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| What does this make, Crash 3.0? Anyway most of y'all know the drill- those that don't, better keep up.

>Job Title

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"Mister Johnson" is just a catch-all name for clients, don't be trying to set up a hit on "Mr. Johnson" unless you wanna get laughed at.

Peace, chummers.

| >Starting out
Description: I need a team of four people to go and rob a small depot in Uptown, lightly guarded, CCTV, but most importantly, containers with loot brought in from Ghana by Aquarius, a small arms corp who's buisness is harming a client of mine. take care of the cameras, and then raid the depot as you wish. Try and do it sneakily yeah? That usually leaves a good impression on the mister johnsons
Pay: whatever you find
Notes: Ill give the go ahead once we got 4

| >>510933
Yeah,Im down

| >>2e63e8 ill take the job -Rabbit

| >Adult Hostess

DESC: Looking for some old school blood bags or, preferably, androids to employ. I've got a new club down in Simulacron-3 and I don't wanna fill the new place up with the "familiar" faces of my other clubs. I can help with the importing, I have some friends in China and Russia with some freighter ships..


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