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Woke up this morning as a lilim.

| honestly freaking out big time. went to sleep in Glitz, woke up in an apartment in Chapel-3 with a god damn android body. i've got no fucking clue what to do right now, any ideas?

| >>520752

Ya sit back, relax and enjoy bein' unable to age is what. -Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

| A͡ssumin͜g the̷ ͡li̴l͝im ̴f̢r҉ame̕ ̸y̵ou ̨are re̢ferrinģ ̕t͠o͟ ̶i̛ş ̡o͡ne of̵ ̕t̸h̵e m͢o͘r̀e ҉c̛o̶m͝m̕o҉n typ̸e̶s, and͡ ̧not, ̨in͢ ͡fa̡c͜t, ̸a ćybe͘ŗne̢t͡i̸c̶ ͜f͝r͡ame͠,̀ ̵I ͞a҉m̷ c͝o͟m̀in͡g͏ ̨to̢ an ̛assum̴p̀t̨ìo̕n̢ ̵t́h̢at͢ ͘th̶e̛ ͢c̴u̷rr̸e͡n̡t ́you͢ ̧i̵ś ̧h͠i҉g̨h͘ly un̶li͝kely ͞t͟ơ b̡e ͠t͝he͘ ̕yo҉u ẁh̴o ҉w͡ent̛ t̛o͝ s͟l̡e͞ep̴ la͟s̢t͞ ͘n͜i͞ght҉.̢

| >>520755

yo im really hoping that the me who went to sleep isn't still alive, no offense to me. just in case that fucker comes back and starts posting i'll give myself a new designation


| But how though...
Umm sorry if i offend
But,perhaps you are the result of a brain scan?

| >̢52̸07̷5͏7
Yo͠u͜ ̕are҉ ̧e͏x͝hib̡itin҉g͜ ̶a ̸r͟ath͠er̕ un͏įq͝u̵e̵ ͠reaction͞ ҉to̧ ̛the ͏pos̢s͘i̴ble ̛m͡em͞ory͏ tr̸a͏n͜şf́èr event.̵ H̢o͠v̧ew͜e͝r̡, it͞ ͜a҉l͠l̸ows̶ ̀u̷s ̴t́o skip̵ ͜tḩe͏ ̀mèn͘t̨al͢ ͠a̧d͏a͘ptation̶ step̷.̵ ͞Th̷è ͏n̶e̷x̢t ̡s͝te͏p ͜yóu s͠h͞ǫuld ta͏ke͏ i͟n you̴r curr͡ént̴ sit͏uáti̛o҉n͜ is̛ t͝o b͞ac̵ku̕p ̨yoùr dat̷a to ͡th͞e͏ g̴ļob͜al lilim̶ n͜e҉t͘wo̶r͝k͡.

| >>520758

fuck me that's a scary thought. im in no state to be thinkin about this shit, december riots took a lot more out of me than i thought lmao


| >>520762
B-but...the December Riots were...last year...How long have you been asleep?

| >>520760

unique reaction, huh? i bet you say that to all the g/u/rls


oh fuck


| >>520763 >>520765
There it is...
So my assessment might be closer then i originally thought...

Although it does not rule out other possibilities...

| on the move now. there was a pair of shorts in the hotel room but i need some real clothes. and i want my mask. and a gun.

when i get back i'll talk to the hotel and ask who the hell checked me in, that'll give me somewhere to start.


| >>520776 Hey g/u/rl, if you need any help, I can swing by and bring you some shit. I've got nothing better to do at the moment, really, and since Lolicoin moved in with me I haven't really had the chance to go out much.

>I can heeeeaaaarrrr you, senpai! >_<

And apparently still hijack my posts. Great.-Nietzen

| >>520778

do you have a pair of pants that /isn't/ purple or made of sequins? cause i can't find any and I feel like fuckin' Bowie out here. mighta stepped into a fetish shop by accident, not sure, doesn't matter. they do have some /quality/ masks, though.

either way, i appreciate it, amigo. if you want to stop by, it's the hotel at 9th and Winters, room A-113.


| Ah, I for some reason knew this feeling too well. Can you check if all of your limbs are working properly? No disconnections or phantom limbs whatsoever? If we can rule out foul play, then I do think this is intentional.

Brains don't easily plug into Lilim frames, from what I know. -xnbc

| Congrats,your body is no longer made of flesh

| alright, update. i've got a gun, an old Taurus 24/7. got it for cheap cause it's a total piece of shit, jammed the first time I pulled the trigger but it's better than nothing. hotel says the guy who checked me in was wearing a fuckin balaclava of all things. said I was a drunk friend of his, and paid em extra not to question it. luckily my card still works, so I rented the room for another week or so while I get shit figured out.


| >>520867
Shit dude if you wanted a gun just say so.
Hotel at winters right?
The hobo in the alley way nearby is actually just a robot.

