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I need help

| I'm new to this town, but I know one thing for sure, this city is the perfect place to make money, easy money if I can get a few chummers who know what they're doing. I'm thinking heists, not the boring kind mind you, I'm talking big institutions, banks, corps, hell, anything with a vault and blueprints.

The only problem is that I cant do it alone, I need help from runners.

If you're interested, just reply and ill answer when my hideout is established

Lets do this chummers


| Whats up with people lately,everybody just fucking post shit,giving zero fuck to any GCPD

| >>510833
Let them be. Natural selection is a thing.

| >>510833
I thought this was a part of the Shadow web, was I wrong?

Also, if everything goes well we shouldnt worry about the GCPD anytime, but of course we always account for failure or the risk of going loud, thats why I need actual Shadowrunners.

| >>510847
Im not an actual shadowrunner,but Im a weapon smith.I can provide you with equipment if you need to,at a cost,of course.

| >>510862
A gun runner huh? Well all contacts come in handy at one point I supose, but the job I do doesnt require weapons other than a deck and a set of good old contacts

| -BN

| >>510875
Although Im not an actual shadowrunner,I do know how to fight.I have spent sometime in the special forces

| >>510847 don’t think this is part of the shadow web, we’re only anonymous on here. I heard the GCPD (and maybe the corps) have people keeping an eye on the website but I doubt they still check about these things. So for the time being your little operation is safe.

| >>510882
Man, we have a whole load of CEOs writing on the board, what are you even talking about. Also at least three cops are regulars, christ, even bloody brits used to frequent this board. When you're writing something here, entire fucking city knows.

| Looks like someone is moving in on my territory. I'd watch your back, Impulse.

BN, you you need supplies of any sort, I'd be happy to oblige.

| >>510897 Huh, guess I’ve been out of the loop.

| Since it's comically appropriate, Hi. Please don't do anything to White Lightning, I stepped down, but I still technically own that due to how stocks work. Oh annnnd you're gonna want to avoid basically every Corp with a PR team on this planet. Hope that helps!

| >>510900
Im just a weapon smith trying to find my way in the world.We probably have our own unique abilities,friend,why do we need to compete?

| >>510904 Capitalism -Aleid

| >>510906
Thats not the point,Im trying to make.
We weapon smiths can excel on different trades,both of us can provide the customer with various range of goods,why dont we turn our guns away from each other and start cooperating to provide even wider range of goods

| While we deeply respect both >>510903 miss Aethia and the White Lightning as a whole, I would kindly ask anyone to disregard the part of her advice mentioning "every Corp with a PR team on this planet". K-TRAN Conglomerate considers ours customers to be our highest priority, and strives to serve you to the best of our ability. K-TRAN Conglomerate, moving you to a better tomorrow - elsewhere!
—Albert Batman, K-TRAN Conglomerate, K-TRAN Corporation Press Service, Head Secretary.

| >>510914
Now,that's what I call bullshit

| >>510912
Because money.

| CEOs on the shadow web? This town is getting more interesting by the second

Well as I said, I'm glad to have contacts, Gunrunners are often useful for those I end up advising.


| >>510927

i've been here a while

don't know about that batman dude tho -Maiden Heaven

| >>510927
I wouldnt mind helping out with some jobs as a decker for some pocket change, though I'd prefer jobs in the... nonlethal categories if possible. Just a personal preference of mine. -CN

| >>510952
Non lethal is usually the way to go in this line of work, the costs of dealing with casualties skyrockets after-all.


| >>510922
Hey,come on.Ill do me and you do yours,no need to kill each other,alright?

| >>511033
Welcome to Glitch. It's a shark pool with too much blood in the water.

That being said, I'm a former network security wiz for the White Knights before they became dust in the wind. If you need in or to keep someone out, lemme know. I'm freelance though, so you'd better pay well.

| >>511009
Of course, but that doesnt stop the razorkids. Just let me know if you need some Matrix expertise. -CN

| >>510903

oh so you're the other ceo on the board

hi there

-Maiden Heaven

| >>511171
Hey,I do know how glicth work,I just dont wanna have a bloodshed in my workshop,There has been too much bloodshed in my workshop already.Im telling you,a weapon store full of blood isnt ideal for trading

| If you want to achieve destruction on a massive scale then I suppose we can lend ourselves and our Bolters... -Sairento

| >>511193 I'm one of many, yes. Pleasure to meet you Maiden Heaven. I take it your business is primarily in the Entertainment Industry? -Aethia

| >>512444

you could say that i guess

we have a taco truck on the side but it's pearl jam's turf -Maiden Heaven

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