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Glitch City Lottery higher than ever before!

| Okay so I'm a cashier at JC Elton's and I have to ask, have you guys seen how much the damn lottery is at now?

100,000,000,000 zenny is a lot of damn money! I'm surprised they even let it get that high, a number like that would have a significant impact on the economy if anybody won. Guess its just the season, but there >>>has to be a winner soon, right? I mean, they can't just let the number keep running...right?

| (Oof, sorry guys, added one too many zeroes to that. Correct number: 10,000,000,000 zenny)

| Maybe its worth buying every number now...

| I got my numbers, let's hope one of them will be the lucky number! -xnbc

| >>f129a0
Fingers crossed, I went and got some numbers too.
Out of curiosity what're you doing with all that Zenny?

| Took a pull
I wonder if my luck in gatcha games will tranfer over...

| >>520739
There's this building I want to purchase. It's supposed to be a, uh, cafe? Bar? I'm not sure. But a friend wanted it, and she was going to rent it — she didn't though, and now the owner is selling it cheap.

Of course, I don't rely on the lottery, but if I do win, it'll help lots! -xnbc

| I bought a few numbers,lets see if my luck are still there

| Koremo koremo koremo...

Maybe it's worth a shot this time... -Ithaca

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This thread is permanently archived