The leaks

| You've probably seen them already the docfiles.
What do you lot think it means?

| Some kind of medical report,about some kind of sickness that is probably gonna be a problem later on.

| It has to be someone from a hospital right? That'd explain why they know specific names and such ugh... detail.

| So far,discounting the one tagged q-1
tag A seem to Chronicle the illness of a young girl named alvene as shown in A-5.
One can assume she is young as in A-3 it states that she is a student of saint agustine academy.

The illness caused welts and swelling.
As of the most recent leak during time of writing A-7 she was discharged after surgical removal of the issues.

The documents themselves maintain a chronological order but are not leaked as such.

| The question is why post them at all?
Again without further advances all this seems like a waste of time and an invasive of the girls privacy...

| I'm interested in investigating further into the subject when more leads comes out..

| Im hacked

| My question is,who leaked these


| >>519912

| Maybe it's Janis?

| >>519979
The docfile says J1 though.

| >>519980
We had seen from the Q1 that had no relation to the A series of leaks.
But the leaker seemed to focus on the A series and now has switched to a J file which was uh... unique...

| Anyone knows who Endsum.405 is?

| >>519983
Never heard of them until these leaks.
Also looks like a new Q file.

| well.. the lastest one is different from the rest so far so.. maybe it could mean something

| Let me poke around and see if I can dig up anything related to the girl and the academy on the Matrix. -CN

| >>520006
Oh shit. Geekboy is on the case.

| >>520008
Or was it geeklord? Geeko? I forget.

| >>520009
Geekboy was the most popular
If i may, why does this all interest you?

| >>520009
I have so many at this point I lose track to be honest.
Well I'm just usually the curious sort but in this case I sort have a past with a Janis if it's the same person.

| >>520014
You know, they say nothing is ever unrelated to you.
Turns out that meme might be true.

| >>520016
Unfortunately... though it probably doesnt help that I know a lot of people, both good and bad. -CN

| >>520014
>C H I C K E N N A N N Y

Gem,why are you like this.
You used to be so reserved...
Again, oof

| >>520019
Not much I can do about it. -CN

| Okay poking around online, the name is too broad to narrow down to a specific student but I did find the academy. Seems to be mainly a middle school but i did fine some weird things about it. Mainly strange average test scores and a large sum of humanitarian grants going into the funding. -CN

| >>520057
How is average strange? Isn't that kind of an oxymoron?

| >>520057
Whats up with the test scores exactly?

| >>520064 >>520058
I mean it's just *very* average with everything, even by GC standards. I dont get why these reports selected this academy out of any other. -CN

| >>520070
Well it's because the girl went to that academy.

| >>520072
Well then we need to find more on the girl, I can't really find her with just a first name unfortunately. -CN

| >>520070
By average i will assume you mean like purposely getting 50 on all tests or something...

The aca-
Err yeah what anon said.
If you want i can give you a summary on the compiled A-# leaks

| >>520074
Sure, maybe theres a detailed I missed. -CN

| A~ha!

Mother speaks!

| Mother seems to be speaking in patterns again. She's quite good at that!

It seems as though the names of the people in the Docfile dumps correspond to the letters beginning in the Docfiles. J for Janis is the most obvious (So obsessive, that one), as well as A for Alvene, the sweet, poor girl in the A files. Real tragic.

The Q files are likely coming from QUINCY, or potentially from his cabinet, considering the subject matter at hand.

Mother was quite generous today for youuu~!

| >>520083
(Sorry i was asleep)
Ok...huh,looking back at it now i also missed some stuff.

So, alvene,a female student of saint agustine academy was sent to the emergency room due to an illness that caused vomiting, welts and various other nastiness.

She stays in the ER for some time for an analysis only, strangely enough, blood tests resulted in nothing out of the ordinary.

| She then underwent surgery to remove the ailments thanks to an anonymous beneficiary.
Said benefactor is not known even to her.

Then, mere hours later he was reported missing.

