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He's out there, still alive.

| I saw him take 5 to the head.
I saw his brains on the carpet.

Then how the hell did I see him in the shop today?

Nothing makes sense.


| I told that guy, if you're not sure, they're not dead.


| Wait, did you hire a hit on a gun runner?


| >>496667 Are we talking about you-know-who again? Because we've been through this about three times now. lol -Aleid

| No, Aleid, I'm telling you. It was him. Look up the Security Cams!

| >>496704 Okay. I'll have a look. What do you want to do, then...?

| I want to find him! I have so many questions!

| Don't be a fool.
-L̢͙͇̲̮̦̣͔ͤ̓ͦͧ͆͌̀̄̚o̫̦̯̙͋̉ͯ̒̽̊ṙ͉̺̝̥̟̗̞̼̯͊̄̋̋͋̿ͨě̷͉̪̱̳ͧ̕ͅm̸͎̭͇̗͒̏̈̒ͭ̈́͊ͫͧ ̰͈̏̑ͧ̉̃͊̉͡

| >>496765
What? I'm this close to finding him! I knew there was something fishy about his death.

| >>496774 Don't go anywhere without me, Cain. You have people to come back to. Okay? -Aleid

| I'm going to go to one of my friends in a three-letter agency, maybe they can use OCTANE to find him.

| I've got some footage from my friends over at the agency, they found him. Aleid, I'll be gone from office for a day or two, and I'll be taking some of the security team with me, to get him.

| >>510899
Are you sure I can't just come too? -Aleid

| It's for your safety. We don't know if he is approachable.

| A̸͞m̢u̵̡si̷͘͜n҉̀͟g͡ ͞o͡͝n ̶̨͞t̕w̧͠o̧ ̴̧l̨e͢v́̕e͢l̵̨̨s̢.̶̨

| >>510923 Auuughh...Right. Okay. I'll just stay at the shop! But if you need anything, remember you have your beautiful lilim girlfriend whom probably won't die if she's shot a couple of times waiting for you at the Gallery. XOXOXO 'n such. -Aleid

| >Took 5 to the head

Well, there's your problem, fella: Ya didn't empty the clip.

Ain't no kill like overkill- Just ask Tusk! -D4C

| I betcha they used 9mm, thats why he stayed alive.
Trust me, never use 9mm.

| What's dead is dead.
Don't chase desperation.

| We're back.
I'll see you at home later Aleid.

| >>510947
Do you know how 9mm has evolved?Well,you probably dont considering what you said.The new and improved 9x19 parabellum has as good ballistic performance as both .357 SIG and .40 S&W,and sometimes even out perform them.
Now,with that said.If you are using pistol rounds,did you check if the guy has helmets

| >>511034 She doesn't want the guy dead. Just a heads up. -Aleid

| Aleid, pick up a 6-pack from the store please, it's been a horrible day.

| >>511063 Way ahead of you, Sweetie. Ain't got a 6-pack though. I got a 12 pack, some whiskey, vodka, almond gin, and a whole bunch of other stuff...So we'll be pretty great for a week at least? ;D -Aleid

| Maybe a day. We lost the entire security team.

| Well, now that everything's wound down proper, how about someone explain what's goin' on to a fella's only been in Glitch for two days a couple of months ago? -D4C

| >>511065
Cain...What happened? -Aleid

| >>511072
I'll tell you when I get back, he might be on /u/ as well.

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