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[FGC] Dawnbreak in Death Earli[est] Announcement

| Recently there was a nomination and entry list for games to be played in this year's EVO. We are delighted to inform that DiDEST will have its issues hotfixed and patched with public details available by the time entries are finalized. Therefore we will be using the latest version of the game in tournament.

Also we've learned the following tournament favorites will be participating:


Fight on!

| Hell yeah! Go SENRAN!

| Oooh. I wanna see SENRAN vs Yokai! Seeing their Bordeaux vs Kuzunoha match would be freakin' amazing. xD

| >>520728 SENRAN's Bordeaux skills are damn good, but Yokai hasn't lost a match with Kuzonoha in two years. Honestly, I think Yokai's gonna wipe the floor this tournament. I've got 500 nuyen behind that crazy kid.

| >>520661

Finally! No more attack jamming! Now I'll definitely beat KSG!

| >>520730 Excited for her grand return are you? Heard she had a kid. I wonder if she's as practiced as she normally is. ;D Might be SENRAN's chance y'know?

| >>520830 Wait, she had a kid?! I thought she was a damn loli herself, wtf? How old is she? I literally was under the impression that she was only a teenager...

...well either way, I won't count her out, but I'm sure that does make things harder for her to practice.

Damn, I really don't wanna lose that 500 zenny!

| *Nuyen

| >>520925

Looks are deceiving, chummer. Shit, there's this lilim prostitute that's popular around town specifically because she *looks* like a loli...


| Hopefully PsyKyo can get a decent placement with Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh sucks, but I'll be damned if PsyKyo doesn't get at least top 10. Rep the Gilgamesh players!


| >>521383
Gilgamesh? I'd love to see that make it through the brackets. It'd be awesome to see some pro Atlasia players too...I've never seen one. >_>;

Oh you have nothing to worry about. Did you see Yokai's recent combo video? It featured actual fights this time. xD; Looks like she's trying to make a point.

| >>521644 Bro do you not know the roster? Archetype is THE Atlasia player. A wild Category-Sun fan too...lol

| >>521383 I'm sure PsyKyo'll want a rematch with SENRAN so we'll see. Heh.

| im putting money on SENRAN

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