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I have failed!

| > A trideo plays. In it, was a swathe of Glitch City's slum, but covered in the whites of snow.

> Right on the slums, a fight can be seen visibly breaking down. It was a challenger against another in a war of snowballs.

> One challenger, a female Lilim, wore a dark business suit, complete with a trousers. The other is an augmented man wearing a thick, padded jacket.

> They both were evenly matched. They each dodge their opponent's throw to the point of inhuman speed.

| > The throws continue forth, with the Lilim closing in and dashing at great speeds, and the man keeping the distance by hurling great amount of snows at her.

> Snow flurries from the fight. What was an empty slum now has a crowd watching the fight.

> The battle ends short when the Lilim's left eye glows the moment she saw the man throws a spread, rapid barrage of snowballs at her. She lost the match as literal dozens of snow hurls at her.

> The trideo cuts abruptly.

| > Then, another attachment was a photo of the fighters. The man, the victor of the brawl, smiles at the camera with a cup of what seems to be warm chocolate in his augmented hand.

> The Lilim is also in the frame smiling. Though this time, she has the iconic santa hat on her head — and she carries a vacuum flask labelled 'chocolate' with one of her hands. She looks to be waving at the camera with her free hand.

| It was an enjoyable defeat! -xnbc

| It was a glorious battle! I expect you beyond the legion! -Kyogoku

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Thank you! These battles have been dear to me, and to see the active engagement by the people here warms my heart. It's been lovely experiencing them! -xnbc

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This thread is permanently archived