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| hi

| welcome to the worst site in the world

| >>496034

| >>496034

If you think this is the worst site in the world then shit do I have some places to show you. At least we can't post pictures here.


| hi

| Ah yes, I remember the good old days when I use usernames like DarkEmperor666 and no one bats an eye. It's good to be young

| >>496188
Yes,those were the good old days,before we need to use our actual name for callsign...

| >>ed25c2 >>496034 Bullshit! I'm gonna dominate you and you'll be my bitch! yeah! OP's bitch that's what you are!
P.s. The time goes so fast lel I never use number on my "user"

| >>496262 T-pose to assert dominance

| >>496137 >we can't post pictures
Speaking of pictures, who wants to see some incredibly innocent art of various CEOs? It's not porn this time, really!

[link that totally doesn't house artistic abominations] -Dicktator

| hello there

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