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>On the picture is a red haired girl of a moderate height. On top of her hat is sitting a creature, only best described as an alien facehugger, but quite a bit more disgusting. Behind the girl is a complete behemoth of a tank, somewhat akin to Land Raider painted black with yellow stripes, but with a complicated network of tubes and fans strapped on the front and top. On the machine's top is placed what can only be described as a 240 mm snow howitzer.

| Enjoy being targeted by everyone in the field, girl. - Dicktator

| .....so at this point are liquid nitrogen bombs illegal or is this escalating into winter war 1?

>Snow T-Gewehr.gif
>An animated picture of a classic WWI-era Tankgewehr M1918,shooting a snow bullet that pierce through a 20cm-thick ice and disperse into snow and hit a snowman face
Featuring a condensed snow penetration core that harden when come in contact with solid ice/snow armor plate and become soft as it is done piercing

| NO SNOW ARMOR OR ICE CAN STOP ME NOW,sorry Im a bit excited
Note:The bullet is very safe,it dont harden on contact with flesh and cant pierce metal

| Alright, im still challenging kyogoku,but it can wait.
At the moment,there is a different behemoth that needs to fall...


| >>515748
No offense sir but, when the only permitted projectiles are snow,
I think the tank is more dangerous then an arm cannon or hwatcha.

Wanna make a temporary alliance to defeat it?

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This thread is permanently archived