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The Blue Lantern Izakaya

| " You realize we've opened late, Kyogoku..."


"...It'll be fine. Ren's an hour out."


>The Blue Lantern Bar, as usual was an ethereal sight. Holographic blue flames float and dance about the traditional layout. The well polished dark cherry lacquered hard floor shined with echoes of blue light and trideo screen shine as the massive barkeep paced back and forth.

| > As usual the notably bossomed ash blond Catboomer sat patiently behind the counter waiting for customers, though her gaze occasionally slipped to their chief chef. Sheena, a fairly new higher tried to offer a smile to comfort the large man with a smile.

"It's fine. We still have cooking sake and all manner of dishes, don't we? We can entertain our guests with those and karmotrine until we have the real deal..."

>Kyodoku visibly shuddered at the thought.


| > As the door to the dimly bar swung open, a burst of neon light from the streets flooded in, momentarily outlining the figure of a human woman with vibrant red hair. She stepped into the establishment, her presence a blend of curiosity and confidence that matched the city's techno-pulse.

| “Hello? Are you open yet?”

> Her hair, a fiery cascade of red, seemed to dance with the flickering lights of the bar, framing a face marked by smudges of grease and a perpetual spark of fascination in her eyes. Clad in a worn leather jacket adorned with an array of tools and gadgets, she moved with a purposeful stride without waiting for an answer.

| > The entire house froze for only the single beat of a heart. The three present were all a stark contrast to their visitor. All dressed in kimono and yukata, with only hints of even being from the same time period. The catboomer's ears. Kyokgou's inlaid circuit cyberware about his face. Shigero, a smaller boy, and his left synthetic arm.

"Ah! Of course, what can I do for you, Ma'am? Welcome to the Blue Lantern!"

| > Sheena was the first to recover. Her bright welcoming smile armed to allure and draw close. Kyogoku perked up and flew back into the kitchen, comically grabbing Shigero by his collar and dragging him along. The boy may as well have flew behind him.

| > The woman looked down at herself and realized how out of sorts she must have looked. Reaching up, she ran a partially gloved hand through her hair as she stopped in her tracks. Blue eyes scanned the bar before she started to laugh lightly.

“I seem a bit out of sorts here don’t I?”

| > Despite her rhetorical question, she approached the counter, her gaze sweeping over the array of bottles and glasses, a glint of admiration shining in her eyes. She settled onto a stool, her fingers tapping out a rhythm of anticipation on the polished surface. She glanced toward Sheena with interest.
“That’s going to be a problem?”

| "Not at all. We welcome all customers. I'm just happy you decided to come."

> Sheena smiled and her 'ears' flicked. The catboomer then moved to offer the woman a menu. Various Eastern dishes were displayed in rolling text along the sheet.

"We may be in Uptown, but we'll serve anyone. What shall I call you, Ma'am?"

| > Light blue eyes glanced at the Catboomer’s ears, the slight movement catching her attention as she took the menu.

“Great because I’m dying of thirst.”

> She laughed because it was obvious she was in no such state as she returned her focus to the woman. One of the devices wrapped around her arm started to make some noise as a small scowl crossed her features.

| “Excuse me...”

> Reaching over with her free hand, she slapped the device firmly as a loud beep rang out from it. Successfully silencing the device, she gave Sheena a confident nod.

“There we go, so do you have any teas or sakes? I’m dying over here.”

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