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Tired of Propaganda

| Seriously, it's been years since this whole Lilim Equality thing blew up. When is it gonna end? This is more annoying than inspiring at this point.

| We get it. You're racist. Mega Jesus. Go start a fucking sub server in a multiplatform chatroom aimed at gamers. - R00D

| Gamers rise up
After years of sufferin and the death of our mesiah, Ben shapiro, we will finally dab on women and minorities(Read Tincans)

| Ignore THOT posting, don't reply to THOT posters.

| Poor bait mate. -CN

| OP, you're the type that doesn't find jokes funny? -Dicktator

| Don't feed the troll.
-anonymous lilim

| >>511022 >instead of letting thread die, posts to not feed trolls and ID that they are a Lilim

Wow man, what's wrong with your algorithms? Robots are supposed to be smart in this day and age...-Dicktator

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This thread is permanently archived