Approach it and say "IA says to give me a gun"

Ever fired a gauss magnum?
Shits a doozy

| >>520870

damn, what kinda world you livin in where you can just give shit away? appreciate it though, taurus just went off in its holster. i'm lucky it missed me. i just hope this lilim frame has a strong wrist. shooting my own hand off sounds like not fun.

speaking of lilim woes,

it's weird, sometimes I'll move my hand while doing something else and it won't actually move until I focus on it. probably just getting used to this new body.


| >͘5̕20͞867
̢I ͝am ́w̶íll͘in̵g͡ t͞o̸ pr͢o̷v̨i͡ḑe̛ ̸a rea͜so͡nab͘l̸e͟ ͡degre͝e͟ ̨o̵f ҉a̡s̶s͜is͏tanc͠e̵ in a͠dj̨us̀ti̵ng̴ ҉to͘ your̶ ne͏w̷ ̶co̧n̴d̕ition̕s͞ ̨s͡h̕ould͝ ͘y͠ou re͟q͞ui̛re̡ ͠an͢y͠.

| >>520881
Meh its fine, just note that thats a military grade pistol that fires using magnetic propulsion.

Another lucky thing for you is that i am really good with robotics.
If you want i can give you a once over.

| >>520881
It takes time to adjust, yes. Lilims get that when they're switching frames too, but in your case, it may be what you said. Take care of your thermals as well! It might not be obvious, but too cold and too hot kills a Lilim. If you don't know your frame, then you may overexert it. Shutting down due to thermals can cause future issues as well!

Oh-uh, and good luck on your journey! -xnbc

| >>520782 >>520782 On my way now. I can't promise my sense of fashion is better than Bowie's, since I'm basically a Kurt Cobain doppleganger, but my clothes will at least fit in with this decade. Need anything else, like food or something?

>I will accompany you, senpai! ^^
>I'm getting bored around the house >.<


Alright, Lolicoin, you can come with. >>>We will be there.-Nietzen

| Anything can happen in GC huh..

| Just found this thread yesterday, and you don't know how relieving it is to find someone else in the same predicament as me. Although my transfer happened around a few years ago, so i've learned to adjust myself to my new frame, even though it's still a bit sureal when you think about it.

| Still, taking the identity of the previous Lilim is a bit hard, since I don't really know the life of a random Lilim living in GC. So many awkward pauses between me and my "friends"...

| >>521086
I suppose a human taking a Lilim frame isn't uncommon, but taking a Lilim's identity? That's.. well, maybe not new — but it sounds fascinating and scary at the same time. -xnbc

| >>af54ab here,>>521091 I didn't really have a choice though. It's not like I could just say to everyone "I'm a human named ... and I took over your Lilim friend's body" (excluding this board of course)

| Still, I had to change my brajnwave frequencies to that of somethimg similar like a Lilim to even be able to connect to the Lilith network, so I guess I'm mostly Lilim now, except the human memories.

| I guess frequency was a bad way to word it. It's more like the signature of my consciousness that I changed. Uploading was a no go with the human signature, too. Lilith treated my upload like it was a virus and it was instantly gone the moment I uploaded it.

| >>521177
I understand. Even the scariest thing have their own reasons to happen — though as a Lilim this personally scares me more, but I'll try to be less judging here.

I'm not connected to the central server myself, and I'm not backed up either. I have an almost-similar issue as you are; maybe I can try the fix you mentioned? Ah, but that part's not important.

Anyway, what happened to the original Lilim? Were they alive during your transfer? -xnbc

| How do you know it isn't some kind of implanted memory thought..? You can't be sure it's not implanted can you..? If you suddenly wake up as a lilim one day how can you tell you weren't probed to believe that..?

| >>521271
Most Lilims have an error-checking memory. There is at least one failsafe that gates them from memory attack — the number rises the more expensive your model is, of course.

I've delved enough backseat research on the topic, as this component in me seems to be awfully broken. -xnbc

| >>0fd981 I see.. I'm not an expert myself but.. consider this, the probability that the failsafe module is broken or the lilim was programmed to believe that in the first place, not a memory probe

| -∆rable

| >>521342
I may be wrong, but I don't think you can upload heavily corrupted memory to the server. Lilith-based systems have a check for that, I think?

Although this doesn't remove the possibility of pre-programmed Lilims, or those that are programmed to have a heightened risk of dissociation with their personality.

Ah! What do I know. I'm a musician, not a technician. Books are the only thing helping me here. -xnbc

| >>e2e80f again, sorry for the whole IP changing thing, gotta keep a dynamic IP on myself to avoid any stuff that I don't want.
>>521236 sorry if I sounded insensitive towards any Lilim, and I'll try to word my sentences better next time.
As for the previous Lilim, her current whereabouts are unknown to me, but I've tried several things.

| I've tried to contact myself to see if it was a swap, rather than a transfer, but by the time I reached my number, the one answering was my wife, saying that I had died of an epileptic shock. Something that I had to confess, was that I found out that Lilim uploads don't really have spare slots like they do in games, and that the uploads are directly connected to the hardware, regrettably by the hard way.

| As in I may or may not have panic rewrote the original's upload with my own because of how confused and scared I was, and I may or may not have deleted her only upload in the process

| I'll give myself a nick on this thread so that I won't have to keep track of all the IDs I'm burning through, maybe based my current name, since i'm literally living with an alias already.

| It's unfortunate, but I suppose at least her life is now in good hands (I hope!). I would be panicking if I were put in the same situation — and even if it was an accident, I can see it happening to everyone in a similar case.

