BAZAAR! (Buy and Sell V)

| [Insert witty comment here]

[Insert You know the deal]


| >Looking for: Aether pipes
Don't really care about their condition, as long as their reliability is above 60%.
Price:Negotiable since i have no idea how much they go for around here.

| To whoever said they want my G45c
I traded it with $ick, but I can craft you another one if you want, or do you want any other gun?

| >VSS Vintorez
Desc:Fitted with the PSO-1 telescopic sight,which I modified to make it capable of turning to night vision mode,10 round box magazine, semi auto and full auto mode,Fire 9x39 rounds

| Nothing just wanted a picture of you in your room

| >>383743 p-pervert!

| >>383322 how did she looks like. Hope she fine

| coollllllllllllll

| >Housing
Desc: I'm looking for a place to stay, doesn't have to be too nice or anything. I'd prefer to have my own place rather than staying with someone but in the end I don't care
Price: Preferably cheap
Buyer: Jackathon D.

| >>869983 I'm renting my old apartment just outside Cathedral District. The price would be 500 a month, but I can make it 200 if you accept to help me down at my junkyard in the weekends. Deal?

| - Marta

| >>387149 Deal. I'll take the discounted price and help you at your junkyard. Thanks for the place.
- Jackathon

| Anyone in need of guns?

| >>387401
Most people on this board have guns already, and to be honest, I'd rather trust cain and her arsenal any day of the week

| >>387401 I'm in need
- Jackathon

| What gun do you want?

| >>387965 A handgun would do nicely, as I don't have a sidearm at the moment. A S&W 619 would do nicely, if you have the blueprints
- Jackathon

| Are you sure you want S&W 619?It is not really that efficient...Its in.38 special, I can make you a .500 magnum S&W Model 500 or.50 AE Desert Eagle if you want more power?Just asking...

| Or if you want more firepower I can make you some type of machine pistol that can be more powerful than a 9mm?

| I found this blueprint for chinese version of Mauser C96 chambered in .45ACP and I can modify it to be in full-auto and have detachable extended magazine...

| If you really want the 619,you can confirm it and I will set work on it immediately.Also remember that I can make it with full-on attachments for extra cash

| >>388212 Alright, I'll take the S&W Model 500. Didn't realize how low caliber the 619 was. How much would it be with all attachments?
- Jackathon

| I will take 1250z for the gun and all the attachment

| And Im not saying that the 619's caliber is low,but I dont think its efficient to take a revolver with round less powerful than a .44 magnum

| >>388535 Ok, where do we meet up?

| >>388550 - Jackathon

| >>388551
Come take it at the midnight drifter bar

| >>388551
Its done, just come get it when you are ready

| >Seeking a copy of ANDROMEDA Season 9-12

Description: As the title says, chummers.

Price: Negotiable

Buyer: Indominable Rexit

Notes: No bootlegs, you script kiddies.

| >>391741

>No Vetra 3 localization

Lame. -Khora

| >Anyone got a tranq gun or a stun katana or something?
Desc: Remember how weird shit keeps showing up in my alleyway? Tonight it just decided to spew out a couple of honest-to-god murder idols.

Okay, not a couple, more like six of them. They're yelling at each other and it's fucking up the walls and I want to make them stop before they bring down the entire fucking block.
Price: We can discuss.
Poster: M. Yu

| >>396639

And before any of you get on my case, I've tried GLOO. It doesn't take. -M. Yu

| >Ex White Knight Officer

Description: We have in our possession an ex White Knight. Female, rookie. "Ex" because her credentials have just been purged by an "accident." Willing to trade for flesh of equal or lesser value.

Price: 40,000 nuyen or equivalent

Seller: Mr. Johnson

Notes: No family to speak of, no real criminal history. Fresh out of the academy. Relatively competent. Virgin.

| >>397896

Tell me more.

| >>397900

What do you want to know?

-Mr. Johnson

| >>397903

Everything you can tell me.

| >>397925

1000 nuyen a pop.

-Mr. Johnson

| >>397935

Fair enough. I've sent you the first 2000.

| >>397940

Fresh out of cross training. Raided the wrong warehouse. Didn't like what was being traded.

Came down easy in exchange for some lives . Discarded lives when she wasn't looking.

She's pretty pliant. Goody good type.

Easy to control that way.

