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Blue Lantern Warfare : ADVANCEMENT

| > A trideo of the infamous chinese snow fortress in the uptown area is viewed, the familiar figure of Kyogoku standing atop it with his meaty arms folded remains. He doesn't look like he's moved a muscle. He even has a snow beard!

As his legion of snow hwacha rain terror against his enemies, one in particular seems to have figured out a pathway to avoid the snowy cold hell fire raining from above.

> Kyogoku's eyes keep track of his new challenge. His bare upperbody shifts, causing the collecting mountians of snow to crumble from his great shoulders.

>'Aha...A challenge! FINALLY!'

>The 'challenger' rushes through the cascades of falling snow arrows and shuffles their way through, and just as they break the line...

>Suddenly five strange containers burst from the ground, wooden in their consistency!

| > These wooden barrel-like projectiles fly into the air and wire pulls on each, apparently connected to billboards, buildings, and even parked snow covered levicars! They begin shooting huge sprays of arrows, joining the onslaught of the adjusting snow hwachas.

>The challenger screams as they're overwhelmed!

| Pity. I was getting excited...IS THERE NO ONE WHO CHALLENGES ME? WHERE ARE YOU?! COME! -Kyogoku

| I challenge thee oh sir kyogoku!
Let us have fun with it!

Im with doofus ^^^

| Holy shit,this guy's insane

| >>515353 COME! Let us revel in the glory of combat! -Kyogoku

| >>515377
le vide appelle nos noms,
Come gemini we must answer!

Whatever you say dumdum
Lassen Sie uns ihr Sirenenflüstern beantworten
This might actually be fun!

| And you said my Snow Kalasnikovs are too much,also another update:I created more Cryothrowers for sales if anyones interested

| > A Trideo of Shigeru holding up his finger with a smile plays. The camera is then turned to Kyogoku digging up his fallen opponents with his bear hands. As a process he yanks them out of the snow, gets them bundled up in extra thick self heating blankets, and serves them some hot eggdrop soup from a titanium container.

> The volume turns up as he speaks.

"Hahaha! A little Lilim reminded me to have a little empathy... I do not have hot chocolate, but I have soup! Eat, my friend."

| This is NOT the first time I've been bombarded with a white deluge, I WILL GET OUT OF THIS SNOW AND YOU CAN'T CATCH ME! HA!-Dicktator

| Kyogoku! There's someone who showed up with a snow tank! Can you fight that?

| >>515628
A snow tank?! INTERESTING! To have such a fierce possibility reveal itself! I WELCOME THE CHALLENGE! -Kyogoku

| >>515570
Hot chocolate or not, that was a sweet moment! Though it does make me feel hungry for a warm soup. Should I recklessly charge into the expanding snow weaponry to get a bowl of soup? Hmm… -xnbc

| >>515683 ALL CHALLENGERS ARE WELCOME! Both for combat and for soup! Kyogoku

| At this point I wouldn't consider it a loss to just watch all the wacky antics unfold.

But where's the fun in that.

| Dude I'm here for the soup, you think there's gonna be some left when this thing ends
- Mistral

| >>2d1d88 Hai hai!! Sorry I'm late! Did I miss anything?

| To hell with I'll fight you with plain snowballs for that soup!

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