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| Stolen science materials from the university were found in a basement arranged as a short range teleportation device. The appearance was described as "rather macabre with the overgrowth" to one of the people who had stumbled upon it. We had already replaced the materials and never really expected to see them in one of our honor student's homes. Especially after her disappearance. It is such a shame we can't find her. She had such a future ahead of her. Endsum.406

| Wait did the girl use the teleportation device?

| Now an M... if it's a teleportation device then it could me that uh... unfortunate bug girl. -CN

| Ever so slightly, the plot thickens...

| >>97aff3
What are your thoughts on this? You seem to know more then anyone what's going on.

| >>520430
Well awhile ago, like a good year ago there was this college girl who livestreamed herself attempting to use some teleportation tech she designed on herself. It was very... prototype in nature but the real issue happened when a mosquito flew in at the time she activated it. -CN

| I'm sure you can pictured what happens next. Atoms got scrambled and such and out came out a big girl. She kind of stumbled around the city for awhile before building herself a "nest". When Black Panties went up to investigated her it seemed she killed herself by pulling out her own stinger. It was pretty tragic all around. -CN

| (Rip meant wasp but mosquito)

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Dude...eeewww...if i were someone else i would Probably be a smartass about the whole mess that is teleporting stuff but im not so i wont

But also, i dont think its that...
Like, im thinking maybe this girl was alvene.
"Honor student' and alvene being a student clicks

However i dont think its anything concrete yet

| How does the M fit in all this?

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Well the girl doing the livestream was a college student, while Alvene went to a middle school academy. Besides if they were related, wouldn't the mystery OP labeled the files with the same letters? -CN

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Huh, got me there.
Then its just waiting for more leaks i suppose

You think someone can trace who OP is?

I mean they are uploading all this to some random Anonymous messaging board so i doubt site security will make it that hard to extract their IP address.

Unless of Course OP is encrypted or operating in a VPN...

| >>520449
I mean I could give it a shot but past experience have shown is those who generally leak sensitive info like this usually have the personal protection to back it up. -CN

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