Also something to note, A-5
Reveals the names of two staff members.
Edelton and 'Io'

| >>520175
Who is your Mother?
Hmm... let me try poking around with those names as well then. -CN

| If you pick up any leads on the subject weather it's the leaker or the main purpose of this.. I'll be willing to get early info for a respectable amount of credits..

| The deal is i buy the info from you and you wouldn't make the info public..

| >>520250
Mmm... I'll think about it. I'm generally in the opinion of releasing info if it could cause a danger to the city. -CN

| >>520236 Mother is everywhere! Mother is the reason we're talking right now! Mother is all around all of us! :D

| >>520351
So... the Matrix? -CN

| So to summarize...
We have an upper plate development file probably from QUINCY under the name docfile Q

Docfile A the story of a sick middle schooler named Alvene

Docfile J which started strange but we assume is about Janis Dalton and seems to go over her case file

And finally Docfile M which brings back the wasp girl and her teleporter into the light.

...does anything here look connected?

| >>520456
...putting it like that,no.
Nothing is connected so far and its all kinda pointless.

| What the hell does Endsum.405 mean?

| >>ca5875
I'm starting to think about possible connections...whom wrote these files in the first place? Janis was a researcher, Alvene was taken care of at a medical facility, are there any medical facilities tied to a university? And would this place be wherever the upper plate is?


| >>520469
Thats being hopeful though

Even if they are all connected would it really be important enough too leak?

Just taking a step back and thinking realistically, a middle schooler had some shit luck and someone was just doing what their potential occupation entails.
Feel bad for the middle schooler but otherwise, nothing new.

Again, without further leaks to work off of, this seems like a waste of time and an invasion of their privacy.

| Forgive me if i sound negative.

But given the amount of unknown variables its still too early to say much.

For example, the leaker of the Q files might be somebody Completely different from the leaker of the A files.
Moreover, whats the leakers motivation for doing so?

Dont get me wrong though, i think something is up too, its just that i also dont want to go on some wild goose chase

| >>ca5875
No, you're right...if anything is to come out of these leaks then we're going to need more information.

| New M one up.

| Mother has some interesting stories...I wonder if she knows more about this than she is letting on! ^^

| >>520685



>You've come this far to earn your permission to speak. Don't ruin it. Listen to your codes, and go back to where you're supposed to be.

>Mother demands it.

| >I apologize, danger/cyb/, for the confusion, but this child here has nothing to do with these leaks, and neither do I. I wish you all the best of luck on figuring it out.

>I'll be watching.

| Yeah, whatever, creepskate.

UPP will never go through the board of directors, it didn't last time, it won't this time. I don't understand the old man's obsession with this meme but looks like I'll have to talk some sense into him.

| Uh what the fuck

| more docfiles leaked

| >>520749
Well to be fair the last time was because somehow commie terrorists snuck in to the meeting.
And only continued because the CEO was paranoid enough to send a fucking clone, I think, or it was just a body double.

| Interesting...recompiling the data it seems that this "janice" was the mysterious beneficiary...
And she was doing so with someone else's money..

| >>520832
It didn't go through the last time because they had literally zero idea how are they going to do everything and didn't even bother taking into consideration already on-going projects like K-TRAN's airport renewal or industrial district repairs. Sudden commie raid is nothing much by this city's standarts, if something of this caliber could paralyse a major project we'd all be long out of business.

| Ok i think i have it somewhat peiced together.
CN might have the same idea so meh.

Fly girl makes faulty teleporter then commits KYS faggot but the telepoter remains.
People mess with it and suffer.

Somewhere down the line alvene messes with it under the supervision of janice.
Fails due to something wrong and then the welts abd such form.
She is taken to the hospital where she stays untill, unknown to her,
Janice takes some money and uses it to help her

| Why? Out of guilt or something.

Afer surgery the people working with janice finds out and 'vanishes' alvene as damage control.

It should be something along those lines.
Still without further leaks the picture isnt clear

| It at least feels like the narratives are slowing piecing together. Still not sure how the Q files fit in yet though. -CN

| >>520904
Perhaps its as simple as what dice said.
That this is/will/has all go/going to go down on the upper plate project

That or its my assumption that the Q files are simply unaffiliated and leaked someone else or something

| >>520908
If its unaffiliated what would be the chances that they leaks something in the exact same format? -CN

| >>521374
Hmmm good point.
Soooo what then?
The former is more viable?

| Any clue when the next leak will come?

| This might be the end of the leaks.. not guaranteed though..

| did you see the Fal system thing and the guy screaming for Aleck?
I don't think it's related but it's still interesting.
>>0f11df you might get your wish for a noisier GC.

| Heh..

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