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Fuck Fuck Fuck

| We fucked up big time, GCPD shot the others after they tried to run, Im the only one left, they fucking found out about the tunnel we had running into Downtown to carry shit in and out for the people stuck there almost starving in the quarantine zone. They said the plague had a chance to leak and they drekking shot them, like fragging animals.

Why the fuck would they ever... We werent doing anything bad, we were trying to help!

Fuck fuck fuck!

| Why link take me here? What site is it? Everything look not good, strange code everywhere. I don't understand. Stupid download button. Ads bring me here, and I want to download my free mp3. Sesulit I nikah??

| I just settled in the city. Is it time to jump town then? I heard about the crazy shits that happen in this hell hole but didn’t expect one to happen so fast, damn.

| Where are you now? Are u ok dude??

| >>510881
Downtown lockdown happen ages ago

| >>510881
Time to jump town was when you begun considering moving into GC, you fool.

| >>510895 Maybe, but I did cane from a place where fucking internet access is restricted.

| >>510908
And you came to the place where everything is restricted, what is not restricted is illegal, and people spontaneously burn out from the inside.

| This is getting out of hand... -CN

| >>510848
Did they chase after you? -CN

| Mega Jesus. It isn't a plague. Not a traditional one anyhow... you did as your conscience told you OP. -Trill

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This thread is permanently archived