-Mr. Johnson

| >>397969

Hm... Seems like a tempting offer. Sent you another 2000.

| >>397969
Seems very interesting!
Sell her to me, I'll give you 45k

| >>396639
Do you want a shock weapon? How about a mace or a baton,I can craft that out for you

| >>397896

Ex-White Knight? On behalf of the Ginrai Corporation, I'd like to offer you 100,000 nuyen for her. -Gerasim

| >>398644
You need to learn to give up, corporate slave.
Ill offer any price, do not test my ressources.

| >>398380

Either a gun or something light and sturdy- One of them is swinging a longsword longer than she is tall around like it's fucking nothing and I do not want to get NEAR that -M. Yu

| >>398004 >>398981

lol fuck both of you


i have no clue what the fuck a nuyen is but i have too much platinum and too many guns and i'm not afraid to give you either because my helminth charger can't talk and ordis has NOOOOOO sense of humor -tenno

| >>397896
Hey, I'd rather not turn this into a bid so, what's a final price you'll accept w/o any further offers?

| >>399082
Do you want a real weapon or a stun weapon, If you want guns I can make you guns or if you want high voltage weapon, I can male ypu high voltage weapon

| I'm looking for a quadracopter surveillance drone (Preferably police or military spec!), a small frequency jammer and a DSV-85 Board, I'll settle for an 83.


| Selling:

| >>401693 (sorry, submitted early)
>Selling: Super-Duper Gintendo
Desc:Remember that one gamething your great great grandad had in his attic? That one with the weird controllers? Well I got one, so if anyone wants a blast to the past let me know.
Price: 150z, plus another 25z if you want both controllers
Notes: Let me know if you need any games for it, I might be able to get my friend to scavenge some more tech for me.
Seller: Jackathon D.

| >>401700
Is this what I got out off the thugs hideout?

| >>401700

I want it, and the controllers.

I'll throw in an extra 100 if you deliver it to the dumpster behind Nick's pizzeria.


| >>401778
I crafted out the drone for you, I added the thermal camera if you dont mind.I can only get the DSV-83 board though

| >>401808
Perfect! Let me know how much you want and I'll leave it at the delivery point, which will be... Oh, I know. On the stack of crates by 38th and Silverson. It's next to that shitty parking lot.


| >>401764 Hell yeah it is.
>>401778 Really? Okay. Why behind the dumpster though?
- Jackathon

| Looking for the cheapest handgun you can give me, just need to get a job done... be easier if i could rent it.. but not alot of folks want their shitty handguns back so i understand if you just wanna sell..


| >>402386 I'll just give you my M1911. I don't need it anymore.
- Jackathon

| >>402415 thanks mate!, where can i collect it?, do wanna meet in person or are you gonna just leave it somewhere for me to take?


| >>402415
Thats the same 1911 that you were shot with,wasnt it?Have you got the bullet off yet?

| >>402630 Yeah, I have. Keep it in my pocket as a souvenir.
>>402612 I don't care. Where would be most convenient for you?

| >>402742 dont really care that much though i prefer crowded places.


| >>402878 How about a bar? There's the KR4K-3N, which is where I am right now.

| >>402928 - Jackathon

| >>402928 sounds good, ill come as fast as i can.


| >Fresh Bunraku

Description: 28 F White, 17 F Tan, 19 F Tan/yellow, 13 F Brown/mix, 2 M/F Lilim.

Blank slate, no simpackages. Transaction through a certified Escrow system. No markers, metals. Credstick only.

Price: Negotiable, starting at 30,000 zenny

Seller: Mr. Johnson

Notes: 28 y/o is a resale. Lilim was a bartender. 13 is a virgin.

No males available. No sims available, BYO.

Serious inquiries only.

| >>403397

can i look at 17 and 19 please -tenno

| >>403413

We will raincheck them for you, with the proposition of a date for the transaction.

-Mr. Johnson

| >>403420

is two weeks from now good -tenno

| >>403446

That will suffice.

