering the persons obsession due to..
I suppose...'acknowledgement' of them?

That or some dude just drew porn of you...

| >>520837
I, uh, try to sound calm. I'm a tad scared, of course! To see myself drawn in that way, and to have the pictures mailed to my doorsteps.

And I acknowledge their hobby, yes. It's not the first time I have seen this, but often not they're digital images, or trideos — those I'm fine with! I'm an artist too, I understand that obsessions come in many forms. This is one of them, yes.

Still, I'm not fine with lewds being mailed to me! -xnbc

| >>62786c
...uh should I start giving you rides to places with my truck? This is a bit worrisome.

| >>520838
Madame you just gave me a war flashback...

Also...perhaps one can...call in friends to help look for this stalker...you seem to have a lot...

| >>520850
I'm ashamed to say that I may not have that many friends, roommate aside. I don't want to involve my audience in a witch-hunt! This is my personal issue and should not carry over to my stream.

I'll gladly appreciate the help, but I don't want to bother you! But, I don't go outside often anyway, so— -xnbc

| >>520854
Ok then i see your point.

But then what? Let some crazy keep mailing you hand drawn bukkake futanari?

| >͏5͢2͘0854̡
The͠re ͡i͝s̴ a͠ ͜gr̢oup͘ ̷some̸wha̡t҉ ́cĺo̷se̛ ̵to͝ y̷ou͝r͏ ̀l̶oc͘a̷tio̶n̷, aff̀ili̷ated̛ ̨w͞ith m̡e. They ͢c͘o͠ul͞d ̴provide ͘tem̵por̨ar͠y se͢çur̸ít̶y a͜n̷d͟ ̕fa̸s̨t͢ r҉es̨po͘n͘c̀e͢ ͏sh͢ou̸ld̶ you ac̢ce͜ṕt̵ sućh pr̢op̛os̸a̸l͡.̛
I ͘a͡l͘so̷ ̡woul͡d̶ ͠r͘ecóm͜me̢nd̷ you inves҉ti͜ņǵ ͞i̧ń ͜a ͜be̷t̶t̸e̸r͝ c̢on͏n͜ec̢ti̡on s̨e̴c͞u̵ri̴ty̷, t̡o p͏ŕe̵v͠en̨t͡ ̸such ̷i̸n͢c҉id̕ent͞s ͢f́r͢o͢m̷ ͢oc̶c͡u͝ring̡ i̡n the̵ ͞fu͜t̡u̡r͞e͏.

| >>520859
Don't give them ideas!

I guess I could try streaming, but witch-hunt never end with good results. There will always be audiences that overdo the act, ending with the stalker(s) own personal information being leaked.

I don't want that to happen! I don't want to stoop as low as that. -xnbc

| >>62786c
It's really no issue, just call me on my phone and I'll give you an ETA on how long it'll take me to get there.


| >>520871
Oh uh sorry.

But also nothing like that.
I mean like >>520869
Someone to stay close while someone else finds them and tells them nono bad

| >>520869
I don't want to bother anyone, but I am defenseless here. I'll think of the offer. Thank you for that and the tips! I'll try my best implementing what you said. (And thanks for joining the last stream back then!) -xnbc

| >>520872
Ah, for sure! I'll keep your number in the fast dial just in case. I do have streams planned outside the apartment, but seeing this issue, I may need to rethink that plan again. -xnbc

| >5̨2̵0̡87̵7
͞It͜ is in no w̨ay͏ ͠a̢ b̷o̷t́he̵r. I̷n̨ fa̡ct,͢ yo̴ưr ͝agr͏e͏e̕ment ͡wo͠u̶l̷d ͜all̛ow̸ ̕af̸òrem̛eńt́i̧oned ̨g͟roup ̧to i̷n̨śt҉a͜l͟l add̵iti̧on̢a̸l͜ sur͘v͏eilla͜n͜c̵e̵ e͏q͡uip̵me̴n̕t,̡ ̕vi͜t̀al f̛oŕ ̧th̶e s̡uc͜ces͞s̴ ́o҉f ̛t̡h̡ȩ o͝per҉a҉ti͠on ̸t͏hey ͏a̛r͢e̶ c̶u̢r̕r͡entl̀y̷ con͏d͞u̷ct͝i̵ng̴, ̸ǫn ͢le͞g͟a̧l ͡t́e͠rms.̕

| >>520887
I see. I'll consider everything first, though I'm not sure how my neighbours would react to the installation of those devices. We'll see though! -xnbc

| It wasn't me this time! Not lying! -Dicktator

| >>520890 A stalker? Are you okay? -REM

| >>520918
For the most part, yes. Though I can't be too certain when I have people knowing my address and sending lewd drawings of me.

I, uhm, believe in you. Your name doesn't inspire, but I believe in you. -xnbc

| >>62786c
I think Merlin's proposal would be good idea, though I'll leave the decision up to you.
We definitely need some kind of security at home.

| ...


...you got the drawing...hah...



...did you like it at least...even if it bothered you...


...im trying to improve my drawing skills...and...well...

| >>7bd2b8
If this is a troll, it's not funny.
If you're actually the guy: don't come near our place again.

| >>520920
Do you think so? Well, maybe you are right. Merlin's offer will give us better security. I'll promptly ask our neighbours on this; maybe they'll have something to say. I don't want to disturb them, of course!

| >>520923
Uhm... Are you the one who sent me the picture? -xnbc

| >>520919 piano bot-ka believes in me! <33333 I could cry right now!

>>520923 Ahahahaha faggot ass -Dicktator

| >>521128
Aw, I like the nickname! I should make that into a sticker or a poster for the stream, but I suppose that can come once I sort out this problem. -xnbc

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