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Public Announcement: Technology Convention

| Greeting residents of Glitch City. The presentation of the great technological feats of our participating companies will be displaying their advances in central district December 27th. While we wanted to hold this presentation before on the completion of the Jinterprise NMASC we unfortunately had to post pone to ensure security. Thanks to the participation of all corporations for assisting with their security forces on that matter, as well as volunteers, and GCPD. . .

| . . . We also extend the invitation to the vigilenty group of the Justice Wardrobe to ensure the safety of all involved. Our convention will include Jinterprise, Variatech, Rxcellence, Toy Soldiers, JoyCo Tech, and many other companies presenting their advancements made capable by our great City.
We welcome everyone to attend and please be civil.

| Finally. -CN

| What a time to be alive! -Dice

| How exciting

| This would be a good opportunity to get inspirations for new weapons

| Welp time to invest in some business deals.

| Why would they extend an invite to a vigilante group? Aren't vigilantes against the law? Not that I'm complaining, but I just don't want them getting caught in some trap...

| >>515958
The main thing is Justice Wardrobe has good PR and specifically targets criminals. I think its more a threat to keep anyone wanting to do something in check.
Because that'd be going against the police, corps, mercs, and the sentai group.
Think quincy wants to make sure this goes off flawlessly

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This thread is permanently archived