-Mr. Johnson

| >Face Melter2000
Description: A laser that melts faces exclusively, nothing else, don't ask me why. Includes facial recognition to avoid shooting anything that isn't a face.
>Price: 150z base, bid amongst your own selves
>Poster: Ghersh

| >>406421 that would be a nice thing to add to my collection of weird firearms, ill pay you 200z for it

J. Stravinsky

| >Aether wind detector (junk)
A standard aether wind detector, for some reason doesn't work so selling it as junk or something.
>Price: Whatever the offer i guess

| >>406816
I'm interested. Any base price you can conjure? I'm not good at determining prices. -u!

| >>399270

We were not expecting such a plethora of offers, much less in such... generous amounts.

We suppose we will cap the price at 100,000 nuyen. First come, first serve- and any competition you may have with each other is strictly your own business.


She doesn't realize that her comrades were laid to rest soon after we took her in.

May become slightly unhinged when she discovers that fact.

-Mr. Johnson

| >Boobie Blaster
It Turns out that shooting people and giving them big boobies isn't an effective vigilante weapon.
Price: 1,000z
Notes: May malfunction and backfire on the user occasionally, effects are temporary, except when they aren't.

| >>407232

100,000 nuyen is our offer then. -Gerasim

| >>407240

We'd, uh, we'd like that.

| >>407264

Damn, forgot to sign. -Yukiko

| >>407264
Oki! i'll send you a shipment now...

What are you even gonna use it for?

| >>407305

Some questions are best left unanswered. -Yukiko

| >>407111 How about 80z? It was expensive to make and even as junk has some value to it

| >>407594
Actually i can go down to 60z

| >>407594
Sounds grand! I'll take the high offer. -u!

| >>407705
Glad we have a deal. Will you come for it or do you wanna have it shipped somewhere, cause in that case i have to know where to send it.

| >>403453


it's me

i'd like to add everyone else to the order -tenno

| >>407763
I don't know much about the city but I'll be glad if I can come over and see it for myself. -u!

| >>407937
(wanna do a setting at M3tro's apartment? I'll have some in 3 hours)

| >>408061
(*some free time)

| >>408061
(Sure thing.)

| >>407937 neato
North-west part of Chapel-3, BCA Street. Ask anyone about Turner, he'll tell you the exact directions
See you soon?

| >>408094
I will have that written down. See you then! -u!

| (aight)

| >Sentient punching bag
Description: a 2 meter punching bag with a voiced A.I that keeps telling you to better on your trainings.
Price: Free, just take it I can't stand the way it screams.
Seller: Big Neil
Notes: It's pretty heavy so you might want to bring a vehicle or something.

| >>412064

give it to me -Maiden Heaven

| >>412065
Deal, I hope I get this address thing right but can you pick it at [REDACTED] in front of the blue building?

| >>412075

yeah sure -Maiden Heaven

| >>412088
Great great, I'll be waiting there
( (Setting: down in downtown ) )


| >Bartender Trainings Sim
Description: i'm interested bartender trainings simulations. BTC and/or otherwise. We can talk about money in private
Notes: books and drink encyclopedias are fine too

| >>413778
Why dont you try hiring some tutor on the job thread

| >>413786
Well, 'cause I'm already learning on the job, but I wanna do something at home.
Plus I heard BTC Employees are schooled mostly through sims anyways, so it makes sense.

| >>413778
I've happen to have some ancient book with cocktails recipes. Probably not the BTC stuff, but hey. Tell me, if you interested.

| >>414149
The BTC Sims are mainly for teaching how to savely operate the machines their bars provide. So... of course I'm interested in an book about mixing drinks.
Jump into my DMs

| >>414248 (excuse me, what DM stands for?)

| >>414275(Direct messages)

| >For Sale: TopSec Subscription

Description: Private security for property and or bodyguards, licensed within GC and overseas, HQ located in New Odessa, Ukraine.

150 Nuyen for Medium-risk Bodyguard work, and low-risk security of a small building.
300 Nuyen an hour for medium risk security of an average sized building.
500 Nuyen an hour for high-risk bodyguards and warehouses.

Seller: Steve Arcit
Notes: Prices are negotiable and fees may be raised if severity changes.

| Cont. Inquire about services with specific criteria.

