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So...My Washing Machine and I aren't On Talking Terms Anymore.

| ...So I apologize for the human audience, this is going to be difficult to follow.

My washing machine, 'Washy', recently got its BIOS flashed and for whatever reason has been a complete psycho bitch since then. She keeps flashing lewd lines of binary like '01110011 01110101 01110000 00100000 01110011 01101000 01110101 01110100 01110100 01100101 01110010 00101101 01110011 01101100 01110101 01110100 00111111' <cont>

| And deactivating the safety lock on her bay door when I walk by. She times it just so that she always makes me fall over. I blew up on her the last time it happened and we've not been talking ever since. She also won't go into anything but 'delicates' mode on cold water setting... ( cont )

| Is it possible that somehow her bios getting flashed fundamentally fucked her personality? She was so sweet before and it's not like I use any kind of washing powder or anything...I've used all liquids since I've gotten her... And I mean it's completely unlike her! I mean we used to talk all the time and she was so elegant and articulate before...

| Is she an AI originally from something else like a criminal lilim or an AI specifically for the washing machine? Do you know her history?

| >>494884
Now that you mention it...Maybe I should dig a little deeper. Seriously when I first purchased and met her I didn't think anything of the sort like that. I mean, she was really sweet...Had been for about four years until this bios flash.

You...aren't saying that she may have ALWAYS been like this are you?

| >>494891 Sorry mistag..Somehow.

| Just a lewd washing machine I guess...

| >>494901 There are rehabilitatory programs in place for Lilim caught breaking the law, some of which pair with corporate interests and products. I believe they're required to notify you if this is the case.

This might sound optimistic, but I think you should attempt to reconcile with your washing machine as best you can. -Trill

| Yeah...,Either that or hire someone to reprogram her

| >>495053 ...I don't understand how being a washing machine would rehabilitate anyone, but I'll give it my damnedest! I'll try reconciling while digging deeper into her history and keep you guys updated! -6905f5

| >>495955 Have you had any changes to your net connection lately? Maybe the update got mitm'd and your washing machine got flashed with something weird.

| My dishwashing W-1FE edition machine sometines malfuntion the same way. I beat her and she becomes normal. Try it out.

| >>496001

excuse what

| Sup shutter-slut? Ya shut her door on her or something?

| We took a job for a guy once whose fridge was going Berserk on him. As in, it was reciting lines from that old manga "Berserk" nonstop. Turned out it was reciting lines from specific pages in specific volumes to create a number cipher. Some kind of hardware fault or infection or something, and that was the only way it could communicate, try to tell us what to do. Unfortunately, repairs would have been more expensive than a new fridge, so he threw it out.


| What I'm saying is, you might want to pay attention to what she's doing and saying. Her personality might not be completely gone. This could be her way of trying to communicate through whatever is wrong with her.


| Would this be covered under warranty?

| Are you the dude that was dating a vending machine?

Either way, a BIOS flash is very volatile to appliance lilim hybrids. It sets it back to it's default lilim personality before being repurposed. Sometimes this is a very horny lilim, other times it's a serial killer, maybe even a prison guard. She could also just be really really horny, people get this way. She's on delicates buddy, maybe do something romantic for her.


| How cute...

But how could one have sex with a washing machine?

| >>496491

Well it's got a big hole in it.


| Well,if you dont mind,My friend might be able to crack the AI and figure out what's wrong with it,if you want

| Have you tried adding in some flowers with your fabric conditioner?

| >>496376 >>496496 >>496609 ...You guys really want my washing machine to be a sex addict stuck in the rehabilitation system, don't you?

>>496510 I don't mind...It'd be great if I wasn't speaking in binary whenever I wanted to try and ask her to...clean my 'delicates' in ice cold water at least. Can I...get an estimate first?

Also thank you all for the suggestions, I AM keeping them all in consideration. - 6905f5

| >>496118 Seriously..? That's nuts. I'm still keeping notes on what all she's said to me before the huge incident where I lost my temper...I've been trying to get her to talk still. It's not working but...

I'll keep trying.

>>496001 I'M NOT BEATING WASHY! - 6905f5

| So,my friend say that the AI is completely fine,just horny as fuck,thats all

| ...So you're telling me she just changes drastically if she's horny?
I don't get it...Are you sure your friend knows what they're doing?

What's her overall database size? -6905f5

| Also,my friend say the AI was transfered from a Sardistic Lilim,maybe thats why she deactivate the safety lock on the bay door so you fall over.Maybe she just want some "quality time" with you

| So I'm trying something out. I'm going to update you guys soon. -6905f5

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