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| What does this make, Crash 3.0? Anyway most of y'all know the drill- those that don't, better keep up.

>Job Title

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"Mister Johnson" is just a catch-all name for clients, don't be trying to set up a hit on "Mr. Johnson" unless you wanna get laughed at.

Peace, chummers.

| >Starting out
Description: I need a team of four people to go and rob a small depot in Uptown, lightly guarded, CCTV, but most importantly, containers with loot brought in from Ghana by Aquarius, a small arms corp who's buisness is harming a client of mine. take care of the cameras, and then raid the depot as you wish. Try and do it sneakily yeah? That usually leaves a good impression on the mister johnsons
Pay: whatever you find
Notes: Ill give the go ahead once we got 4

| >>510933
Yeah,Im down

| >>2e63e8 ill take the job -Rabbit

| >Adult Hostess

DESC: Looking for some old school blood bags or, preferably, androids to employ. I've got a new club down in Simulacron-3 and I don't wanna fill the new place up with the "familiar" faces of my other clubs. I can help with the importing, I have some friends in China and Russia with some freighter ships..


| >Delivery...

Description: I'm stuck at home and I can't go out, so I need someone to buy these-
Pay: 5000z plus extra bonus if you get them to me fast! Will pay for dinner and gas too~

>[mgxmas-list.doc] - A long list of various xmas-themed decorations and ugly christmas sweaters. From skimming through them, the total would approximate 5000z.
>[address] - The address. It seems to be a public place.

Happy holidays!

| >>516322
I can do that

| >>516387
Thank you so much for your last minute delivery~ I'll get my "worker" to pick up the packages and pay you properly. Happy holidays!

| >Looking for work
It's been a while, and I worry that my credits have been lost. I'll do most work, as long as the pay is decent
Poster: Jackathon D.

| >>517711
Come help me set up megachristmas decoration at my workshop>[HERE]<
(Here's my discord server in case you wanna do a setting,its kinda dead though: https://discord.gg/pgwnHnR )


| >>2e63e8
I'd be up for it.


| After I get out of where ever I am I'm going to need some creds.
Looking for work but who knows when. . .

| >>522977
What's your skillset? -CN

| >Looking for valuable information
Of any kind, preferably interns LCK ZData or GCity "Unknown/HardToGet" info. Around 1 Exabyte of information. Will get well paid. The work will get done under private servers of mine so you shouldn't get worried about external people getting their asses involved.
Minimum of 70.000z, depending on how valuable it is.

| >Honest Work, Honest Pay

Description: Looking for a few good men to work in manufacturing on the short term. Got a heavy order coming up and we can use the extra hands. Show up and meet your quota, and you're good.

Pay: 3000z/week

Poster: Mr. Johnson

Notes: Muscle replacement augs a plus. Non augged need not apply. Some paperwork to sign. Open a secure line to the attached datalink to apply.

| Agh...funds 'ave been low since da crew fell out...I'll take da job! #526781

| *>>526781

| >>526786 >>526787

Excellent. You start this week. Show up to the location marked on your device... and please, don't bring a tie. They tend to get caught in the heavy machinery. -Mr. Johnson

(You gain 6000z after two weeks of exhausting, but invigorating work, working in a mass production weapon assembly plant of some kind for small arms. When the last crate's loaded onto an unmarked vehicle, departing for parts unknown, your credstick is updated with the funds.)

| (Been awhile since there was some action. Might as well try and dm again)
>Murder investigation
Ive been hired to find out who has been killing some people, there have been some connections to the kills and such but i shant leak them online of Course.
Anyway, i finally got a lead but i figure it would be better to get some help. Anyone up for an investigation?
Pay is negotiable
Dont worry, apparently the client git this sanctioned by GCPD
And only 5 spots for the job

| >>527303 i wouldn't mind helping out, if that's ok.

| >>529042
By all means.
I suppose i should elaborate on what the lead is shouldn't i?

The lead is a survivor of a recent attack, the daughter of the client ,a little girl called moa poor girl

Before anyone asks, i met the family before and she is ok with cooperating.

So the checklist so far is,
Interview moa (1)
Follow lead from interview (2)
Look for more info (3)
More to come most likely
However after step 2 anyone is free to drop out.
Pay can be discussed.

| >>529089 Alright, sounds good to me. As for paymemt, perhaps 1000z, if that isn't too much to ask for. I'm not too picky about payment, seeing that this job is for a good cause. With that out the way, i'm ready to go with the investigation

| I need a job to buy the 15cm model of my waifu

| I want work

| >>523664 >>f558da >>f558da >>f558da >>f558da >>2e63e8 im game

| Help whats the deal..

| >>529089 >>529089 >>529807 ok deets

| >>06fdff >>06fdff >>510933 >>516431 >>details

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