Desc. Im looking a GEP gun and lots of ammo for it. In good condition please
Price: Anything reasonable
Buyer: AC Slayer

| A guided missile is very expensive,just saying(Its 108k USD irl)

| >>416527
"Give me the GEP gun"

| >>413553 Hey bud I got a VERY particular set of frequency based equipment right here for ya. It's a bit funny and non-standard tho, do you want me to send a picture or tell you the name first if you're interested?

| >>416913
No it will be my GEP gunv

| >>416929
Do not. Sell. To that poster.

| >>416937 aw nah nah buddy hold up. there's no selling of anyfin if this boyo Glitchywords here aint interested ;) ;) ;) Stick around. ;)

| >>416913
GEP gun=Guided Explosive Missile gun,basically a guided missile on your shoulder

| >>416954
Yeah thats what im looking for
-AC Slayer

| >>416989
I can create a mini guided missile launcher,but you must try to attach it to your shoulder yourself,unless you happen to have a blueprint for a GEP gun

| (shit forget to sign)

| >>417042
attaching a gep to someone's shoulder like a bright idea

| >>417968
(doesn't sound like a bright idea* dammit)

| Its a bright idea,GEP gun itself is literally a mini guided missile attached to your shoulder

| well you usually use your hands and your shoulders only act as a rest they're not supposer to take the whole weight of the gep and force of shooting the missile
all i'm saying is that a broken shoulder is highly probable if you do that unless you're a big macho guy

| A gep shoulder launcher would rip your shoulder off what in the absolute h*ck

| >>418260
Just get me a damn GEP gun
-AC Slayer

| Gimme penguin killing tools

-Penguin slayer

| Anyone got some red hair chalk? It's, uh, I need it for something important. -Lavender Afghan

| >Finding a fabricator
Desc:Model 72A,someone turned mine into ice
Price:Your call,as long as its reasonable

| >15kg of onions
Desc: What it says on the tin. I never thought getting onions was so difficult in GC.
Price: Below 1k nuyen plz ><
Poster: Erika
Note: I don't think I can drag 15kg worth of onions on my own. I'll pay extra for delivery! (。ŏ﹏ŏ)

| >>454090
400 nuyen and they're yours. Somewhat fresh, not sure where exactly they came from. How and where would you like them delivered?

| >>458290
In the Temple district, "Campanella" residential. It's a little bit further in south from the 5th street, kinda easy to miss if you don't know where to look (or drunk (¯―¯٥)). As for delivery, anyhow will do. Just don't drive up in a tank if you can help it, my neighbors absolutely hate noise (´・ω・`).

| >>458655 Lucky me!
I have a buddy in Temple D. He'll get them to you and collect the payment. Expect a 2,5m lilim dude in a pink bear costume to knock on your door in about two days.

| >Selling: My right arm
Desc: Up to the elbow, I'm selling my right arm. It's got a flotation device installed in the wrist, so I guess that's neat.
Price: Some form of replacement for it. You can't expect me to go on without a right arm.
Poster: Jackathon D.
Notes: For double the price I'll give you the left one as well. Also has a flotation device.

| >>462830 Is there an option of selling the floatation device separately? Sounds neat so I could use one for my leg.

| >>454079
I managed to salvage enough components for a new one, so cancel that request

| >>463894 If you know how to remove it/know someone who can then sure. It'll cost some credits, of course.
-Jackathon D.

| >>464215 I'm a mechanic, so I can do it myself. Just state your price and we can meet at my shop.

| >Anyone missing their Jersey Giant?
Desc: So we found this gigantic chicken wandering around the alleyways. Turns out it's a Jersey Giant, and those things are apparently crazy expensive here, so... If you were planning to cook it, it's here with us.
Price: It's >>>your chicken, I don't really think we ought to take any money for finding it... You can still pay us if you want, though!
Poster: Crazy Diamond

| >Cryothrower
Desc:In the mood of the festive christmas season,I have created a cryothrower,kinda like a flamethrower except it shoots a stream of snow on your enemy instead of flaming fuel
Price:Im feeling generous so I will give it to you for free,first come first serve
Note:Come with two refillable of water,use distilled water to operate properly.You need to come and pick it up at my workshop

| >>512667

Oh, oh! This'd make a perfect Christmas gift for Weather Report! Gimme~! -Crazy Diamond

| >>512670
Congratulations!You can pick it up at my workshop here:>A location somewhere in GC

| -Impulse

| >Hydrophones

DESC: Submarine hydrophones capable of recieving very high frequency (VHF). Not sure if you'll be able to hook these up to anything but you might be able to reverse engineer them..

PRICE: 50k zeny for one, I've got 12 of these but we might be able to work something out if you want more..


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