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Pitter-Patter Pop

| Anyone catch their debut concert last night, or was I the only one? I've never seen so many cute girls on one stage...

| Which concert now? -CN

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They're a new idol group, from... X-SEED 4000, I think. Their concert was emceed by this... D4C? guy? The whole thing's in Japanese and the subtitles are in Spanish so I don't really know much other than the girls making up the band are really cute...

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Er... never really heard of them before to be honest. -CN

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'Course ya haven't. The plan was ta roll 'em out in this very Glitch City, take some strugglin' local idols under our wing. Then news of the strange shit that happens in Glitch reached Whitesnake, and that was the end-a that.

We still got to roll 'em out though, as you can see. They just ain't a Glitch band. -D4C

| Yeah let's see some IDOLS

| Well, The Hand's in town- If you can convince her and Crazy Diamond to take you with 'em when they leave in a week or two, then you'll be able to catch Pitter-Patter Pop!'s Tower Tour. -D4C

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This thread is permanently archived