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[Aggregator Thread] Rumours of GC: The C. Initiative

| Hey GC, NEET-God here with another crackpot theory for you guys to laugh at! Today, we have something that used to be all the rage back a few months ago, at least on my parts of the Matrix; The Computer Integration initiative. Let me bring you all up to speed first.

This here is a genuine conspiracy theory. So strap in.

The Story begins in 1945, with some guy called Arcand Gunma, mad scientist.

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This guy was at the forefront of computer research, and he was like: "Damn, all those people are wondering if Computers could one day become human. But what if people could become computers instead?"

Of course, no took him seriously, and he dies without doing much in that field... but then comes his daughter: Silvia Gunma.

Some might of heard the name tossed around this very board once or twice, she's some sort of boogie man for a lot of circles.

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So, this Silvia girl picks up where her father left off during the cold war. And the US gov takes notice. Because of course they do, they are the US in a conspiracy theory.

They're less interested in the medical aspects of the program, which could be legit, if possible. Things like storing and uploading memories to counter Alzheimer's and all that medical stuff.

Nah, the US wants to develop Mind Control, and they have a three step program to achieve that.

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1st Step: Turn brain into computer
2nd Step: Control Brain with program
3rd Step: Profit

Basically, the CI Procedure turns someone's brainwaves and signals into common binary inputs, which allows you to do most of the things you could do on a PC. You literally turn someone into a machine for you to command. Well, minus the metal, they remain good old flesh. And that's the big draw-in. No need for fancy and expensive prosthetic or synthetic brain implants. Profit, yeah.

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I'm not big into the specifics, because that shit is so obviously made up that it's not even funny, but we'll get to that. But basically, you can make super soldiers and control people with the procedure, so the US wants it.

And that Silvia chick makes it for them, of course the story says they experiment on kids and all that super sappy sad stuff. Because of course kids with underdeveloped brains make the best brain subjects!

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But why is this relevant to anyone in GC? Well, recently this kind of rumor has been circulating:

"I heard the C_I Initiative is being conducted in GC now!"

Which is already dumb, where did the US go?? They outsourced it to Veriatech or something?(lol)

But still, the stories are still spreading, so I just had to step in line and tell y'all not to listen to any of that garbage, it's obviously a poor man's MK-Ultra.

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So the next time someone tells you he found some warehouse where they're torturing kids for some boogie man who's over two centuries old now and definitely dead; laugh in their face and mock their cognitive capacities.

As usual, you can find a full article on my website, the usual, yeah.


| Interesting,I guess?

| Well if theres any city with grey enough laws to experiment on children, it would be G.C... -CN

| Hmm... hey NEET-God. Think I can ask you about some uh... coding opportunities? -CN

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Huh? Coding? I'm no coder myself, but I know a couple people, why?

That's really random, too. Then again, I guess a thread on *supposed* child experiment would draw the famous CN's attention, lol


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:/, anyway low hanging pedophilia jokes aside, the coder I need is someone who specializes in a very unique "operating system". I was told you may know just the guy. -CN

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So that's what we are talking about... I don't know anyone, but I heard rumors of people.


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Anything specific that can help me track them down? -CN

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Last I heard, they were skulking around Neon, some spook they say, real weirdo. But their skill should be top notch. Never spoke to em', but runners get the word around. Some Rigger. That's all I have that's concrete and not cringe worthy.


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Er... alright. Thanks, I'll try looking around then and seeing what I find. -CN

| ...A Rigger in Neon District, Mother says?

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Mother? -CN

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Hey, I might've gotten a new lead for you since that actually caught my interest for a second. You'll want to access some private server in Neon, access code is pretty easy to figure out, but just to be safe, I'll send it via a more safe channel. In the meanwhile...

Any of you guys got weird rumors for me to check out? Content has been running dry after downtown went to hell.


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Thanks, most appreciated. -CN

| Well, there's the beeping kids thread. Homeless kids being weird, I guess. Here's the link:


There's also the g/u/rl who woke up one year later in a Lilim body, or something like that. Here's the link to that thread:


So, suffice to say, plenty of weird shit going on.-Nietzen

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