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Blue Lantern's Opening Schedule

| > A digital ad has been making the rounds around the meshnet.

' The Blue Lantern is finally finished with renovations! Join us for good food, amazing drink, and a true Neo Tokyo experience. There's no better Eastern authenticity in Glitch City than the Blue Lantern's! '

> A few pictures of memorable faces and new are present. Naturally chief among them is Kyougoku...whom as usual misplaced his shirt with a single flex of his muscles.

| ( OOC : Basically I'm going to start camping a Blue Lantern thread I have open on Saturdays and Sundays 9:00 ~ 12:00 PM CST. If more people show up I will consider expanding hours based on popularity. )

| >**New Dishes**

Beijing Kaoya
Dim Sum
Char Siu
Sichuan Pork

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This thread is permanently archived