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Question for lilims

| Do you guys believe in an after life if you guys can't be redeployed?

| Er, well...You know, I can't speak for other Lilims myself, but I'd like to think that the concept of death isn't lost on us just because we can be redeployed multiple times. I have had my fair share of redeploys, enough to know that each time feels pretty much the same. So because of that, I have to say that I don't believe in an afterlife for us, simply because I've died and been redeployed and I've never seen it.
-Fuchsia Fedora

| The idea of never being redeployed again? Nope, fuck that noise It's terrifying.

| Hey-lo, another lilim here. Reporting for duty!

Anywho. Dying and being redeployed, I don't consider an actual
Dying --> Rebirth cycle. Unlike our organic neighbors, we have a safety net, and that's what we fall on every time we hit a dead end. I don't believe we're going anywhere near an "afterlife", if we do have one.

| Ack!! I forgot about redtext. My bad g/u/rls! Moving on.. Not being able to be redeployed and dying, that's just the same as McFleshy Guy hitting the bucket. We don't have much of a way to prove what's beyond that. We have some people (humes) who've come back from reportedly being dead, and their experience is the closest we have, but we can't really consider it evidence.

| Even if it's closer to an "afterlife" than the act of being redeployed. Redeploying is a protocol, coming back is more of.. An accident? Like the other lilim said, nothing different ever happens from redeploying. A hume's not likely to have two near death experiences and survive.

| Ehm.. That's to say! Where I'm going with this? I wasn't made for philosophical hooey.. But, for me, I'm not going to completely throw this "afterlife" out the window. We lilims are not the simple automoton of the past. Who's to say that something leftover in us coalesces and drifts off somewhere else? I'm not gonna say it's anything like the hume's religions, but there could be /something../

| In a way we're already living -an- afterlife based on some faiths that include reincarnation. When our bodies are destroyed and we do no wrong we get redeployed into another body. Do anything terrible like murder and our bad karma puts us up in what would be considered lower life, in that faith a fly, pig or goat. For us: a vending machine, drone or washing machine.

| O' a vacuum cleaner...ugh.-Jonas


| Lilims believe whatever they're programmed to believe. Sometimes their owners are cute and sentimental and program an afterlife into their heads.

Most don't- and if they do start getting existential... well. That's what restore points are for.


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