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Weird "beeping" homeless kids...

| Have any of you guys seen this recently? I've noticed that a lot of kids have been...beeping, when I walk by them?

| Are they Lilims by any chance? I don't think humans are supposed to, uhm, beep? -xnbc


| Haven't spotted anything of the sort OP....which district?

| I've seen them. Weird kids. They seem to follow wealthier folk, but besides that, that's all I know. I saw them around Temple-1, poor kids gathered around a trash fire in an alleyway, what with it being cold as fuck this month and all that. I walked by, then I heard the beeping. I shit you not, those kids ran out of that alley and away from that warmth, just to go sit across the street on the other open corner. Not sure what they're doing, but they're something else for sure.

| Temple-1, huh. CN-seeking living bombs? I'd like to check it out, any more precise coordinates?

| Thats kinda...creepy...

| >>520766
They don't sound friendly, but I shouldn't assume. As >>520767 have said, do you have any more details for the location? I have a burning curiosity now that this story is in. -xnbc

| >>520767
I dont just take any kid from the street with me... -CN

| >>520740 >>520767 >>520798

I don't really have coordinates, but I can tell you it was on the corner of Mao and Lincoln street. If you see a rundown parking lot with nothing but a tofu taco truck in it, you're in the right place. This goes for anyone who wants to go, though I'm not sure if poking around the kids looking for exhaust ports is the greatest idea. Some of those orphans don't even know how to talk normal, disturbing if you ask me.

>>520733 Nope, they're human, I think.

| (>>3e4c20 here, ID change. If enough g/u/rls want I'll make this a setting thread. ^^)

| >>b02bc0
(I'm down for it!)

| >>520927
(Will join as well!)

Human? I don't know how a human is supposed to beep, much less do these strange things. I'll most definitely need to see this myself. -xnbc

| >>2c636b
(Count me in too!)
I'll be heading there as well with the Truck, want to catch a ride?

| >>521004
I'll take the service! -xnbc

| >>520927
(Perhaps one should consider doing this on a discord.
Also ummm..
Can i come along to?)
Again creepy.
This might be worth investigating.

| >>521021
(We can probably have it in /cyb/ since this is will be an open street. It's up to the thread starter though.)


| ...reminds me of deadman switches on enemy soldiers for some reason.


| (Okay, sorry about the wait, but let's do it! I'm making the setting thread for all to join! :D

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