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Datajock Con? Datajock Con

| Ok, it's almost end of the year and we've been pushing this back for way too long chummers. Can we at least agree on a date this month?

-Vanished Van

| Are datajacks required? -CN

| >>515403


I was planning on having it in the Matrix >.>

But then, we would miss out on jokers like you and others <.<

I'll set that at a "hard maybe."

-Vanished Van

| >>515405
Mfw I cant believe VV is datajackist. -CN

| >>515405


Can't geekboy get to the Matrix anyway? What does it matter?

Hold up- you're not jacked in rn? -Flux

| >>515408
No, I don't use one. I'm pretty minimally augged. -CN

| >>515409

u wot


| >>515407

>.< shadddup


| >>515409

>minimally augged

>survived this long

>vanish off the grid for months

r u havin' a giggle m8


| >>515414
Im not lying but it's not like you got to believe me... -CN

| Datajacks are useful but if an aug made the edge difference in skill then there would be a lot more successful razorboys out there. -CN

| >>515418

Mmmmm... don't let Big Blue hear you say that, lmao.

-Vanished Van

| >>515423
Yeah, yeah. I'm long past the point of being threatened by corps. -CN

| >>515424
Considering everything you've survived. I'd suppose so. As for this debate...

I can't say I blame CN. While I do have a datajack, I don't use it for anything I didn't personally build. Period. -Neon

| >>515424

He's not a corp- ah hell-

-Vanished Van

| >>515435 >>515424 >>515426

WHOMST!? Har har har!


| >>515437


-Vanished Van

| Eh? Do my cybereyes deceive me?

I do say, dere be a boi of a... GEEKY NATURE! Har har!

How goes it, chummer? Piss in any corp soyakafe lately? blow up a badge?


| >>515426

L-look, its n- it's not anytHing lIk-

G-goddamnit Blue, getttafufkckofff-

-Vanished Van

| >>515439
Not at the moment, though I'm sure I will soon stopping this quarantine.
Oh I see it's a chummer of yours then. -CN

| >>515442

Just a chummer? You don't remember ol' Azul?


| >>515449


-Vanished Van

| >>515449
Course I do, didnt think they meant you Azul when they said big blue. Little abstract. -CN

| Lookie dat swagger... yu've grown a lot, pah dah wan. NK was right about ye.

Not that he's often wrong enehow.


| God DAMN IT Azul...

-Vanished Van

| >>515454

walk it off hun. now den. 'boot this here uh, convention...

got us a place?


| >>515426

That's not the issue, it's- look, ok, its an elitist thing, I get that, but when you show up to a car meet, you don't show up in a rental do you?


Ya, old credit corp mainframe, same as the place where we hold the Duels-

-Vanished Van

| >>515457

Place is dead, hun. Gobsmack went AWOL during last Crash. Think he got geeked.


| >>515458


oh come the fuck on...


| >>515453
Right about me how?
And if you want it to be exclusive when not just make the invites encrypted, wouldnt that be more fair? -CN

| >>515462



| >>515463 >>515462

She doesn't have faith in her code.

-Neon Knight

| >>515464



You didn't need to put it so bluntly.

-Vanished Van

| >>515464
Why not just get someone else to do it? -CN

| >>515468

>Getting someone else to write your own code for a convention you're supposed to be hosting.


=Vanished Van

| >>515468 >>515470

...Its moot. Point is, there's a window and we need to take advantage of it.

There aren't many mainframes, public or private, that we can rely on one of us to host for an event like this.

Meatspace might do.

-Neon Knight

| >>515471
Guess that solves the datajack issue then -CN

| >>515476
Meatspace datajock con. Heh...Okay. By the way what ever happened to Murphy and his server ranch? -Neon

| >>515482

No one's really heard from Murphy since he corralled that rogue Emoticon AI...


[vibrates uncertainly]

-Vanishing Van

| Iņtere̷s͞ting҉.͢

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