I'm sorry if I'm asking so many questions, but do you miss your original self? I don't know how to express it in words, but I hope that question is concise enough. -xnbc

| >>521386 that's a bit difficult to answer, because I don't even know myself. Don't get me wrong, going back would be nice, but I think the body does affect the mind a little, as in the muscle memory, and everything else still stays. For example, even though I would usually drink black coffee without any problem, I can only handle something like a cappuccino now. Tl:DR, I guess my mind does miss it, but the body's feelings makes it less so.

| >>521386 I have to ask though, why haven't you backed your self up yet? Doesn't it make you feel uneasy to know you have some sort of mortality compared to your felloe Lilim?

| And a quick update, it turns out I'm not a cold-blooded murderer, and the OG Eliza does browse danger/u/, since 2 days after my posts started, I got contacted by her to meet up somewhere to discuss some stuff. I'll let you guys know how things turn up. If I don't upload anymore, then I'm probably dead already, lol.

| >>521437
Best of luck

| >>521428
That's curious. I never knew that muscle memory wouldn't carry over to the new body. But of course, this isn't the usual Lilim frame transfer — adjustments can rarely be made. -xnbc

| >>521429
I can't backup myself to the server. I don't know why, but I do think it's either due to my old frame or my memory being slowly corrupted from time to time — and my system have no self-repair or error-checking mechanism either.

It does make me feel uneasy, but I have felt that before. It's nothing new! -xnbc

| >>521437
That would be weird, wouldn't it? Two same person meeting each other but having two different personality. Or maybe it isn't? I know there's a market for used Lilim frames, so maybe it's not out of the charts to imagine your body walking around by itself while you're still alive.

Ah, but good luck either way! I'm happy to hear she's still with us. -xnbc

| Back, and not dead from any kinds of attempt on my life. On the contrary, it was the OG, wearing what I could identify as a really antique brand, called Gucci or something. And far from being weirded out, when she saw me, she was actually pretty happy and hugged me (stranger danger much?).

| Turns out, her consciousness in my body was terminated, but she actually rigged her upload with a private company, to redeploy her instantly in a resort suite in the Bahamas. When I asked why she didn't try to look for her murderer or at least get back home after FIVE YEARS, she just went into a rant about how "if everyone thought I was dead, then I can actually free myself from that hellhole of a job without any stupid f*cking contracts binding me down."

| After some tea we got from a cafe she recommended, we eventually got to an agreement. I couldn't go back to my old life, since no one would recognize me, and a story about "human transferred to a Lilim" isn't really logical (ironic, now that I think about it.) And not even my old family would take me back, since I heard she already got remarried with a carpenter from the slums of GC.

| Even though I took over a completely random person's life, I was actually doing pretty decent at Eliza's job, just file some papers, do everything the boss wanted, and eventually I landed a promotion in no time. It's not like I love the job, but it's still something to do, and I do need some funds to live. At the end, the OG went back to live her life in the islands, and I think she trusts me with her rep and social life, since she gave me her passwords to almost everything.

| I guess I'll take over in GC for now, and see where stuff is headed towards to.
>>521468 Still, the whole encounter was weird for me, at least. I mean I know it isn't my original body and all, but living in it for five years, and looking, talking, joking with "yourself" was just a tiny bit surreal for me.

| >>521466 sorry to hear about that, and to spook you with my story and all.
>>521439 Thanks, glad it all resolved itself a little too smoothly, but you gotta take what's already given, I guess.

| I'm glad everything turned out well! Taking into account how twisted the situation sounded at first, it could have gone worse.

Original Eliza seems to be an interesting person. I wonder how life is for a person who has 'died' (both in Lilim's sense and in a human's sense), but that should be a talk for another day.

Either way, with the assurance, I hope you'll enjoy your life as Eliza more! Gosh, it sounds strange saying that. -xnbc

| >>521525
Not to worry! I have accepted how frail things are over in my side. On the contrary, I like hearing stories like these: about revival and whatnot. It gives me hope, in a way. -xnbc

| Glad everything worked out for you Eliza

| >>521549 thanks! I'll stick around to see what comes out of this post, but I think that's about all I can share, so thanks for listening to my 3-day spiel.
>>521554 didn't turn into a big thriller or horror schtick, but the calm stuff's the crazy stuff in GC, am I right?

| >>521582 -Eliza
Forgot the tag, heh.

| >>521582 yeah pretty much

| - swift
Forgot my own tag

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